What To Wear To A September Wedding? (Best solution)

  • Rich jewel tones are more appropriate for a September wedding. Turquoise, deep purple, and ruby red are particularly popular choices. If you like wearing patterns, this could be the perfect occasion. Bright yellow and orange details are a popular choice. You want a dress that will stay in place. Velvet gowns are a good option in the fall.


What do you wear to a wedding in September?

“A formal fall wedding requires a man to wear a tuxedo and a woman to wear a formal gown. Women have wiggle room because a short, traditional cocktail dress can also work, or even a dressy pantsuit,” she explains. Try to stick with fabrics like silk and tulle for an elegant look.

What should I wear to autumn wedding?

If you’re heading to a wedding in October, consider longer sleeves and hemlines your sartorial saviours. Not only will a long-sleeved midi or maxi dress ensure you look chic and stay warm on the big day, but it can also be paired with boots to see you through the rest of the season.

Can you wear sandals to a wedding in September?

For an indoor wedding during the fall, you can wear pumps or peep toe shoes, but stay away from sandals because they are more appropriate for a summer wedding.

What should I wear to a morning wedding in September?

For the daytime wedding, think dressy or semi-formal attire. This is the time to wear a nice colorful dress or suit. Wear pumps or dressy flats. If this is for a summer or late spring wedding, you may wear nice sandals but never flip flops, unless it’s an ultra-casual beach wedding.

What colors are appropriate for a September wedding?

September Wedding Colors

  • Navy and Blush.
  • Gold and teal.
  • Neutral colors.
  • Plum and Gray.
  • Burgundy and dusty.

What are September wedding colors?

Another color that pairs nicely with gold is the traditional September color, navy blue. Similar to the deep blue of the September birthstone, Sapphire, which symbolizes trust and loyalty, navy blue contains a dignified color scheme for any classy wedding venue.

What should I wear to a October 2021 wedding?

In the cooler months, trade the pastels for rich jewel tones and prints grounded in dark colors. Take a cue from peak foliage hues and try rust, burgundy, or gold for an October wedding. Luxe textures such as lace, velvet, jacquard, and satin also feel festive.

What should a female guest wear to a wedding?

Women should wear a formal floor-length evening gown, no exceptions. Pair your dress with jewelry, heels, and an elegant clutch. Men are required to wear a tuxedo with tails, a formal white shirt, white vest and bow tie, white or gray gloves, and formal footwear, such as derby shoes or oxfords.

What colors are you not supposed to wear to a wedding?

Colors You Can’t Wear to a Wedding

  • White.
  • Off white or ivory.
  • All Black.
  • All Red.
  • Gold.
  • Overly sparkly or heavily metallic.
  • Bridesmaid dress color.
  • Mother of the bride or groom dress color.

Can you wear open-toe shoes in September?

Open Toes. It’s time to embrace a cool fall breeze flowing between your toes come September: Open-toe sandals and mules are a huge trend for autumn. For the softies among us (that’ll be me!), wear them with a pair of chic sheer tights.

Can you wear open-toe shoes to fall wedding?

You can also wear boots or open-toe heeled shoes to a fall wedding if that’s more your style. But again, Lee urges to “think about where you’ll be walking.” “Open versus closed-toe heels are simply a style choice and matter of personal preference,” says Walsh, but they’re generally better suited to indoor events.

Can I wear nude shoes to a fall wedding?

Peep-toe shoes are great for fall and winter—and a classic pump is most ideal, but you can get away with strappy stilettos or heels as long as they aren’t a bright color or white. If you ask me, wearing black or a darker color is more appropriate, but nude is always OK.

Is it disrespectful to wear black to a wedding?

Although it’s non-traditional, some brides wear dark colors on their big day, and attendants are often in black attire for more formal weddings. “It is perfectly acceptable and chic to wear black to evening, black tie, and winter weddings.” Ryncarz agrees that it’s wise to gauge the attire of the wedding attendants.

Can you wear pants to a fall wedding?

Trousers—printed or solid—are an unexpected and fun menswear item to wear to a fall wedding. An easy way to dress up your trousers is with a blazer, as Alexandra of Lovely Pepa did here.

How formal is a 4pm wedding?

Before 4 PM In general, daytime weddings are more casual, and so lighter fabrics, festive colors, and less-formal attire is the rule. For men, a well-tailored suit in a mid-to-dark neutral color like gray, blue, or charcoal is appropriate.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding With Any Dress Code

What to wear to an autumn wedding may be difficult—the strapless gowns and backlessness that were so popular in the summer might leave you shivering in the fall, and soft pastels that were so popular in the spring can seem out of place as the leaves change color. With a new season comes a new look, and we’ve put up a guide to help you figure out what to wear. Choose a rich jewel tone such as fuchsia, sapphire, or emerald to create a traditional fall appearance. In addition, you may draw color inspiration from the changing hue of the leaves and choose an orange, mustard yellow, or deep maroon for your wedding dress or other formal event attire.

When it comes to classy black (yes, you can wear black to a wedding), you can’t go wrong.

Prepare to take notes while you read the material ahead of you.

To a Formal or Black Tie Fall Wedding

Formal attire is always appropriate, regardless of the season. When an autumn wedding invitation specifies “black tie,” it indicates you’ll be wearing a formal gown or your fanciest cocktail dress for the occasion. To be properly attired, says Lisa Grotts, an etiquette expert, you must dress in a formal manner. “A traditional fall wedding necessitates the wearing of a tuxedo by the groom and a formal gown by the bride. Women have wiggle space since a short, conventional cocktail dress, or even a formal pantsuit, may be worn on the red carpet “She goes on to clarify.

Keep in mind that the shoes you choose to go with your formal clothes make all the difference in how the outfit comes together.

To a Black Tie Optional Fall Wedding

To stand out from the crowd of formal gowns and cocktail dresses, try incorporating an eye-catching accent such as feathers into your ensemble. In the words of designer Pia Arrobio: “I prefer to match feathers with traditional Manolo Blahnik shoes since they’re a joyful trend.” Despite the fact that they may be a dramatic adornment, we adore them on the hem of a timeless little black dress—as they are on the hem of this Alberta Ferretti sheath, for example. This will undoubtedly allow your Manolos to shine more brightly.

The majority of the time, when it comes to weddings, I prefer to err on the side of putting up more work rather than less.

Grotts also recommends cocktail clothing for a wedding where black tie is not required.

Grotts goes on to clarify that the phrase “black-tie optional” is not always precisely defined, but if you read between the lines, it normally implies that the host will be wearing a tux, and they expect that their guests will as well, but it is not a mandatory dress code.

  • The designer of LPA, the women’s apparel label noted for its street-ready style with a bit of edge, is Pia Arrobio
  • She lives in New York City. Anetiquette specialist with more than 20 years of industry experience, Lisa Grotts, often known as The Golden Rules Gal, is based in New York City. Fashion stylist Anita Patrickson is the founderCEO of Amanu Studio in Los Angeles
  • Wedding etiquette expert Elaine Swann is the founder of TheSwann School of Protocol
  • And fashion designer Amanu Studio is situated in New York City.

To a Semiformal Fall Wedding

Semi-formal wedding dress is less formal than a black-tie affair, and it is more casual. There is no requirement for floor-length dresses or gowns for ladies, and no requirement for a tuxedo for males. Patrickson teaches how to pick dresses that range in length from midi to tiny. When it comes to day or destination weddings, I adore labels like Joanna Ortiz and Zimmerman. As well as something more streamlined for a city occasion, like Khaite and Alessandra Rich,” she adds. This is also the place where you may wear flats or heels that are a little more casual, such as chunky heels or heeled sandals, with your clothing.

To a Casual Fall Wedding

Casual weddings (think beach and outdoor locations) necessitate clothing that are both comfortable and show off your personality while still remaining appropriate. What about the fabrics? Whatever you choose, Grotts advises pairing it with chiffon, bright solids, or floral autumn designs, as well as matching purse and stylish shoes or heels. “Keep in mind that the hemline should not be too short,” she advises. Casual wedding wear, according to Patrickson, consists of lovely gowns from designers such as Carolina KandReformation, elegant pieces, and beautiful strappy flats, among other things.

Amanu, where you can also customize sandals to complement your outfit exactly,” she recommends.

Accessorizing for a Fall Wedding

The key to dressing for a wedding (no matter what the season) according to Arrobio is to incorporate your own unique style with some entertaining trends. “I despise the idea of feeling like I have to surrender my particular flair during weddings,” she said. “Of course, you want to maintain a sense of class and respect, but you also want to feel like yourself.” Take a look at some of the creative ways that Arrobio, who is known for her vintage inspiration, on-trend accents, and elegance, proposes creating a distinctive statement with your autumn wedding attire.

Your display choices may even be entertaining, which is a safe approach to accessorize at any wedding.

Grotts recommends a string of pearls as a starting point since they are simple and timeless, making them suitable for every event and wedding.

“Each of them will be distinctive in their own right,” she says.

Go for the drama with statement-making earrings.

Even the most basic outfit may be elevated with the addition of a pair of conversation-starting earrings.

Put on a pair of sneakers with a basic shift dress and let your accessories do all of the talking.

Opt for glitz and glamour with a metallic bag.

Isn’t it true that metallics are all the rage this time of year? In case a silver or gold dress is a little too much for you, Arrobio recommends a purse in a sparkling tone instead. Arrobio:

Toughen up a soft look with a black leather jacket.

Everything about this season’s look is about striking a balance between soft and rough aspects, and nothing helps us achieve that balance quite like a classic black leather jacket.

Throw a fur chubby over your shoulders.

With the arrival of autumn comes the onset of freezing temperatures and the consequent requirement to keep warm. But what do you do when you want to add some radiance to your appearance without having it freeze as a result? An adorable cropped jacket comes in handy in this situation. While allowing your ensemble to take center stage, it’s the perfect way to keep the fall chill at away!

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Cover your shoulders with a capelet.

If you wear a capelet with beading or lacing, you’ll look and feel really stunning. Capelets look stunning with floor-length dresses and may be used to bring a touch of retro charm to any outfit. For the duration of the ceremony and reception, a cropped and close-fitting capelet is preferable over a full-length cape.

How Not to Dress For a Fall Wedding

Maintaining awareness of the venue’s style and dress code is essential; but, ensuring that your attire is suited for the season is equally as crucial. Avoid wearing gowns with no covering if your wedding is taking place in the late fall. The entire time you’re at a wedding outside and you’re wearing a lightweight dress, you’ll be uncomfortable and most likely chilly. Even if it is an adult-only wedding, you should dress appropriately and avoid wearing anything that is overly exposing. ‘A wedding is not an opportunity to flaunt your assets.’ In lieu of that, Swann recently advised BRIDES: “Remember that a wedding is a religious occasion and reflect that in your clothing pick.” One final caution before you begin adding items to your shopping cart: “take into consideration the location and time of day the wedding will take place.” And, never, ever wear white to the wedding in order to upstage the bride!” Patrickson underscores the point.

Elegant Fall Wedding Guest Dresses That’ll Make You the Belle of the Barn

The season for weddings in the fall has here. Are you unsure about what to dress when you’ve been asked to an autumnal event? Let’s see if we can figure out the dress code. You shouldn’t be scared to wear shorter hemlines and light materials such as jersey or breezy chiffons if the invitation specifies “dressy casual.” Afternoon events call for floral minis and below-the-knee designs (say, for a 4 p.m. outdoor barn wedding). Dress in midi and even slip dresses for a sophisticated cocktail party look.

Warm jewel tones and designs anchored in dark hues should be substituted for pastels throughout the chilly months.

Elegant textures such as lace, velvet, jacquard, and satin provide a festive touch to any ensemble.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming the best-dressed guest at any autumn wedding.

Click through to see our selection of the best fall wedding guest dresses for women of various ages and financial situations, including inexpensive options as well as splurges you can wear again after the season.

The Best Dresses to Wear For Fall Weddings

Fall wedding season may be challenging since you want to appear festive while yet maintaining a seasonal feel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to ensure that you look fashionable at all of the wedding services you attend this year: from inky fall florals to punchy autumnal colors to rich, cool-weather fabrics, these dresses will help you navigate even the most difficult autumn dress code while maintaining your fashion sanity. Catalina Cocktail Dress with FitFlare Looking for a wedding guest dress that you don’t have to wear only at weddings?

  1. This burgundy A-line dress is precisely what you’ve been looking for.
  2. Dress with a Bow in Two Colors Teri Jon is a character created by Rickie Freeman.
  3. Ellis Velvet Cocktail Dress Light velvet is a luxurious fabric that is both stylish and warm, making it ideal for chilly late-season affairs.
  4. Dress with a Belted Waist by Jackie O In addition to being ideal for fall weddings, this classic gown is destined to become an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.
  5. The transparent ties on this gauzy gown may be done in a variety of different ways, making it feel like several different gowns in one.
  6. Cocktail Dress with Embroidery by Infusion Carmen Marc Valvo Infusion is a trademark of Marc Valvo Infusion.
  7. Mini dress with a cold-shoulder cable-knit and bandage detail Make your favorite thick fall sweater a little more sexy by adding a few strands of lace.

Farm Maxi Dress with Floral Halter in Rio de Janeiro Make a statement with this geometric patterned dress by dressing it down for a comfortable autumn wedding with boots and a cardigan, or dress it up with heels and sparkling gems.

This basic form is elevated to a new level by sophisticated needlework.

You’ll get a lot of wear out of this dress, which can be worn to anything from weddings to work and back again.

Maeve Midi Dress with a Square Neck Draw inspiration from Princess Diana and keep in mind that polka dots are always a good choice in any situation!

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Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

The most beautiful gowns to wear to a fall wedding. More than 50 elegant wedding guest gowns for fall and autumn weddings and festivities are included in this collection.

Wedding Guest Dresses for Fall Weddings

Our top selections for the best fall wedding guest gowns for the current wedding season, which includes September, October, and November weddings! This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the shopping links, this blog may get a commission from our sponsors at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links are links to websites that allow you to make purchases without having to pay anything more. Sources for shopping for dresses and images: 1/ Wine Satin Sleeveless Mock Neck Maxi Dress with Classic Elegance (2) Lulus emerald green cowl neck dress with a long train The Evelyn Rust Orange Dress from Lulus is number three.

Shop Top Dresses for Fall Weddings

Nowadays, the fall wedding season is virtually as busy as the summer wedding season in terms of number of weddings. Many couples choose the chilly, crisp days of autumn as the background to their wedding and celebration because they are so gorgeous. The lower weather provide an opportunity to freshen up your fashion choices, opting for clothes with different textures and colors in autumnal tones.

Ideas for What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Many late summer hues are still appropriate for fall wedding guest dress, but longer sleeves, rich jewel tones, and lush floral designs that reflect the changing seasons are the styles to wear this season. This website serves as a shopping reference for our top recommendations for gowns for wedding guests in the fall season.

Featured Fall Wedding Guest Dresses from Past Seasons:

The dress seen here is the Maria Embellished FitFlare Dress from Nordstrom.

  1. Dress with ruffles in Florence from ModCloth 2.Iris Dress by Dress the Population, available at Nordstrom.com. Nordstrom’s Eliza J Lace Dress is the third option. 4. BHLDN’s Giselle Special Occasion Dress in Black
Fall Wedding Guest Dresses by Color

Red Guest of Wedding Dresses|Pink Dresses for a Wedding Guest|Coral Dresses|Yellow Dresses|Green Dresses|Light Blue Dresses|Dark Blue or Navy Blue Dresses|Purple Dresses|Floral Dresses for a Wedding Guest|Gray or Silver Dresses|Black Dresses|Dresses for Wedding Guests Under $150|Dresses for Wedding Guests Under $150

Wedding Guest Dresses by Formality

Is it more formal or more casual? Maxi Dresses for Wedding Guests|Semi-Formal Wedding Guest Dresses|Formal Wedding Guest Gowns|The Wedding Guest Dress Shop

Shop by Season

Summer wedding guest outfits, spring wedding guest outfits, fall wedding guest outfits, and winter wedding guest styles are all available. Photo bybantersnapsonUnsplash used for the cover image.

These Cute Fall Wedding Guest Dresses Will Score Alllll the Compliments

Edward Berthelot is a French author and poet. Shopping for a wedding gown, especially during the cooler months, may be a difficult task. Obviously, you don’t want to outdo the bride, but it’s possible that you’ll want to stage a stunt if your high school arch-nemesis happens to come there. It goes without saying that anything white should be avoided at all costs, but you should also keep the unpredictable fall weather in mind while putting together your ensemble. You won’t have to fret about finding the ideal ‘fit for the big day because I’ve compiled a list of the greatest fallwedding guest gowns just for you, my sweetheart.

  • Continue reading for all of the advice—and, of course, for the most stunning fall wedding guest gowns your eyes have ever seen—in the section below.
  • secondly, this green treasure Maxi Shirtdress with Button-Down Neckline If you’re looking for something breezy and informal, this flowing green jewel is a great choice.
  • The cowl neckline and high slit are other attractive elements.
  • 5this vivacious design Winnie Dress (also known as Winnie Shirt) The pattern and the pop of color in this design are unquestionably the focal points.
  • 6this lace number is a lace number Suzie Dress (Suzie Dresses) Is it just me, or does lace have an air of sophistication about it?
  • 7this ethereal design Midi Dress with Smocked Neckline The skirt on this midi dress is going to be so much fun and flouncy to dance about in.
  • Stunning flutter sleeves and a silky, classic silhouette characterize her style and appeal.

The Geneva Dress is a classic.

Sneakers or heels will look just as good.

10This mock-neck option is a good choice.

11this velvety appearance Silk Satin Dress with Stretch Each and every person who attends the party will be asking you where you acquired this silky, ruched jewel.

12this starlet with an off-the-shoulder top Midi Dress with Drape and Bardot Corset Personally, I adore the look of an off-the-shoulder moment.

For example, if you’re wanting to meet someone on the dance floorwink, you should dress appropriately.

Dress has an off-shoulder bodice and a bodycon fit There is a way to turn up to a wedding feeling completely comfortable while yet looking fabulous—and that way is by wearing this burgundy sweater dress.

14This gleaming object Nia Dress is a formal dress that was designed by Nia Dress.

15this light and airy playsuitx REVOLVE Jumpsuit by Marcello Sometimes, a dress is simply not the right choice.

This flirtatious maxi dress is available in 16 colors.

I can picture this looking quite great with a slicked-back hair and a pair of brightly colored heels.

Add a pair of shoulder-dusting earrings to make a more dramatic impact.

Bodycon Dress with Off-the-Shoulder Neckline in Classic Glam Black It is impossible to go wrong with a classic black cocktail dress.

Moreover, I am confident that you will attend several events this fall!

Dress with Belted Pleats and Flounce Sleeves This Amazon find for around $50 is a great show-stopper.

20How great does this wrap look?

Simply add a pair of shoes to glam it up!

22This cottogecore fantasy comes true Phi Phi Dress (Phi Phi Dress) If you arrive at the wedding in this cottogecore dress by MIE, you will be treated as a walking work of art.

23this fluttering treasure Maxi Dress with a Plunging Neckline by Abegayle If you’re on a tight budget but yet want to appear like a goddess, read on.

24 this adorable mini-skirt Ruched Mini Dress in Mauve Floral Print When shopping for a wedding guest dress, you should consider two things: how the dress will look on you and how much you will be able to dance in the dress.


25this awe-inspiring feat of engineering Dress with Embroidered Puffy Shoulders made of Linen Anything that comes from Fanm Mon is really breathtaking.

(Please accept my apologies for the bride’s tardiness.) 26This is a reasonably priced dress Cowl Satin Dress that is highly sought after Although this satin costume is stunning on its own, it would be much more stunning when accessorized with some eye-catching jewelry or shoes.

27This ruffled outfit is a great choice.

Choose this flowing little that you can have delivered to your home in two days (and that you may wear for literally any occasion) due to Amazon Prime delivery (which includes a kiss from the chef).

The body-hugging material will highlight your figure, while the long silhouette will keep you feeling protected from the elements and warm.

Midi Dress in Chiffon Ruffles combined with flowers are always a good choice.

30 This dress has an off-the-shoulder neckline.

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These Fall Wedding Guest Dresses Are Going To Look Amazing On The Dance Floor

When you get a wedding invitation in the mail, your initial emotion is almost always one of enthusiasm. Weddings are essentially a time set aside for friends and/or family to get together and party, eat, drink, and celebrate love. The next thought, though, is likely to be “Do I have something to wear?” when the initial flutter of happiness and excitement has passed. When it comes to choosing an attire for an autumn wedding, it might be a little difficult. If the event is taking place outside, the weather might be completely unexpected.

  • The good news is that There are several possibilities for you to choose from when it comes to saying yes to the (guest) dress—regardless of the weather prediction or location of the event.
  • When it comes to the perfect fall wedding guest dress, heavier, textured materials such as lace, velvet, or satin are frequently used.
  • Feel free to experiment with other designs, such as a beautiful flower or a bold print.
  • Whether you like a maxi dress or gown with no sleeves or a shorter length contrasted with romantic, billowy sleeves, let us know your style preferences.
  • Here are some of our favorite looks.

Here’s Exactly What to Wear to a Fall Wedding As a Guest

Lenses, as well as laughter There’s a reason why fall weddings are so popular in the United States. From the vibrantly colored changing leaves to the pleasantly chilly temperature, this is a particularly lovely time of year to exchange wedding vows. However, when it comes to wedding guest dress, each season has its own set of obstacles. Do you have any ideas on what to dress to an autumn wedding? Exactly what you’re looking for is what we’re here to provide. This style and etiquette advice can help you earn the title of best-dressed guest at your fall wedding by dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Nail the dress code.

The dress code, which will be specified on the invitation or wedding website, should be your first port of call when deciding what to wear to a wedding in September, October, or November, no matter when it’s scheduled.

(However, bear in mind that other factors, such as the time of day an event is taking place and the location, might influence dress code etiquette.) Specifically for fall weddings, we’re going to share our best recommendations for adhering to some of the most popular dress codes around.

Casual fall wedding guest attire

Feel free to prioritize comfort above formality when determining what to wear to a casual fall wedding, as you would with a formal dress code. The Style Director of Rent the Runway, Blaire Walsh, adds that casual fall weddings provide guests with a sense of relaxation and ease since they allow them to dress in styles that are not excessively formal. It is her recommendation that you try on a gorgeous flowery midi dress with dress sandals, or a fun fall-inspired jumpsuit with a low block heel.

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Dean Handspiker, Vice President of Retail at Indochino, recommends a look that is comparable to this.

With all of this in mind, a casual dress code not only allows for a bit more comfort, but it also gives you the opportunity to experiment with vibrant fall colors and designs rather than adhering to neutrals and somber tones.

Semi-formal fall wedding guest attire

When it comes to dressing in semi-formal or cocktail clothing, the rules don’t actually vary from one season to the next. There are a few adjustments you may make to ensure that your attire complements the season’s colors and surroundings. It is recommended that men’s semi-formal fall wedding clothes consist of a darker-hued suit (particularly for nighttime occasions), although this does not always mean that the suit is black. It’s fine to experiment with other dark colors from the season, such as navy blue, burgundy, or brown.

According to Moti Biya, creator of bespoke tailoring company,IZOTTI, “With a more rigorous dress code, you may add a little additional flare by switching up your shoes or tie to something more exciting and surprising.” There are several creative methods to include a modest seasonal touch into men’s fall wedding suits, such as inserting a plaid pocket square into the ensemble.

You’ll look right at home in a traditional cocktail dress, which should be either knee length or tea length.

Formal and black-tie fall wedding guest attire

Don’t go overboard with fall designs and patterns if you’re dressing for a formal occasion. Instead, it is appropriate to dress in a darker, solid-colored suit or dress to show respect. According to Grace Lee, creator and CEO of Birdy Grey, “a formal wedding is the ideal occasion for a floor-length gown.” Simple shapes and silhouettes, such as a crepe or slip dress, are also highly recommended by her. A traditional fall wedding may be enhanced by the use of seasonal colors and subtle accents to elevate these year-round looks.

A tuxedo is also required if the event is a black-tie affair.

The use of a midnight blue tuxedo, notes Handspiker, “is a great way to stand out without breaking any norms.” “Another alternative that is less subtle is to wear a teal, burgundy, or blue dinner jacket with tonal patterns or velvet trousers with black tuxedo pants.”

Play around with seasonal colors.

If you’re having trouble deciding what color suit or dress to wear to an autumn wedding, there are a variety of resources available to help you. For Lee, “fall is a time for deeper tones that correspond to the colors we’re witnessing outdoors.” The founder of Birdy Grey isn’t the only one who recommends taking inspiration from nature to create your outfit for the day. “Colors that complement the autumnal scenery, such as burgundy, brown, and olive, are fashionable seasonal selections,” explains Handspiker.

If you’re looking for a vibrant flash of color, Walsh recommends subdued yellows and flirty fuchsias as a starting point.

Similarly, you don’t have to abandon your love of floral prints and patterns just because the weather is becoming warmer.

Floral brocades with metallic embellishments or designs with autumnal colors (think rust or marigold) are some of her recommendations for the fall season.

Dress for the weather.

Whereas summer calls for light, airy materials, and winter obviously calls for a few additional layers, dressing for fall might be a bit more difficult to figure out. There are a plethora of various elements to consider when deciding on an outfit to wear. Is the wedding taking place earlier in the season or later in the year? What is the address of the venue? Is it taking place indoors or outdoors? Is the celebration scheduled to take place during the day or in the evening? All of these are vital things to ask yourself in order to properly prepare for the event.

  • Wedding dress for an outdoor autumn wedding should be a bit more adaptable, which means layering will become your new best friend.
  • Depending on the aesthetic you’re striving for, a formal pashmina, cropped jacket, or bolero would be a good alternative.
  • For warmer areas, such as the Southern United States, Handspiker suggests keeping with lightweight textiles such as cotton or a wool-linen blend, rather than heavier fabrics.
  • The time of day when the wedding is scheduled will also be something you should keep an eye out for.
  • This is especially true if the location is entirely or partially outside.
  • Cold weather necessitates the use of a heavier-weight fabric such as tweed, wool, or cashmere while dressing for a formal occasion.
  • “Early fall weddings might be challenging due to the fact that the weather is still rather warm,” explains Walsh.

“Look for designs that complement the season’s ethos while still providing some breathing room in the event of a last-minute heatwave,” says the expert. Asymmetrical shoulders and balloon sleeves, among other styles, are recommended for achieving the proper balance, according to Ms. Sutton.

Don’t forget about the venue.

In addition, as previously stated, dress code regulations can differ depending on the location. Consider that a rustic barn or farm setting is almost always going to be less formal than an elegant ballroom setting. We’re going to share some suggestions on how to style your fall wedding attire to complement some of the most popular venues this season.

What to wear to a fall wedding in the mountains

Specific locations have their own set of criteria, which are especially important if the site is in a distant place. According to Lee, “the grandness and luxury of a mountain wedding is enhanced by the natural beauty of the setting.” She feels that wearing a fake fur jacket is an excellent approach to elevate your look. In addition to aesthetic considerations, there are a few practical considerations for an amountain wedding. “Generally speaking, the climate in the highlands tends to become a little colder when the sun sets,” Biya explains.

Choosing a suit that is meant to travel well without becoming too crumpled is recommended if the wedding is taking place in a foreign country.

What to wear to a fall wedding at a barn

Do you need some assistance picking what to wear to a barn wedding in the autumn? “Because a barn wedding has a rustic feel to it, you can wear something a little more relaxed, such as a long-sleeve floral maxi,” suggests Lee. ” Barn weddings, according to Handspiker, are distinguished by a more informal dress code. According to the menswear expert, matching a solid or tweed suit with a lovely pair of brogues is a terrific style that is also functional for the venue. Walsh recommends a softer design and feminine touches such as ruffles and lace for a small farm-style event, which will heighten the romance factor.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to picking an outfit, the location is almost as crucial as the dress code.

What to wear to a fall wedding at a place of worship

No matter what season it is, guests attending a wedding at a church or other house of worship should dress respectfully no matter what they are attending. Feel free to experiment with some of the more vibrant fall hues, such as marigold and fuchsia, but remember to keep your appearance modest while doing so. Fashions such as off-the-shoulder tops, plunging necklines, and skirts that are excessively short may be frowned upon depending on the religion or culture. Keep it simple by wearing slacks or a flowing skirt that falls just below the knee.

You’ll be able to keep a strapless or off-the-shoulder style hidden until after the wedding.

Add the finishing touches.

As if picking what suit or dress to wear to an autumn wedding weren’t difficult enough, you also have to think about what accessories to go with your outfit. A warm overcoat, a fashionable leather jacket, or an attractive bolero are needed for cooler fall evenings (we’re looking at you, November). As with any other element of your outfit, your shoes are essential if the ceremony is taking place outside.

The last thing you want is to wind up sinking into the grass, so avoid stilettos and opt for flats or block heels instead. Finally, consider adding a standout piece of jewelry, a stylish seasonal hat, or a quirky pocket square to your ensemble to elevate it.

Fall wedding guest attire: outerwear

It might be difficult to decide what to wear to an autumn wedding other than a dress or a suit. You’re looking for something that will keep you warm (particularly throughout the colder half of the season) but not detracting from your overall appearance. “Everyone should have a well-fitting trench or wool overcoat that they may wear with a suit,” Handspiker recommends. If you’re wearing a dress, you may utilize the dress code to assist you select how to accessorize your ensemble. A jacket made of leather or denim is suited for a more relaxed occasion.

Fall wedding guest attire: shoes

Are you stumped as to what shoes to wear to an autumn wedding? We understand that choosing the appropriate footwear may be difficult, regardless of the dress code or the time of year. Throughout the year, Walsh recommends wearing metallic-colored, nude, or black heels to a wedding or other special function. She goes on to say that depending on the formality of the event, guests should wear heels, a dress shoe, or flats. If you’re shopping for men’s clothing, the rules are a little easier to follow.

  1. Stilettos aren’t appropriate for most outdoor settings, notably agricultural and mountain settings, because they are too high.
  2. You’ll be able to avoid slipping into the grass this way.
  3. Lee, on the other hand, advises that you “consider where you’ll be strolling.” The difference between open and closed-toe heels is largely a question of personal preference, says Walsh, who adds that open-toe heels are typically more appropriate for indoor events.
  4. In the case of a black-tie or semi-formal wedding, “try to stick to dress heels or flats if at all feasible,” adds Walsh.

Fall wedding guest attire: accessories

Adding accessories to your outfit, aside from shoes and—in the case of a suit—a fine tie, is a terrific way to convey your own personal style and stand out from the crowd. Walsh recommends bringing a little drama to your ensemble by accessorizing with glitter that complements the festive environment. According to Lee, adding a pair of sparkling earrings or a vintage hairpin to your ensemble is a wonderful way to elevate your style, especially if you’ll be huddled up inside a coat or jacket for a majority of the day.

The men’s fashion guru, on the other hand, cautions against going overboard. When it comes to men who want to play it safer, a bold or patterned tie is a more traditional method to inject some extra excitement into their outfits.

12 Dresses to Wear to a Fall Wedding

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Determine the Wedding Style

So, you might be aware of what not to wear to a wedding — and if you aren’t, the information is provided here — but do you know what to wear? A distinct dress code will be required for each wedding, ranging from casual afternoon ensembles to breathtaking, floor-length evening dresses for a black tie event. Having an understanding of what is suitable wedding guest dress and what should be avoided at all costs is essential for any event.

Use the invitation for clues

Is the wedding taking place outside? Try to avoid wearing heels that will sink into the ground. If the ceremony begins in the early morning or early afternoon, it is reasonable to expect that the occasion will be a little more laid-back in nature. Is the event scheduled to begin at night? Make sure to dress in a dress or suit that is suited for the occasion. Keep in mind that if the wedding is taking place in the later months of October, you will need to bring a shawl or wrap to keep warm. If you’re being married in a church, choose a dress that covers your shoulders to maintain your modesty.

While this may not always be the case for every bride, it should provide a decent indication of the colors the couple intends to utilize for their wedding.

Research the venue

What does the interior of the venue look like? Have you seen images from other people’s wedding receptions? What did the visitors choose to wear? If the wedding reception is held in a posh downtown hotel, it’s reasonable to expect that the wedding guests will be dressed in black tie clothes. If you’re being married on the beach, you’ll want to be prepared with a dress that is lightweight and made of breathable fabric. Always be certain that the setting is appropriate.

When in doubt, ask!

Simply asking the bride and groom for advice when determining what to wear to a wedding will eliminate any doubt. It is always preferable to be prepared rather than to wing it.

What to Wear to a Casual Daytime Wedding

A daytime wedding is more likely to be a low-key or semi-formal occasion than a nighttime wedding. Take into consideration wearing a light, comfy outfit that you would be comfortable wearing to a business gathering or church service. Simple patterns and modest accents are best choices. The use of floral prints (as long as there isn’t too much white!) or feminine embellishments is always a nice idea.

What to Wear to an Evening Wedding

The vast majority of weddings will fall under this category. Find a dress with a classic silhouette that can be worn from day to night. Cocktail dresses or fancy party dresses are excellent alternatives for nighttime wedding guest attire in addition to traditional wedding gowns. Beading and lace can also be suitable, as long as they are worn in a stylish manner and in moderation. Though dresses can be a bit shorter, strive for an age-appropriate length that falls just below the knee or slightly above.

When attending an indoor nighttime wedding during the fall, make sure to check the invitation to see whether an extra jacket is required for cooler weather. Sleeves may be an excellent choice for nighttime weddings in cooler weather, especially if the location has an outside component.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Optional Wedding in the Fall

This could be one of the most difficult invites to figure out. It is possible to dress in either formal clothes (think: ball gown) or an exquisite cocktail dress for black tie optional occasions. Make sure to keep the rest of the outfit sophisticated and understated by eliminating showy jewelry and distracting accessories. Dark purples, emeralds, and navy are examples of rich hues to wear. Black gowns are a perfect choice when it comes to this sort of invitation, even if black may not always be acceptable for a wedding (although many traditions have softened).

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When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of formality rather than being overly casual.

What to Wear to A Fall Black Tie Wedding

Perhaps one of the most difficult invites to read is this one. For black tie optional occasions, you have the option of dressing in either formal clothes (think: ball gown) or an exquisite cocktail dress. By removing any flashy jewelry or distracting accessories, you can keep the overall appearance classy and uncomplicated. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold hues like dark purple, emerald, or navy blue. Black gowns are a perfect choice when it comes to this sort of invitation, even if black may not always be acceptable for a wedding (although many customs have loosened).

To be on the safe side, it is preferable to dress formally rather than too casually when in doubt.

Wear a Jumpsuit

However, despite the fact that it is a non-traditional alternative, the jumpsuit has gained in favor in recent years. In addition to serving as a wedding guest, there is a vast selection of fitting, stylish jumpsuits that may be worn for a range of other occasions as well. Each of these unusual selections may be dressed in a variety of different ways, and they provide a fresh take on the traditional bridal gown trend.

What Not to Wear to a Wedding

Weddings have seen significant transformations from their more conventional beginnings. When it comes to wedding apparel, there are a few unwritten norms that should always be followed, despite the fact that there are few genuine dress regulations.

Do not wear white

In any environment, even a casual one, it’s preferable not to compete with the bride on her special day. This color should be avoided at all costs.

Never wear jeans

Garth Brooks said it best: “Showing up in boots spoils a black tie occasion.” I couldn’t agree with him more. Even at the most casual of weddings, we recommend that you leave your beloved jeans (or boots!) at home unless the bride or groom expressly requests that you do otherwise.

Avoid anything too low-cut or revealing

According to a decent rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t wear something to church, you shouldn’t wear it to a wedding either.

Avoid wearing the colors of the wedding

Not wanting to be mistaken for a member of the bridal party is a top priority. While the wedding invitation will usually give you an idea as to the colors that will be used, if you have any queries, you should contact the bride or groom to for clarity.

Too much sparkle

No matter how formal the invitation, avoid rhinestones and showy metallic textiles for cocktail parties and other special occasions.

A gown with beading, on the other hand, might be really lovely!

How to Accessorize for a Fall Wedding

Making your wedding guest dress stand out with a splash of drama is a straightforward process. Remember that your accessories or jewelry should never detract from the beauty of the bride in any situation. You’ll be best friends with classic pieces of jewelry and heels that are suited for dancing.

Choose the Right Shoes

Most weddings will include a lot of dancing, so it’s critical that you choose shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. In addition to being more suitable for outdoor weddings, heels with a thicker block heel will also be more comfortable to walk in. Even if your feet are not visible through your dress, dressier shoes, such as pumps, can be a timeless complement. These shoes are one of our personal favorites because of their comfort, which allows you to keep dancing all night long!

Keep the Jewelry Simple

Any jewelry you choose for your dress should be appropriate and not overshadow the rest of the ensemble. Avoid wearing earrings or necklaces that are extremely elaborate. For formal jewelry, consider pieces that are basic and traditional in design and can be worn on any occasion.

7 Perfect Outfit Ideas for a September Wedding

Does it make me strange to feel ecstatic that September is just around the corner? Sure, the days are becoming cooler and the nights are getting shorter, but that doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. For starters, this year’s summer wasn’t the *best* in terms of weather, was it? So, I’m not sure about you, but I’m rather pleased to be able to start enjoying the knitwear-friendly weather and, quite frankly, forgetting about the last couple of weeks. Nonetheless, there is still a significant amount of wedding season to consider, and everyone knows that September weddings are the most enjoyable.

Every year, our thoughts turn to the big question of what to wear to a September wedding, and this year is no exception.

The good news is that there are plenty of weddings to attend this month if you have a backlog of wedding invitations to deal with.

Continue reading for ideas on what to dress to a September wedding and other special occasions.

Here’s what to wear to a fall 2021 wedding

Take into consideration jewel tones and velvet while planning your fall wedding dress! Reiss/PetalPup Because to the COVID-19 epidemic, many of last year’s marriages have been postponed until 2021. As a result, you may find yourself invited to more than one wedding ceremony or celebration this fall. In the event that you’re confused of what to dress to a future fall wedding, pick clothes that incorporates seasonal elements such as jewel tones and velvet. Dresses that look great beneath fall jackets can keep you warm throughout any outdoor celebrations you may attend.

Dresses from Express, Reiss, PetalPup, and other designers may be worn to a range of occasions after the wedding, and they are perfect for a variety of dress codes.

What to wear to a fall wedding: Budget-friendly solutions

Want a new dress that won’t break the budget yet is appropriate for all 101 weddings you have been invited to this year? Here are some ideas for fall wedding attire that are within your budget. Cider This black Cider midi dress is a more affordable version of the slip dress trend. It has a cowl neck and straps that are one-of-a-kind. When you’re spending time outside, wear it with a bold coat. Cider plain midi dress (32 dollars) Amazon This basic suit jacket is available on Amazon in 17 various colors, and it may be simply combined with pants that you already have.

suit jacket with a slim fit, $48

What to wear to a fall wedding: Mid-range stunners

Are you seeking for clothes that you can wear again in the future but that won’t break the bank? Take a look at these wedding attire ideas. PetalPup The rust color of this PetalPup midi dress is perfect for the upcoming fall season. It boasts a cowl neckline, as well as asymmetrical spaghetti straps. PetalPup Lyam outfit is available for purchase for $80. Express This tuxedo in black with a sleek fit is a wardrobe must. The jacket has satin peak lapels and is available in three lengths: short, standard, and long.

$118 for a pair of thin black cotton-blend tuxedo pants from Express.

What to wear to a fall wedding: Splurge-worthy contenders

Is the wedding more traditional, or do you want to make a statement by wearing to the nines? These more costly clothes are ideal for weddings and other high-profile occasions. Revolve The Revolve website is currently accepting pre-orders for this lovely mocha-hued satin gown, which will arrive on October 22. Be sure to act quickly, as some sizes in this gown with a stunning ruffle accent are already sold out in some locations. Dress by Nookie Sasha, $249 Reiss This stunning dark green velvet jacket from Reiss is the ideal complement to a pair of regular black suit pants.

$545 for a Reiss Ace velvet blazer.

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What Colors Are Okay to Wear to Weddings?

  • The Summer Wedding Guest Attire Gallery
  • LDS Wedding Dresses
  • Red Wedding Bouquets
  • The LDS Wedding Dress Gallery

Formal Wedding Attire Colors

Traditional wedding guest attire is indicated by a formal wedding invitation, but do not believe that a casual or fashionable wedding invitation indicates that you may show up in jeans on the wedding day. The sort of formal clothes that is acceptable will be determined by the time of day. When attending a formal wedding that begins before 6:00 p.m., ladies should dress in a trousers suit or a knee-length dress.

How to Select Colors

You may choose to dress in whatever color you like, with the exception of black or white. The idea of the guests should be to blend in with the surroundings and allow the bride to take center stage.

As a guest, you should avoid wearing clothing that could be seen as informal or out of place in her company. Pastels, jewel tones, and earth tones, as well as most primary colors, are wonderful selections for this season.

Evening Hues

A wedding that takes place after 6:00 p.m. necessitates a more formal evening environment, which calls for long dresses in jewel tones, navy, or even metallic gold or silver to be worn. Because guests at this sort of wedding are expected to dress up for the occasion, you may get away with wearing black to the wedding. A black or dark navy bluetuxedo should be worn at night, whereas suits and ties should be worn during the day for men.

Informal Wedding Clothing Choices

Having a casual wedding implies that the bride is comfortable with a wide range of wardrobe options.


In general, a lady should dress in feminine apparel that is well-kept in terms of its look. When it comes to informal weddings, a cocktail dressor business suit in a variety of colors is a great option. Instead than using black, neutral tones and solid colors should be used instead. Prints can be worn provided they will not be a distraction; nonetheless, a dress in a bright yellow, fuchsia, and orange is normally considered improper.


Male visitors should dress appropriately, with a formal shirt and pants matched with a sport jacket in complementary hues such as brown or beige. If the wedding is taking place after 6:00 p.m., a black suit and modest tie are allowed.

Seasonal and Destination Weddings

What should be worn to a wedding will be determined by the time of year as well. While color selection is still crucial, certain locales and seasons alter the laws of the game entirely.

Cold Weather Colors

Guests should dress appropriately for a cool outdoor wedding, especially if it is held in the evening. It is okay to wear a lovely dress with a shawl or sweater and low heels in these types of situations. It is your objective to reduce the likelihood of getting into a conflict with Mother Nature, so stay away from textiles that can get caught in the wind and heels that could cause you to trip on ice areas. However, if it is not windy, you may choose to wear a longer dress for warmth, which is especially appropriate for a formal wedding.

Emerald, plum, burgundy, deep red, and dark blue are some of the best hues to wear for a cold-weather wedding, as are jewel tones and deeper colors.

Warm Weather Options

Beach weddings or other tropical themed weddings need the attendees dressing in appropriate attire. Consider wearing light, airy clothing for ladies, and a silk shirt and khakis for men on these occasions. The use of bright hues, such as fuchsia and lime green, is more appropriate for beach weddings or outdoor summer weddings than it is at more traditional indoor affairs. If you feel comfortable wearing red to a wedding, go ahead and do so, but make sure the clothing is acceptable for the occasion.

Colors You Can’t Wear to a Wedding

Brides frequently remark that they want their guests to be comfortable at their wedding. However, the rule is that you are permitted to be comfortable as long as it does not cause discomfort to others. Knowing what colors are inappropriate to wear to a wedding is just as crucial as knowing what colors are good to wear to a wedding, according to the experts.

Clothing made of transparent materials or in bright hues may frequently result in a fashion faux pas at a wedding reception. When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of formality and subtlety.

  • White, off white, or ivory
  • All black
  • All red
  • Gold
  • Very glittery or excessively metallic
  • Bridesmaid dress color
  • Mother of the bride or groom dress color
  • And any other color you choose to incorporate.

Unless specifically instructed differently, avoid wearing colors that are similar to or harmonize with the wedding colors. Also, keep in mind that you should avoid wearing white unless you have been particularly instructed to do so by the couple. In addition, more traditional couples may be uncomfortable with the color black, so consult with a close friend or relative before wearing an all-black attire to an afternoon wedding reception.

Classic Attire and Colors

In the event that you are unsure about what colors are appropriate for wedding clothes, opt for modest and traditional apparel. Women’s plain dresses and men’s dark suits and ties are usually always in style. Relax after you’ve carefully and painstakingly chosen your wedding attire. You’ve earned it. The bride and groom will be delighted that you were able to join them on their wedding day. LoveToKnow Media was founded in the year 2022. All intellectual property rights are retained.

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