What To Do With Wedding Dress? (TOP 5 Tips)

What to wear underneath a wedding dress?

  • What Lingerie Is Best To Wear Under A Wedding Dress. The first objective is to have support. Satin bra makes an excellent choice, smooth and delicate fabric of such bra can pair ideally with your wonderful wedding dress. Take a look at this beautiful satin bra with removable straps. White is always a safe choice to wear with a white gown.


What do I do with this wedding dress now?

Discover 14 things to do with your wedding dress after the big day:

  • Preserve it. If you anticipate turning your dress into a family heirloom, make sure you get it professionally preserved.
  • Turn it into art.
  • Reimagine it.
  • Sell it.
  • Donate it.
  • Create a costume closet.
  • Repurpose it for children.
  • Make home decor items.

What can I do with my used wedding dress?

What to do with your wedding dress after the big day

  • Sell it. If you want to make a post-wedding profit and won’t be devastated to see your dress go to someone else, consider selling it.
  • Donate it. Consider donating your dress to a worthy cause.
  • Convert it.
  • Reuse it.
  • Frame it.

Where else can I wear my wedding dress?

Some of the organizations that accept donations include Brides Across America, Cinderella’s Closet, Brides for a Cause, Angel Gowns, and many more. Many organizations will allow you to ship your dress to them if you aren’t in their drop off areas.

What can be made from old wedding dresses?

things to make from wedding dresses

  • Shabby Fabric Heart Lace Heart Ornament Stuffed Heart Fabric | Etsy.
  • Recycling wedding gowns – Make a wedding purse for the bride.
  • sequin coastal | Pottery Barn.
  • Flower pillow – made from wedding dress.
  • Fabric Yo-Yo Crafts.
  • This item is unavailable | Etsy.

What can I make for my daughter out of my wedding dress?

Here are some ideas for what to do with your wedding dress:

  • Garter: Make a custom wedding garter out of your dress for your daughter.
  • Bouquet Wrap: Use a satin or lace piece of your dress for a bridal bouquet wrap for your daughter.
  • Ring Pillow: Make a wedding ring pillow out of your dress.

What should I wear under my wedding dress?

We recommend wearing seamless underwear on your wedding day. They are usually more forgiving and don’t hug your hips as much as ones with elastic waists and side seams. If your wedding gown is very fitted, you may want to wear a seamless thong to be extra sure that no one will catch a glimpse of your panty line.

How can I reuse my wedding lehenga?

17 Creative Ideas To Reuse Wedding Lehenga | Lehenga Hacks

  1. Pair It With A Shirt.
  2. Pair It With An Unconventional Top.
  3. Wear It Like A Half Sari.
  4. Reuse The Shawl.
  5. Mix And Match The Blouse.
  6. Stitch A Different Blouse/ Top.
  7. Wear It As An Anarkali.
  8. From Lehenga To Sari.

Can a wedding dress be dyed?

It is possible to dye your wedding gown the color of your choice from the comfort of your home. By using this dyeing technique, you can save money on the dyeing process and avoid having to buy an entirely new dress in your desired color. The perfect shade of color for your wedding dress awaits you.

Can you wear a wedding dress twice?

When you’re invited to events like weddings where you’ll see many of the same people, you ideally want a brand-new dress for every occasion. Since you have a perfectly good dress hanging in your closet that you feel and look gorgeous in, it’s totally fine to wear it to two different weddings.

Can I shorten my wedding dress?

Transform Your Gown Into A Cocktail Dress! The good news is – you do! If you have some time between your wedding and honeymoon you can get your wedding dress shortened and take it with you, or, if that’s not an option, shorten it later and wear it on your one-year anniversary or other special occasions.

How much are wedding dress rentals?

Cost of Renting a Wedding Dress You can typically rent wedding dresses for as little as about $50-$600, but they can also cost much less or more depending on the dress and rental company. On the more expensive end, designer gowns rent for a fraction of their purchase price, anywhere from $500 to $2,000 is common.

What can you make out of bridesmaid dresses?

You can upcycle an old bridesmaid dress and turn into pretty much anything. A blanket, a throw pillow, purse, or even a blouse are just a few ideas you can use to re-invent old bridesmaid dresses.

9 Creative Things to Do With Your Dress After the Wedding

Repurposing, reusing, and recycling are all options. Third-party items have been incorporated to assist you in navigating and enjoying life’s most important moments. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. Having formally said “I do,” you may find yourself with a few loose ends to tie up, such as unwrapping gifts, sending thank you messages, and arranging your honeymoon arrangements. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what to do with your wedding dress now that the ceremony is done.

You may either have it properly maintained (perhaps to be passed on to someone else down the line), donate it to someone in need, or reuse it as décor for your newlywed home, depending on your preferences.

If you’re wondering what to do with your wedding dress and want to reduce the carbon impact of your event, here are some inventive ideas for repurposing your gown.

Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Do you want to keep your gown for sentimental purposes? You should have your wedding dress professionally cleaned and maintained to remove any party stains and smudges, such as dirt on the hem from your barn event or berry compote from your wedding cake, before you start planning your honeymoon. Our Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knothhas you covered on that front—all you have to do is select your package and send us your gown and we’ll take care of the rest! Having your gown professionally conserved also means that you may pass it on to someone else, saving them the expense (both financially and environmentally) of purchasing a brand new gown in the future.

Sell Your Wedding Dress

Selling your wedding dress may seem like a difficult task, but preowned wedding dress dealers such as Nearly Newlywed make it simple. We actually like this store, partially because you can get your gown professionally cleaned as part of the selling process, and partly because of the incredible choices. However, if you’re wanting to give your wedding dress a second chance after your own special day, any resale service or store can do the trick. You may earn some additional money while also passing the dress along to another bride-to-be to enjoy (a major win-win, if you ask us).

Donations of bridal gowns and clothes are accepted by a variety of organizations around the country. BRIDES ACROSS AMERICA, for example, provides wedding gowns to military brides who are in need. Every young lady’s fantasy in Michigan accepts both wedding gowns and evening wear for brides-to-be who are experiencing financial hardship, whileOperation PromandCinderella’s Closetwill accept wedding and bridesmaid dresses (as well as groomsmen tuxedos) to assist low-income students in getting dressed for their prom in the United Kingdom.

Another option is Angel Gowns or Baby Gowns for Eternity, which transform wedding gowns into gowns for stillborn babies and are available on Etsy.

Get Crafty With Your Wedding Dress

Turn your dress into something you know you’ll use and enjoy—or something that someone else will enjoy—if you’re skilled with a sewing machine and aren’t frightened to see your garment in bits. Due to the fact that you will most likely be dealing with a significant amount of material, you will be able to make a variety of unique household products and accessories.

Home Décor Ideas

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to pillows (for your living room, for your or a loved one’s new baby, for a friend’s ring bearer pillow, etc.). Tablecloths, table runners, and napkins are all options. Curtains

Clothing and Accessories

Necklace, clutch, and scarf Dress for a cocktail party or a pair of separates

Kid and Baby Accessories

  • Baby blankets, bassinet covers, child’s costumes (think: princess dresses, small wedding dresses), doll outfits and accessories, and so on.

Religious Clothing and Holiday Décor

  • First Communion Dress
  • Christening Gown
  • Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Stocking

Are you looking for additional inspiration? If you’re looking for creative ideas on what to do with your wedding dress, go no further than Pinterest.

Dye Your Wedding Dress a New Color

Instead of throwing away or cutting up your garment because you are certain you will never wear it again, consider dying it a another color. Your wedding dress will turn into a formal gown suitable for a variety of special occasions. We do, however, have to issue a warning: A professional should dye the clothing for you since not all fabrics and embellishments are suitable with color dyes (lace is porous and will not soak up color, whereas a fabric like silk will generally absorb dye well).

You should also clean your clothing well before coloring it, since stains may set or get worse during the coloring procedure.

Have a Postwedding Photoshoot

“Trash the dress” photoshoots are popular among brides who want to express themselves creatively after their wedding. And no, it doesn’t imply the garment needs to be fully wrecked. You’ll just be photographing yourself in a less formal location than you might have been able to on your wedding day: you might visit the beach, a pool, a stream, an adjacent park, or even somewhere unusual like a carnival, arcade or bowling alley to get your picture shot with your spouse. Consider visiting locations that are significant to you, are enjoyable, and will make you feel like a fashion model for the day.

Host a Wedding Dress Party

Are you and your friends fully sucked into the world of Friends? Take a hint from the popular comedy and have your very own wedding dress party at your home. Invite your friends over and ask them to dress in their wedding dresses for a night of celebration. It’s a creative and entertaining way to breathe fresh life into your wedding dress after the big day. Of course, putting on a flower throw is completely optional!

Alter Your Wedding Dress

If you don’t want to part with your wedding gown after only one outing in it, you might want to consider having it changed into something more appropriate for everyday use.

Work with a tailor or seamstress to design a completely unique item of apparel that you may wear again and over again. Take it as a surprise for your partner on your first anniversary, and it will make the occasion even more memorable.

Turn Your Wedding Dress Into Art

Do you wish you could spend the rest of your life staring at your wedding dress? With the assistance of pros, you can do it. That’s true, you can convert your wedding dress into a work of art by having it professionally framed. Beautiful Frame Company and Outrageous Framing are two examples of companies that will work with you to frame your wedding gown. Display it on your wall as a gorgeous piece of art that also serves as a nostalgic memento of your special day.

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14 Things to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

Immediately following the exchange of wedding vows and the conclusion of all of the celebrations, you may be wondering what to do with your wedding dress. It took a great deal of effort, time, and money to create, and you only wore it for one night. However, this does not always imply the end of the road for your cherished gown. Fortunately, there are a plethora of things you may do with your wedding dress after the ceremony is over.

Discover 14 things to do with your wedding dress after the big day:

If you intend to have your garment maintained as a family treasure, you might consider having it properly preserved. Even though wedding dress preservation might cost upwards of $1,000, it can be well worth the investment. What to do to keep it safe: Several alternatives are available for conserving your gown, the costs of which can range from around $200 to $1000. Use a dress preservation specialist if you plan on having it professionally cleaned. Dry cleaning and preservation are not synonymous terms.

To clean it yourself, first be sure to read the label for any specific cleaning instructions that may apply.

Make careful to handle the dress with white cotton gloves after it has been cleaned to prevent any oils from your skin from penetrating into the fabric.

Avoid storing the box in a moist environment or one that is exposed to extreme light and/or temperatures.

2. Turn it into art.

One approach to ensure that your garment lasts a lifetime is to transform it into a piece of fine art. Numerous women choose to frame their gowns and place them on their closet or bathroom walls in order to create truly show-stopping, one-of-a-kind works of art. The expense of having your dress professionally framed can go into the hundreds of dollars, but there are several inexpensive DIY alternatives.

3. Reimagine it.

Making your wedding gown into another piece of clothes is another effective technique to recycle it in a positive way. The manner in which you do this is very dependent on your unique lifestyle and interests.

Consult with the seamstress who adjusted your gown about turning it into a fancy cocktail dress for you to wear to your next important occasion. You may also commission someone to transform it into a variety of various accessories, such as a purse or lingerie set.

4. Sell it.

It’s no secret that wedding gowns are becoming increasingly pricey. Fortunately, you will be able to reclaim a portion of the money you paid by selling your outfit. In today’s world, selling your outfit online appears to be an almost limitless possibility. Some people choose to sell their wedding dress on social media, such as Facebook Marketplace, while others choose to put a listing on websites that specialize in selling used wedding dresses, such as StillWhite, Nearly Newlywed, or Preowned Wedding Dresses, among others.

Here are some factors to assist you make your decision: If any of the following apply to your dress, you might consider selling it:

  • When it comes to your wedding ceremony and reception, you may have gone over budget and are hoping to recuperate even a little portion of the costs
  • You’re a little resentful that your clothing was purchased for you by a friend or family member, and you want to repay them for their generosity. You’d like to have a little extra money to spend on your honeymoon
  • Nevertheless, For example, you could want to set up a healthcare fund (such as a personal flexible spending account), set up a vow renewal fund, or start saving for retirement.

If any of the following apply, you might consider preserving your dress:

  • You have the financial means to get your garment properly cleaned and maintained. When it comes to weddings, you’re sentimental and want to recreate your wedding day by staring at your gown from time to time. You have children or are intending to have children who you would want to see wearing your dress on their big day
  • You have children or are planning to have children
  • In your spare time, you like crafting and would want to turn your gown into a cocktail dress or maybe something more permanent like a quilt that can be passed down through generations. You want to reaffirm your wedding vows in the same gown that you wore when you said “I do.”

5. Donate it.

Even if your wedding gown has been changed, donating your wedding gown rather than selling it may be a better option. Apart from the fact that it would be less of a headache, you will also be able to donate your treasured gown to someone who cannot afford it. Donating to your local Goodwill or helping with a non-profit organization likeBrides Across America are also excellent ways to spread goodwill and goodwill alone.

6. Create a costume closet.

Create a costume closet in your home, beginning with your favorite clothing. When the years go by, you may add additional wardrobe items and props to your collection that can be utilized for future costume parties, photoshoots, or just for “dressing up” if you ever invite families over to your house or if you have or intend to have children of your own.

7. Repurpose it for children.

In the event that you have children or want to start a family shortly after the wedding, you should consider storing your dress to use as a baptism gown or other ceremonial apparel for your children. It is a beautiful opportunity to reuse a significant clothing, whether it is an Easter dress or an outfit for their first school photo day, to use your wedding gown for your children or even for family friends.

8. Make home decor items.

When it comes to constructing home décor things out of your gown, if you or someone you know is talented, this is a great way to keep your dress out of the closet and to remember your wedding memories on a daily basis. From table linens to curtains, there are a plethora of inventive ways to incorporate your garment into your home’s décor.

9. Update your holiday decorations.

Make new holiday traditions with the help of your clothes. Thanksgiving tablecloths, Christmas tree skirts, seasonal ornaments, and heart-shaped Valentine’s Day doilies are all examples of creative ways to recycle your gown while maintaining its uniqueness and sentimental value.

10. Dye it.

Instead of changing the construction of your gown, you may consider dyeing it a new color instead. This manner, you may maintain the same level of formality while expanding the number of occasions when you can wear it, such as galas, friend’s weddings, holiday parties, and other events.

11. Do a “Trash the Dress” photoshoot.

Being photographed after your wedding in which you “trash the dress” is increasingly fashionable these days. There are many options for you to photograph yourself wearing your dress. You may go swimming in the beach, getting messy on an animal farm, rolling about in a field of flowers, or having you and/or your children paint your dress like it is a blank canvas.

Because the possibilities for “trashing the dress” are virtually unlimited, take a look at some of these fantastic ideas from Pinterest.

12. Throw a themed party.

Organise a cocktail party for you and your pals in the style of a wedding, where you all dress in your wedding outfits. It’s important to take lots of images since this will undoubtedly be a hit with your relatives and friends on social networking sites.

13. Donate it to your local theater.

Donating your dress to a local theater or costume shop is a great opportunity to see it come to life again via the medium of art. Perhaps the next time you attend a performance, you will be able to witness your lovely gown come to life!

14. Save it for your anniversary.

Alternatively, you may preserve it to wear for fun on your one-year wedding anniversary, allowing you to relive your honeymoon happiness with your new spouse. If he still has his suit, have him put it on as well, and you’ll have a first anniversary to remember for a lifetime!

Put these ideas for your wedding dress to good use!

Alternatively, you may preserve it to wear for fun on your one-year wedding anniversary, allowing you to relive your wedding happiness with your new spouse. You could also ask him to put on his outfit as well, so that your first anniversary would be one to remember.

Wondering What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day? Here’re 10 Creative Ideas To Get You Going

You’ve finally discovered the gown of your dreams, after months of hunting and saving! In addition, while the dress is unquestionably close and dear to your heart right now, one concern lingers: what will become of this extremely particular garment after the wedding ceremony has concluded? In order to create even more lasting memories (and occasionally other items such as decor, accessories, and jewelry, as well! ), many brides are taking a fresh look at the life of their wedding dress after the ceremony has taken place.

People get rid of their wedding dresses in a variety of ways, but this is arguably the most popular.

This will ensure that your gown will find a second home with a lucky stranger in need!

Here are a few of our favorite wedding-related charitable organizations:

  • The Brides Across America organization, which donates wedding gowns to first responders, veterans, and their partners, has given away over 2,000 gowns to veterans and first responders every year since its founding in 2004. It is not just wedding dresses that are accepted at Adorned in Grace, but also formal gowns of any kind! They resale donated formalwear and send the earnings to a charitable organization that works to prevent human trafficking and provide assistance to victims. Women Against Breast Cancer: Women Against Breast Cancer operates on a similar concept as Adorned in Grace, in that they resale donated bridal apparel and contribute the money to breast cancer research and other support networks. Brides for a Cause: Brides for a Cause, like the previous company, uses a resale system in which the revenues are donated to other charities, this time focused on women’s concerns and organizations. I can’t think of a greater way to mark the beginning of this new chapter in your life than by giving back to the community.

2.Make it into a work of art.

If you truly want to be able to (literally) look back on your wedding dress on a daily basis, why not transform your wedding dress into a work of art that you can display in your home? With a service like this, you can really frame the complete wedding dress, but you could also be creative on your own to make this happen on a much smaller scale. A simple DIY technique is to cut a lovely, equal square out of your wedding dress and place it into a frame of your choice. Choose a shadow box frame for any squares that have additional three-dimensional features (such as bows or beading) to ensure that these parts don’t become flattened out when the square is flattened out.

It is possible to professionally frame items from your wedding day to create bespoke art, which will help to preserve the delight of your wedding day for years to come. If you don’t want to take the DIY way, you may consider hiring a professional service.

3.Turn it into a gown for your little one.

Having a bespoke christening gown made has become an extremely common method of repurposing a wedding gown after the wedding has taken place. Considering that most baptism dresses are white and have comparable design features (such as tulle or lace), it’s a rather straightforward change. Aside from that, whomever is sewing will have an abundance of spare cloth to work with. You may even save the old leftover fabric to use for any future children you might have, or to make a matching outfit for your older child.

Making your wedding dress into clothes for your children is a wonderful way to give them a small piece of your special day, regardless of how they choose to wear it.

4.Hem it into a cocktail dress!

You’ve worked closely with your seamstress to ensure that the dress is exactly suited to your specifications. As a result, why not contact us after the wedding to have a bespoke cocktail dress designed? As it is, your dress already fits like a glove, so why wouldn’t you want to wear it everywhere following its grand debut? The style of your dress may dictate that you take into consideration how effectively the top half of your dress will go with a new, shorter bottom half of your dress. If you want to include it into your design in some way, get creative with what you want to achieve from your design and collaborate with your seamstress to come up with something that will work!

The perfect dress, one that you like as well as one that fits like a glove, might become a terrific discussion starter at next summer’s soirée.

5.Dye it for something totally different!

In the event that simply hemming your dress into something a little shorter isn’t enough for you, it’s time to take it to the next level and colour the entire thing. Regarding inventive ways to recycle your wedding dress, this one is a little more time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the outcome may vary depending on the fabric of your gown (certain fabrics are more or less conducive to dying). You may even dye your wedding dress for a whole wedding dress makeover if you truly want to throw away the old and bring in the new (at least in terms of appearance).

6.Transform it into something completely new.

The fabric of a dress may be converted into an evening bag with lace, satin, or tulle, as this Etsy store does! We adore the thought of transporting your dress includetchform to your first-anniversary dinner or any other anniversary events in the future. If staying in is more your style, gowns may also be transformed into pillows or blankets, allowing you to be reminded of your wedding day memories on a daily basis in the comfort of your own residence. What better way to personalize your new home together than to include a treasured family heirloom?

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If you’re experiencing financial difficulties following your wedding, you may be able to recoup some of your expenses by selling your dress.

In the event that you choose to do it yourself, you can also offer it on oneBay or use Facebook marketing to locate your ideal customer.

You’ll still have all of your happy memories of the gown without having to keep it with you. If you’re thinking about selling your outfit, be sure it’s exactly what you’re searching for before you put your money down.

8.Preserve it for posterity.

Each and every woman adores her wedding dress (or, at the very least, we hope she does!) and if you aren’t interested in finding inventive methods to recycle such a sentimental garment, you may always preserve it in order to pass it on to your offspring someday. Although you may not be motivated to donate your wedding gown, having the choice to take your old wedding dress out of the back of the closet and relive those particular memories may still be a pleasant experience. Who wouldn’t want to put their dress on for a second or third time?

9.Loan it to someone else.

Who says wedding gowns can’t be loaned out to friends and family members? We, on the other hand, are not! It’s amazing what Spanx creator Sara Blakely accomplished to give her wedding garment a second (and third, and fourth) chance at life. She just lent it out and preserved it for the next bride-to-be who was in need of a dress for their own wedding. What a fantastic way to put something to use that she would have otherwise thrown away! Finally, this last suggestion might be a fun way to send your dress goodbye in style.

A couple of wedding brides have swum underwater, played in muddy fields, and even lit their dresses on fire.

When you have a photographer on hand, destroying your outfit may result in some hilarious and stunning photographs.

Your Wedding Dress After a Divorce – 10 Ideas

There’s no way about it: getting divorced is a terrible experience. While you may very well be on your way to living a healthier and happier life, the process is by no means enjoyable, and all of the stuff in your life that bring back memories of happier times spent with your spouse can cause more pain. Perhaps the most cherished item is the one that accompanied you during the entirety of your wedding day many years ago, your wedding dress, which evokes the most vivid memories for you. We know you may be tempted to burn your wedding dress, tear it up, or do something else overly dramatic with it after your divorce, but we’ve come up with 10 things you can do with your wedding dress after your divorce that are both ethical and will leave you with the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference in the world.

No one in our workplace could keep a dry eye when we learned about the Angel Gown® Program from NICU Helping Hands for the first time. This incredible program offers solace to mourning families who have lost an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit. Volunteer seamstresses from all around the globe take donated wedding gowns and convert them into lovely baby gowns for their last voyage back to their respective countries. Apart from providing families with a beautiful garment, this initiative also provides free mentorship programs and tools to assist families during this extremely trying time.

What better present can you give another family after your divorce than to donate your wedding dress to this very unique cause? For further information, please see the website.

Heidi Janson founded the non-profit group Brides Across America in 2008. Having managed a bridal boutique for some years, Heidi was trying to increase her business by conducting an Independence Day giveaway campaign in which she gave away 60 wedding gowns to servicewomen. Having witnessed the impact of this extremely wonderful gift, she has made it her life’s goal to empower these women who have given up so much in order to support their spouse while also caring for their families at home. Veterans and first responders who put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis have received over 24,000 wedding dresses from the organization to far.

Use it to Help Create Awareness and Prevent Human Trafficking

With an aim to raise awareness about human sex trafficking, prevent it from happening, and provide repair for survivors, Adorned in Grace is another worthwhile cause to support. If your wedding dress is no more than five years old, you may give it to Adorned in Grace, and the revenues from the sale of your gown will go toward the battle against human sex trafficking. If your wedding dress is more than five years old, you can donate it to Adorned in Grace. Since it is a faith-based organization, Adorned in Grace collaborates with churches and communities to raise awareness at the local level about the risks of human trafficking, the indications of human trafficking, and the preventative measures you may do to combat human trafficking in your community.

Transform it into a Sexy Cocktail Dress

How about transforming a traumatic experience from your past into a show-stopping evening gown that will turn attention everywhere you go? The transformation of your wedding dress into a joyful and seductive party dress with a humorous backstory is the best approach to empower yourself while also “up-cycling” your wedding dress. Anything from dying your wedding gown a bright spring color to shorter and hemming your gown to show off a little leg is possible; the possibilities are unlimited. Online searches will turn up a plethora of DIY ideas as well as YouTube videos of ladies who have turned their wedding gowns into stunning party gowns for an affordable price.

Check out this article in Cosmopolitan about brides who did just that!

Sell it using an Online Consignment Shop

Is your wedding gown still fashionable and highly sought-after today? Why not put it up for consignment and use the proceeds to supplement your spending money? The best part is that you get paid! Websites like stillwhiteallow you to post your garment and communicate with potential purchasers. Stillwhite eliminates all of the hassle and danger associated with selling your wedding dress on a website such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace by acting as a middleman between the seller and the purchaser.

You may sleep well at night knowing that your lovely wedding dress will be worn and appreciated by another bride while you earn some more money for yourself and your loved ones!

How long has your wedding gown been fashionable and highly sought-after? Why not put it up for consignment and use the proceeds to supplement your spending funds? The best part is that you get paid! Websites like stillwhiteallow you to post your clothing and connect with customers. Stillwhite eliminates all of the hassle and danger associated with selling your wedding dress on a website such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace by acting as a middleman between the seller and the purchaser of the wedding dress.

With the knowledge that your lovely wedding dress will be worn and adored by another bride while you earn some additional money, you can sleep soundly at night!

Rent it Out

Given that your ex-husband most certainly leased his tuxedo on your wedding day, why not enable another bride to hire your wedding dress for the day as well? As more budget-conscious brides realize that they only need their wedding dress for the big day, they are preferring to rent it instead of purchasing it and putting the money saved towards something else. For brides in the United Kingdom, there is an app called ” By Rotation ” where they can either post their dress for rent or hire a dress from another bride.

To save money, you may always go the DIY approach and put your wedding dress for rent on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Use it to Fight the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Brides Against Breast Cancer®, which has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA, allows you to give your wedding gown to a woman in need, with a percentage of the proceeds going to breast cancer research as a result of your donation. If your dress is in outstanding condition, less than two years old, and has an original retail price of $999 or more, you can give it to BABC and receive a tax deduction as a result of the organization’s status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The proceeds from the sale of your wedding gown will be used to further research and raise awareness about early breast cancer screening.

Purpose it into Something Completely New

From purses to baptismal baby shoes to decorative pillows, creative women all across the country are repurposing their wedding gowns to create totally new and stylish products for themselves and their families. A pair of scissors and a bottle of wine can convert your wedding dress into something you’ll love and want to wear again with only a little time and skill behind the sewing machine. Due to the large amount of material utilized to construct your wedding dress, the choices are virtually limitless in terms of the elements you may design.

You can trust thisEtsy vendor to take your wedding dress and transform it into something exciting and unique that you will love wearing for years to come. See the ideas on this Pinterest board for inspiration on how to upcycle your wedding gown into an endless variety of fun and stylish designs.

Keep it!

Please bear with us here. What kind of image does your wedding dress give off of your ex-husband? No, we don’t believe so. You was all about you when it came to your wedding dress. Because you selected the material that you adored and the right fit, it perfectly reflects your own individual personal style, which was the most accurate reflection of your personality to be found anywhere. This item was most likely purchased with a group of your closest friends, and it is likely to hold many personal memories for you, some of which may be blurred by your current mental condition.

That’s fantastic, in our opinion!

10+ Ideas For What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses

*As an Amazon Associate, we receive a commission on qualifying purchases made via our links. The price that you pay remains unchanged. Many brides choose to save and retain their wedding gowns after the big day, while others are unsure about what to do with their large, heavy wedding gown after the ceremony is through. As a 50-something-year-old woman, I can tell you that none of my friends has ever shown an interest in wearing their mother’s wedding gown. I understand that some families have a specific custom of handing down the wedding dress through generations – and that it may have a deeper personal value in such instance – but for the majority, they will want to purchase their own garment to commemorate their special day.

  • Because I’m an Enviromom, this makes my skin crawl a little.
  • Especially if the item has significance to the individual and is only available for a limited time?
  • That is why I wanted to talk about some of the choices for getting rid of a used wedding gown.
  • Whether you decide to sell it in order to recuperate some of your expenses or give it in order to assist others, there are several excellent choices available.
  • This will ensure that wherever your dress travels, it will be the best it can be!

1 | Donate Your Wedding Dress To Help Charities

You will be surprised at how many organizations are willing to accept your wedding dress in exchange for the opportunity to use it for something else. If you want to donate a new wedding dress, you should contact the organization ahead of time to ensure that they are still accepting new wedding gown contributions. Many of the charities listed below had particular conditions for the gowns they would take, and the most of them wanted the dresses to be less than 5 years old, so if your dress is older than that, these alternatives will not be suitable for your situation.

  • They also hold Dress Drives in conjunction with wedding shops all around the country, so keep an eye out for one in your neighborhood.
  • This is a wonderful opportunity to do good while also recycling your wedding dress.
  • Please contact them at [email protected] if you would want further information on how to donate your dresses.
  • Their only requirement is that your gown be less than 5 years old, and once you have completed the application and they have accepted your address, you will be given information on how to ship your gown in.
  • It is now possible to drop off your donated dress in person at their stores in Portland and Tacoma, or you may send your given dress to them by postal mail.
  • In order for them to sell their donated gowns, they have various standards that must be met, so be sure to read over the requirements on their website.
  • NICU Helping Hands offers burial robes for newborns who have passed away and distributes them to their parents at no cost to the families involved.

They accept gowns according on location – therefore you can put your details on their website and you will be informed when a dress is required in your region.

2 | Donate Your Gown To Theater Groups

If you are able to donate it to a local theater company, that would be fantastic; alternatively, they may be willing to pay a small price for it if they can use it in an upcoming performance they are putting on. Consider the possibility that your wedding gown may be worn on the big stage! Do not forget to look into high schools and colleges! This might be a fantastic choice for those of you who have gowns that are more than 5 years old!

3 | Make A Family Keepsake

My favorite thing to do is upcycle everything and everything I can, and this would be no different for a wedding dress! Create lovely family keepsakes that will be passed down through generations by thinking about how you may utilize it. Among the suggestions are the following:

  • Your daughter’s communion dress or christening gown should be custom-made. Quilt
  • Cover for a wedding album
  • Baby blanket
  • Tablecloth or runner
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • And many other items. Another wedding will require a flower girl outfit.
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The following are some additional wedding dress memento options, each of which includes a bit more information about the item!

4 | Sell or Giveaway Your Wedding Dress

If you are unable to give your item, you may be able to sell it instead. There are several wonderful internet organizations where you can post your gown and have it donated to another bride who may not be able to afford to purchase a bridal gown at full price.

  • Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, Freecycle, local Facebook groups, Oncewed.com, Stillwhite.com, Wedding-Recycle.com, Preownedweddingdresses.com, Tradesy.com, and others are all good places to start.

Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, Freecycle, local Facebook groups, Oncewed.com, Stillwhite.com, Wedding-Recycle.com, Preownedweddingdresses.com, Tradesy.com, and other websites are all good places to start looking for preowned wedding dresses.

5 | Donate Your Wedding Dress Locally!

The vast majority of the resources listed above still require someone to pay for a wedding dress — even if it is being donated! Why not do something truly amazing and publish your wedding dress on Facebook – perhaps even in some community groups – and offer it for free to the world? You could just make the life of an anxious bride a whole lot easier, especially if she isn’t in the finest of financial circumstances. It would be beneficial to your heart, and perhaps they would pass it on to another person after they are finished in order to aid them as well!

6 | Create A Wedding Dress Memory Bear

You may always try to do it yourself, even though there are various businesses that can provide this. It was on Etsy that I discovered numerous shops that will accept your wedding garment in exchange for creating a beautiful bear! The one below is from CreateMoreDimensions, and I really like how much detail it has! Search for “wedding dress teddy bears” on Etsy to see what other artists have created and allow yourself to be swept away by the beauty of what these artists are capable of.

7 | Floral Bridal Wrap

This is a fantastic concept, and it is a fantastic way to repurpose a ruined wedding gown! Consider having your bouquet of flowers wrapped in a swatch of a wedding dress that your mother – or grandmother – wore. A entire bouquet built from the garment would be even better, which is precisely what I discovered on Down Red Bud Drive. She made an entire bridal bouquet out of a mother’s torn wedding garment for her daughter, and it turned out just stunning. She has also produced a guide in case you want to try your hand at making this yourself!

8 | LACEstudio Wedding Dress Jewelry

Beautiful pendants, bracelets, charms, and other jewelry items made from your wedding dress lace are available.

Designed by an artist at LACEstudio, each item is handcrafted just for you and is composed of jewelry-grade waterproof resin to ensure that your dress is protected!

9 | Wedding Dress Photo Mat

Assuming that you and your new spouse already have a lovely photo of the two of you in your house, why not use your wedding dress to frame it with a stunning wedding dress photo mat? SuddenlyCrafty provides a guide and video that will walk you through the process of creating this stunning picture display. I think this is one of my favorite ideas as a picture nerd who appreciates the value of photographs! In addition, having your wedding book cover fashioned from your wedding dress is a wonderful option to commemorate your special day.

10 | Unbox The Dress

The Dress Has Been Unboxed The company takes your old wedding dresses and transforms them into something stunning! You unpack your garment, mail it to them, and then choose the thing you would want the seamstresses to produce for you from the options they provide. This is an excellent service that contributes to the creation of family treasures! The possibilities for what you may make out of your wedding gown are virtually limitless, ranging from jewelry to doilies to robes and so much more. The image below shows how they transformed a wedding garment into a flower bouquet wrap and a pocketbook for their guests!

11 | What About Vintage Wedding Dresses?

The majority of the organizations listed above that accept donated gowns do not accept dresses that are more than 5 years old on average. You should put your dress on a site like Ebay or Craigslist if it is worth more than that, and you should also check on any bridal group boards to see if anyone is seeking for a vintage-inspired gown. Following are some examples of concepts we’ve seen for much older wedding dresses that are not as easy to recycle because of their fragility:

  • The creation of a shadowbox with various wedding items that were memorable from the day
  • Donated to a church where vestments for the priest and deacon were created
  • Identify antique stores and inquire if they can make use of them in any way – they may have a client who is seeking for a dress similar to yours. Utilize bits of the gown for other family events such as marriages, births, and communions. Every new infant, for example, receives a little “pouch” created from the garment, which has an unique present within
  • Construct pillows out of the dress, each with a small pocket in which you may hold a photograph of yourself wearing the dress, as well as a note if you so like, and gift them to the children in the family as an ancestral treasure.

Have Other Ideas?

Have you gone through this process and come up with an idea that isn’t on this list? Please share your work so that others might be inspired by your imagination! As a mother of three pre-teen children, Silvia has a strong commitment to living a more environmentally friendly family life. She considers herself to be merely at the beginning of her path towards ecologically responsible living, and she hopes that EnviroMom may serve as a resource to other families embarking on similar journeys!

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Preservation

After saying “I do,” today’s brides have a plethora of options for what to do with their wedding gowns. Some people choose to donate or sell their gown. Others re-purpose their wedding gown into lingerie or cocktail clothing, while others “trash it” with a photoshoot full with color bombs and neon lights. Many brides, on the other hand, wish to keep the dress that signifies so much love, happiness, and celebration in their lives. It is for this reason why bridal gown preservation is so vital.

When it comes to ensuring that your wedding dress lasts a lifetime, cleaning and maintenance are essential. Following are some of the consequences of choosing not to keep your wedding gown:

  • The cloth has been yellowed
  • Brown oxidation patches on the skin
  • Mold and mildew development
  • Fabric creasing that is permanent

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about preserving your wedding gown.

Wedding Dress Preservation

It is necessary to preserve a wedding gown through a series of precise cleaning and packing processes in order for the style to maintain its quality over time.

Wedding Dress Preservation Cost

It is critical to include the cost of wedding dress preservation in your wedding budget. When you consider that the average wedding preservation kit costs between $250 and $750, it’s a hefty outlay of money.

Wedding Dress Preservation vs. Standard Dry Cleaning

A bridal gown preservation process differs from standard dry cleaning in that it begins with an evaluation by a trained professional. The professional crafts a customized treatment plan for your dress based on the fabric, stitching, and features of your gown, as well as assessing stains along the hem and throughout the whole gown. There are, however, certain dry cleaners that specialize in bridal gown washing as an additional service. You can make advantage of them, but be sure to thoroughly investigate their procedures first.

It is possible that impurities in recycled solvents (which are typically used for dry cleaning) will deposit on clothing and give your wedding dress a strange smell.

Before you hire a cleaner or a preservationist, make sure you properly investigate their rules and procedures.

When it comes to the event that any harm is done, search for a guarantee that you will receive a full return of your money (not just the cost of preservation).

Wedding Dress Preservation Tips

“Ironically, the most dangerous spills are the ones that are not visible,” explains Sally Conant, an expert in the field. “White wine and other liquids dry clear, and these latent stains contain sugar, which caramelizes over time to become dark brown stains that are impossible to remove with regular dry cleaning methods. It’s possible that you believe your gown is in good condition, but after six months or longer, the latent stain appears pale yellow and gradually darkens as it gets older. The process is accelerated by the heat.” Professional cleaners and conservators are educated in the art of detecting the invisible.

Did the bottom of your garment become soiled as a result of your picture-perfect photos in a botanical garden?

Is it possible that an overeager aunt smudged her makeup on it when she stopped in for a visit?

Pay Attention to the Label on Your Dress

This is one label that you don’t want to neglect for any reason.

Look for any special dry cleaning instructions that may be included, such as “Use Only Petroleum Solvent for Dry Cleaning,” before proceeding. Consider what it says and make certain that the preservationist or dry cleaner you select has the proper cleaning methods for your wedding gown.

Time Is of the Essence

Getting your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved is the first step in preserving it, and the sooner you get it to a preservationist or dry cleaner, the better. It is common for brides to wait up to six weeks before taking their dresses to be cleaned, which is not a healthy practice. By that point, the stains will have had ample opportunity to set in. Take your dress off as soon as the reception is done, and make sure it is delivered to the dry cleaners the following day at the latest.

The Preservation Box Should Be Sealed Airtight

A preserved clothing is normally housed in an airtight box in which the oxygen has been sucked out and replaced with nitrogen to maintain its condition. This helps to prevent oxidation (aging, discolouration, and other effects) on clothing that has been stored for a long period of time. Wedding gown experts advise that you never break the seal, and that if you do, you should have it preserved and re-sealed as soon as possible.

Store the Wedding Dress in a Cool, Dark Place

Following a thorough cleaning, it is time to put the bridal gown away for safekeeping. Protect your garment from direct sunlight, which can cause it to fade and turn yellow in a short period of time. Discard the hanger, which may cause the heaviest garments to become deformed if not removed properly. You should avoid keeping your clothing in a conventional zip-top plastic bag under any circumstances. That type of plastic retains moisture and has the potential to stain a bridal dress. The only exception to this rule is acid-free plastic, which is used to construct wedding preservation boxes.

“The safest method to preserve your gown for many years is in an acid-free bridal chest that protects it from air and light,” Conant recommends.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes and Bouquet

By following the proper procedures, you will be able to keep your shoes and bouquet safe in addition to your gown. When cleaning cloth shoes, use a soft towel and sponge to gently scrub the shoes and a mild detergent to softly scrub the shoes. Give your leather shoes a good shine before wearing them. If you’ve done a lot of damage to your shoes, you may have them cleaned at a dry cleaner. After you’ve cleaned your shoes, wrap them in white tissue and set them in a box for safekeeping. Depending on the type of material your shoes are made of, you may be able to keep them with your dress in the preservation box with your dress.

Pressing, hanging, coating the flowers in wax, or using epoxy glue to preserve the blossoms are all options for wedding bouquets.

DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

If you wish to take care of your wedding dress on your own, following these instructions will put you in the best position possible.

  • When touching the bridal gown, always use white cotton gloves to protect your hands. Before you begin washing the garment in its entirety, try a small section of the fabric in an inconspicuous region to ensure that it will not be harmed. Brushes with soft bristles will assist you in completing the task. Grab a couple of soft toothbrushes and go to work
  • Never, ever use bleach on your wedding gown. If you apply this extremely strong chemical on a sensitive cloth, it may cause irreversible damage to the fabric. When the bridal gown is clean and dry, it should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin that has been pre-washed. Avoid using colorful tissue paper since it has the potential to discolor the clothing over time. Fold the garment in half and place layers of tissue paper or muslin between the folds to prevent permanent creases. Make sure you pack the breast (as well as the sleeves) of the dress with tissue paper as well, as this will aid in maintaining its complete shape. Place the garment in an acid-free container and keep it in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures (think under a bed). You should also include silica desiccant sachets inside the box to help regulate the humidity. Alternatively, you may store the dress in an acid-free plastic garment bag and hang it in a cool, dry location in your home. It is best not to hang the bridal dress on a wire or wood hanger. In comparison to typical clothing, wedding dresses are significantly heavier, and their weight causes the fabric to be pulled as it hangs, which can result in distortion.

If you decide to hang your bridal gown, make sure you use a cushioned hanger to protect the fabric. Hanging your wedding gown allows for the maximum air circulation, and you won’t have to worry about your garment being permanently wrinkled.

  • It is not recommended to keep your gown in an attic, a garage, a basement, or a cellar since the temperatures and humidity in these regions can be quite high. Once every two or three years, take a look at your garment and refold it to ensure that no permanent creases forms.

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