How To Cut A Wedding Cake? (Question)

When should you cut your wedding cake?

  • When to Cut the Wedding Cake. Usually, the wedding cake remains on display for most of the reception, and the cake cutting ceremony begins about 45 minutes prior to the end of the reception. This gives guests enough time to enjoy their cake, squeeze in their last dance, and wish you well before the night is over.


How does the bride and groom cut the cake?

The bride places her hand on the cake-cutting knife, and then the groom places his hand over hers as they make two gentle cuts to form a single slice of cake. You then remove the slice onto a plate, and the groom proceeds to feed you the first bite, and then you feed him the second one.

How do you properly cut a cake?

Remember to use a small, sharp serrated knife and a gentle sawing motion. Chill your cake if you have time, then warm up your knife and wipe it clean between slices. You’ve got tricks to use if needed. Cut your next cake with confidence, and you’ll hear oohs and ahhs as you pull away the first slice.

What do you say when cutting a wedding cake?

STEP #12: ANNOUNCE THE CUTTING OF THE CAKE MC INTRODUCTION: “ And now comes the cutting of that beautiful cake (find out who made it and announce that). So I’d like… (bride)…and… (groom) …to walk around to the front of the bridal table to perform their first duty as husband and wife.”

How much should you cut a wedding cake?

In 2021, the average cost of a wedding cake cutting fee is between $1.25 – $1.72. Cake cutting fees are usually charged by a venue when a wedding cake is brought in by an outside bakery not affiliated with that venue.

Can I cut my own wedding cake?

Cutting a wedding cake is very time consuming and can be quite messy. In fact, most caterers begin serving cake to guests long before the cutting has been completed. If you were to cut the cake yourselves, you’d probably miss out on being on the dance floor for quite a few songs you love.

Do you cut the cake before or after speeches?

You may choose to cut the cake right away, soon after your grand exit – even before dinner and speeches. Not only does this ensure that everyone is there because they want to be – not because they feel socially obligated – but it also can help with your photography package.

Does cutting wedding cake symbolize?

Cutting the Wedding Cake The symbolism is that the hand of the groom is placed over that of the bride’s, to show his support and as a promise to take care of her and their future. As for the attendees, having cake after it has been cut by the couple is believed to bring good luck.

What kind of knife do you use to cut cake?

To do so, score the slices first by gently marking with the knife where you’ll cut. To slice layer cakes, use a long, thin-bladed knife and cut with a gentle sawing motion. To slice fluffy cakes like angel food or chiffon, use a serrated knife and saw very gently to cut through the cake without losing its airiness.

Why does a wedding cake have 3 tiers?

A traditional wedding cake has three tiers and each tier of a wedding cake has its own significance. Tradition has it that the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier for distributing after the event, and the top tier was saved.

What does the MC announce at a wedding?

An MC’s duties may include wedding introductions, speech announcements, dance announcements, cake cutting announcements, bouquet toss announcements, and guest exiting announcements. That is a lot of tasks for one person, but it can be done if they have the ingredients for success.

Why do bride and groom feed each other cake?

The second act of the traditional cake cutting ceremony is when the bride and groom feed each other a small bite of cake. This can be romantic and sweet, symbolizing a commitment to provide for one another and a show of love and affection.

Why is wedding cake so expensive?

“Remember, the majority of the cost of your wedding cake is due to the design and the time and supplies it takes to execute,” she says. As Stenstrom puts it, “Wedding cakes are not just flour and sugar, they are complex creatures that can require hours of time to create.

How big of a wedding cake do I need for 100 guests?

For 100 guests, you will need about 80-90 servings of your wedding cake.

How to Cut Your Wedding Cake

It is not always as straightforward as it appears. Although cutting the very first piece of your wedding cake appears to be a straightforward task in principle, there are innumerable web videos dedicated to teaching couples how to master the skill. What exactly do you need to consider? Successful cake cutting necessitates several factors, including how you stand, where you cut the cake, and who gets to eat the cake first. Take a look at these tips to make this special occasion a piece of cake-pun intended.

Cake table placement is key.

There are times when things are not quite as straightforward as they appear. It may seem straightforward in principle, but there are innumerable web videos dedicated to teaching couples how to perfect the art of cutting the very first piece of their wedding cake. Exactly what is it that you must consider? Successful cake cutting necessitates several factors, including how you stand, where you cut the cake, and who gets to eat first. Take a look at these suggestions for making this special occasion a piece of cake-pun intended.

Prepping for the cake cutting.

It’s not always as straightforward as it appears. It seems so easy in principle, yet there are innumerable YouTube videos dedicated to teaching couples how to perfect the art of cutting the very first piece of their wedding cake. What do you need to keep in mind? The way you stand, where you cut the cake, and who gets to eat first are all critical components of a great cake-cutting ceremony. Learn how to make this momentous occasion a piece of cake-pun intended.

Step right up.

To maintain proper etiquette, the bride is positioned slightly in front of the groom, both at an angle to face the audience and avoid being obscured by the wedding cake in photographs. The groom will be holding the knife, with the bride’s hand resting on top of it to assist in guiding the cutting process.

Where to make the cut.

When you’re cutting a tiered cake for a large group of people, the easiest way to go about it is to remove all of the layers before you begin to cut it. In order to maximize your photo opportunities, though, you’ll want to leave all of the layers intact and cut a slice from the bottom layer rather than the top layer. If you’re using a dummy cake to cut into, the baker will normally insert a little slice of real cake into the faux-cake and then inform you or your caterer of the specific location of where to cut into the cake with a sharp knife.

Then you’ll cut two one-inch wedges, one for you and another for your groom, about two inches over from where you started.

Fair warning: If you don’t want your cake smashed in your face, you should definitely talk to your wedding planner about this procedure before the reception begins.

Wash it all down.

Following a large chunk of cake, it is customary to make a toast to one another and drink a glass of champagne. There’s really no need for a lengthy speech here unless that’s how you’ve planned the rest of the evening’s activities-a simple “Cheers!” should enough to round up this important wedding reception moment. Because the cake cutting will be something that a large number of guests will congregate to witness, you may want to organize something immediately following the cake cutting to take advantage of the captive audience.

Because, after all, cutting the wedding cake is a fairly remarkable time in any couple’s life!

How To Cut Your Wedding Cake: Two Easy Methods

The cutting of the wedding cake is a significant and enjoyable action for the bride and groom to participate in on their wedding day to commemorate their union. By following this simple and straightforward advice, you can ensure that you cut the cake properly on your wedding day.

What Does Your Wedding Cake Look Like?

The cutting of the cake on your wedding day is a wonderful moment shared between you and your future spouse. The way by which you should cut your wedding cake may alter depending on the sort of wedding cake you have. For the person responsible for cutting the cake, it may appear to be a tough chore to cut a circular cake into little and comparable sized slices. For circular cakes, there are two straightforward techniques for cutting the cake. Depending on whether the cake is rectangular or another shape, cutting the cake may be simpler.

How to Cut a Cake Using the “Ring Method”

It is customary for wedding cake cutters to cut circular cakes into “rings” in order to obtain more slices out of the cake in smaller servings for a big group of people at the wedding reception. Because the procedure is simple and only consists of five steps, even a novice cake cutter will be able to follow along with it. Please have a look at this lesson by Minette Rushing!

1. Slide Your Knife Under the Cake Board and Remove Tier

It is customary for wedding cake cutters to cut circular cakes into “rings” in order to obtain more slices out of the cake in smaller servings for a large gathering at the wedding. It is a straightforward procedure with only five stages, making it suitable for even unskilled cake cutters. Please have a look at this tutorial byMinette Rushing!

2. On the Bottom Layer, Cut out a Circle in the Middle of the Cake

When you get to the bottom or base layer of the cake, cut a smaller circle inside the cake to use as a frosting border. In the following stage, make sure you leave enough space around the border of the cake so that you may cut smaller pieces of cake to go between them.

3. Cut 1 Inch Slices Around the Perimeter of the Cake

Once you’ve cut a little circle into the center of the cake, walk around the perimeter of the cake and cut small 1 inch slices from each end.

4. In the Round Interior, Cut out Wedges

When you have completed cutting around the little circular inside you have cut out, cut the interior into small, 1 inch wedges to present to your guests when they have finished eating.

Once you have done this stage, you may proceed to the next step for the other layers of cake. When you have completed these processes, the cake will be ready for cutting and finishing.

How to Cut a Cake into Rectangular Slices

When making a circular cake, it is vital to cut the slices into the same size for as many guests as possible for your wedding. If you want to accomplish this properly, you may want to cut the cake into rectangular slices before proceeding. AsMinette Rushing Cakesdemonstrates in the video below, this approach is a little less difficult than the ring method.

`1. Slide Your Knife Under the Cake Board and Remove Tier

Beginning with the first tier of the cake, carefully lift it out of the pan and set it aside. Continue in this manner for all of the tiers until the cake is completely disassembled.

2. Clean Your Knife Between Cuts

As with the ring approach, make sure to clean the knife between cuts in order to prevent any excess crumbs or icing from getting on the cake slices themselves.

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3. Cut the Cake in a Straight Line Down the Cake, Stopping a Half an Inch From the Edge

Cut a straight line along the middle of the cake, ending about a half-inch away from the edge of the cake. Stopping just a little bit away from the edge will allow the cake to be supported for the following step when you cut in the other direction, preventing the cake from falling apart throughout the process.

4. Working in Rows, Cut the Cake in the Opposite Direction

Cut the cake the other way across, in the opposite direction of the straight line through the middle, resulting in a grid-like pattern.

5. Cut the Cake Until You Have Only 1 Inch Slices

Following the completion of the rows of cake, you will be left with a large number of 1 inch pieces that you may serve to guests during your wedding.

Newlywed Cake Cutting Ceremony

If you are the bride and groom, the cake-cutting ceremony is a crucial and enjoyable aspect of your wedding reception celebration. For your wedding cake cutting ceremony, we’ve compiled some useful information for you.

When Do You Cut the Cake at a Wedding?

You should cut your cake as your guests begin to finish their supper at your wedding reception, since there is a traditional order of events for such an occasion. The cutting of the cake typically signals the end of the night for elder guests, indicating that supper has concluded and that they are free to depart.

Do’s for Cutting the Cake at Your Reception

If you’re having a cake cutting ceremony at your wedding, pay attention to what the photographer says. It is their responsibility to capture this wonderful moment on camera, so follow their instructions to ensure that you get some adorable shots. When cutting the cake, the groom’s hand should cross over the bride’s to symbolically represent the fact that they will work together in their new marriage. Sharing a cake with one another in gentleness is a wonderful moment that demonstrates the closeness and affection that you have for one another.

Look for serving sets at bridal shops and on the internet until you discover one that suits your needs.

Don’ts for Cutting the Cake at Your Reception

Some of the do’s and don’ts for your cake cutting ceremony include refraining from obnoxiously bashing each other in the face with cake. This is the last thing you want to happen on your wedding day after hours of hair and cosmetic preparation. Be careful not to get icing on your face when you are taking wedding photos. It is not recommended that you attempt to cut the top tier of the cake before the wedding since it may be unsteady. Replace this by cutting the cake into layers and serving it to each other with cutlery for a more elegant and entertaining time in your wedding!

Some couples prefer to conserve the top tier of the wedding cake as a souvenir for themselves and their children. It’s normal practice to freeze it and then serve it as a festive treat on your first anniversary.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this advice to be informative and useful in planning your wedding cake cutting! It is possible that this website contains affiliate links. In the event that you follow the link and make a purchase, we will get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

How to Cut a Wedding Cake

Take pleasure in your first taste of wedded life. It is a time-honored custom for the bride and groom to share their knowledge of how to cut a wedding cake as a way of demonstrating their devotion to one another. It is also critical that people who will be serving the cake understand how to correctly cut the cakes in order to guarantee that there is enough cake for all of the attendees.

Round Cake Cutting Using Ring Method

Concentric rings two inches deep are sliced into slices from round cakes that have been split into concentric rings two inches deep. If you have a huge circular cake tier, this will work well. Because not everyone is capable of creating an exact circle freehand as seen in the video, softly sketch around the cake board from the tier above before removing it.

Cut a Round Cake Into Rectangular Slices

Round cakes can also be sliced into small square or rectangular pieces, which is an alternative technique of slicing them. This results in a tidy and uniform appearance across all slices.

Square Wedding Cake Cutting Guide

It is common practice to first divide square wedding cakes into rectangles two inches wide so that they may be cut; however, this is not always done. Make careful to mark off the sides at equal intervals to ensure that you obtain chunks of identical size when cutting the meat.


Cake slices are typically one inch broad by two inches deep, and this is the serving size that bakers expect when suggesting cakes for major occasions such as weddings. Wedding cake prices for enormous confections may be excessive, therefore a couple should be wary of paying extravagant charges for greater pieces. Other suggestions are as follows:

  • Tiers should be unstacked, and the largest tiers should be reduced first, according to standard practice. In order to prevent an attractive, gorgeous wedding cake from being reduced to crumbs while it is being cut and served, this operation is normally carried out out of sight of the guests. Make certain that the dowels are removed from the cake before slicing it. To prepare the cake for serving, it should first be sliced into portions that will provide slices of acceptable size. If you want nice slices, make sure you wash the knife clean between each cut, and serve the cake on tiny dessert plates to keep it from falling apart.

Newlywed Cake Cutting Ceremony Etiquette

It is a much-anticipated element of the wedding celebration that the cake cutting ritual takes place. It is a sentimental moment that commemorates the first time the married couple had a meal together as husband and wife, as well as their commitment to supporting and nourishing one another. The manner in which the cake is cut, on the other hand, might be difficult to master. Every first cut will be different, just as every wedding cake will be distinct, as well.

When to Cut the Wedding Cake at the Reception

Depending on the sort of wedding celebration, the cake cutting may take place either early in the proceedings or late in the proceedings. If the reception will be a modest event with hors d’oeuvres and finger food, the couple should cut the cake as soon as they have met their guests so that the cake may be included on the menu as part of the dessert course. Alternatively, if the reception includes a full dinner, the cake will not be cut until after the meal has been served and the couple has already experienced their first dance together (if applicable).

The wedding cake cutting can be signaled by the DJ announcing the cutting of the wedding cake or by playing the first dance music again while urging guests to congregate near the cake for photographs.


These suggestions can help you achieve success:

  • Pay attention to what the photographer has to say: A highly photogenic moment, the cake cutting will be requested by the photographer, who will instruct the couple to cut a certain layer of the cake that will be the most photogenic in the images. Because of elaborate cake table decorations, the bottom layer may be hard to use, and the top layer may be too high for a first cut.
  • The ceremonial first cut will be photographed by friends and family members, and gracious couples will take their time to allow for ample wedding photographs. Work together: As the first piece of cake is cut, the groom’s hand should be placed over the bride’s to demonstrate how they will work together in their marriage. Depending on the type of frosting used, the couple may find that they need to use more than one hand to cut the cake cleanly. Make use of a serving set: A magnificent cake serving set includes both a knife and a server, which are both beautiful cutlery for such a special occasion. A set of place cards may be borrowed from the baker or caterer if the couple does not have one. An alternative to the knife is a sword for weddings held in the military or Renaissance period. Give each other something to eat first: Taking the symbolic first piece of cake together with gentleness is a charming ritual that reflects the loving bond that a new husband and wife enjoy. Offer more cake slices to in-laws: If the cake-cutting ceremony is longer or the occasion is more formal, the couple may choose to cut additional cake slices to serve to their respective in-laws. A delightful approach to demonstrate mutual respect for one another’s families, this demonstrates the bond that exists between the two families.


If you want to maintain everything looking attractive and working smoothly, avoid the following practices:

  • Resist the temptation to make a mockery of this ritual by smashing cake into one another’s faces as part of the celebration. This may damage perfectly applied cosmetics, leased tuxedos, and expensive wedding dresses, not to mention the respect that is intended to be demonstrated during the cake cutting ritual. Make use of your fingers: To feed the cake to one another with, use a fine dessert fork. This will prevent the urge to squish the cake. Cut the top layer: Not only is it possible that the top tier is too unstable to make a proper first cut, but many couples opt to keep the top tier of their wedding cake until their first wedding anniversary instead of cutting it immediately. Some cakes, on the other hand, may have the top tier removed without causing any issues: inquire about referrals from the caterer and photographer

Cake Cutting Tradition

The cutting of the wedding cake is a typical practice at wedding receptions. Knowing how to cut a cake properly allows you to capture the events of that first slice in beautiful photographs and memories that will stay for as long as your marriage is as sweet as that first taste of married life together. LoveToKnow Media was founded in the year 2022. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Every Wedding Cake Question You’ve Ever Had, Answered

JENN OCKEN PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHYTraditionally, groom’s cakes, rather than another dish, served as the wedding favor. The cake was sliced, packed, and distributed to visitors for their own use. As a result, single ladies would sleep with the cake under their pillows in the hopes of dreaming about their future husband—hence the name of the cake. These days, a groom’s cake is an opportunity to include something unique for the groom in a celebration that may sometimes feel like it is all about the bride and her family.

Because the cake was traditionally served as a favor rather than a dessert, there aren’t any hard-and-fast guidelines for cutting and presenting the cake.

If the cakes are both large enough, you may dish a duet of pieces for each visitor, or you could simply put one taste on each plate and allow your relatives and friends select whatever flavor they want from the options.

How to Cut a Wedding Cake

This instruction will teach you how to cut common shaped wedding tiers into pieces that are roughly 1 in. x 2 in. by two layers high using a circular saw (about 4 in.). It doesn’t matter whether a greater serving size is required; the sequence of cutting remains the same. The first stage in cutting is to remove the top tier of the cake, and then to begin cutting with the second tier, followed by the third, fourth, and so on. Because the top layer is traditionally reserved for the first anniversary, it is not included in the total serving quantity calculation.

  1. It is possible that you will have less servings than the chart says if you serve solely cake and/or pieces larger than 1″x2″ are provided.
  2. Sliced another circle, then slice 1 inch parts of the tier, and so on until the tier is entirely cut.
  3. Step 2: Move in 2 inches from the outer border and cut through.
  4. Now go in another 2 inches and slice once more until the entire layer is completed.
  5. Slice the cake into 1 inch slices and arrange them in rows.
  6. Oval Tiers: Move the cake in 2 inches from the outside edge and cut across the cake, then slice 1 inch slices of cake for each tier.
  7. Hexagon Tiers: Move in 2 inches from the outer edge and cut through the tiers with a knife.
  8. Now go in another 2 inches and slice once more until the entire layer is completed.

The Paisley Tiers are created by moving in 2 inches from the outer border and cutting across. Slice and serve 1 inch portions of cake in the shape of oval tiers, as shown in the diagram. Insert another 2 in. of material and repeat the process until the entire tier has been cut.

Everything You Need to Know About Cutting the Cake at Your Reception

Do you want to include this charming custom in your wedding? Here’s all you need to know about cutting a cake. For thousands of years, the wedding cake has served as a symbolic element; the practice of smashing the cake over the bride’s head may be traced back to the Ancient Romans. Customs change throughout time, of course, and the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake has remained a popular and significant wedding reception ritual in recent years (The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study reveals 89 percent of couples include the cake cutting during their reception).

Learn everything you need to know about this wedding custom by reading on.

Cake Décor and Extras

Because the wedding cake is the major attraction, many couples choose a cake topper that is both celebratory and personalized to their wedding. Look for something trendy and unusual to complement your aesthetic rather than a standard miniature. Some couples go all out and incorporate classic Victorian cake charms or a Southern ribbon plucking ritual for good luck as part of their celebration.

Making the Cut

No matter how experienced you are at cutting desserts (whether for birthday parties or entertaining), check with your cake maker or caterer for unique instructions on how to make the initial cut before you begin. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of putting the knife in the incorrect area and causing the fragile edifice to tumble. Often, the baker may propose that you cut from the bottom tier of the cake. Although it may seem apparent, remember to cut with the knife rather than the server for the quickest and cleanest cut possible.

Cut the slice into two tiny pieces with a knife using the serrated blade.

Smashing Is Optional

Following the cutting of the first piece, the newlyweds generally share the first slice amongst themselves, as a sign of their promise to provide for one another. Sometimes, this practice is supplanted by another one, such as smashing cake into each other’s faces, which has been popular recently. How you and your husband share the cake is entirely up to you, but remember that you are under no need to smear icing on your new spouse merely because you believe that your guests will demand it. You’ve just had your hair and makeup done, and you’re both wearing expensive dresses; don’t put yourself in any danger of stains if you don’t have to.

Get the Best Shots

It is customary for newlyweds to share their first slice of cake after the first piece is cut, as a sign of their promise to provide for one another. Sometimes, this practice is supplanted by another one, such as smashing cake into each other’s faces, which has been popular lately. It’s up to you how you and your new husband eat the cake, but keep in mind that you don’t have to put icing all over your new spouse just because you believe your visitors expect it. When it comes to your hair and cosmetics, you’ve undoubtedly both spent a lot of money on your clothing, so don’t take any chances with ruining them.

Anyhow, be sure to request that your baker or caterer have napkins (or even a warm, wet towel) on hand to swiftly mop up any stray crumbs or icing after the event.

Feeding the Crowd

The catering crew will take over after you have cut the cake and will frequently carry it back into the kitchen to slice for the remainder of your guests once you have finished. It used to be customary for couples to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake in preparation for the baby baptism that was expected to arrive shortly after. A layer, or perhaps several slices, of cake is still saved by many couples to be enjoyed on their first anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve together.

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While this custom has mostly been supplanted with separatefavors in recent years, it is still a thoughtful gesture (and a fantastic way to prevent wasting cake) to provide boxed pieces of cake for guests to take home at the end of the evening as a sweet treat.

Here’s where you can look for cake bakers in your region.

Cake Cutting Guide: The Easiest Way To Cut A Round Cake ~ Amycakes Bakes

The most recent update was made on October 20, 2021. It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. For further information, please go to myDisclosure Policy. Taking a cake slice is a serious business. This process may be frustrating and nasty if you are not prepared. For example, if you are the lucky person who has been assigned the responsibility of cutting a wedding cake, there are generally hundreds of eager people waiting in front of the cake table while you quickly cut the cake.

How to Cut Event-Style Servings out of Round Cakes:

Wedding or event-style servings are roughly 4″ tall by 2″ by 1″ in slices and are approximately 4″ tall by 1″ in slices. These are referred to as “party slices” by some. Even though this is a smaller slice, it is still a satisfying size dish after a meal or snack. This is the serving size that I always recommend for wedding receptions and receptions. In the case of a sole dessert course, when bigger quantities are wanted, I propose double the serving size (Generous Servings), or 1 1/2 times the serving size (Extra Large Servings) (Standard Servings).

Furthermore, you will not require any specialized instruments such as cutting boards or rulers.

This method of cake cutting is most effective for regular 4-inch-tall cakes.

  1. Wedding or event-style servings are roughly 4″ tall by 2″ by 1″ in slices and are approximately 4″ wide by 1″ in height. These are referred to as “party slices” by certain individuals. After a meal or as a finger snack, this smaller slice is still a perfect size portion. I always recommend this portion size for wedding receptions. In the case of a sole dessert course, when bigger portions are wanted, I propose double the portion size (Generous Servings) or 1 1/2 times the portion size (Extra Large Servings) (Standard Servings). There are different methods for cutting event and wedding-size portions, but I’ve found that this is the quickest and most reliable method for getting uniform-sized slices. – Furthermore, you won’t need any specialized equipment, such as cutting boards or rulers, to complete this project. Simply eyeball an inch with the edge of your thumb and you’ll be in business! For ordinary 4′′ tall cakes, this cake cutting method is the most effective. Cut slices that are bigger than 1′′ in diameter for shorter cakes.

Printable Cake Cutting Guide

Whenever you’re cutting round cakes into portions for an event, you may use this printable cake cutting guide.

Please feel free to print copies for the person who will be cutting the cake during your wedding or celebration.

What Supplies Do You Need When Cutting a Cake?

  • The following items are required: Serrated knife, Cake Server, Damp Kitchen Towel, Dry Kitchen Towel

If you use a sharp serrated knife to cut wet cakes uniformly without smushing the pieces, you may do this by cutting with a gentle sawing motion. Each piece of cake should be transferred to a dish using the cake server. The cake crumbs and buttercream will attach to your knife as you cut through it, making it a mess and sticky. The more moist the cake is, the more difficult it will be to cut it. (For more information on why the mess is entirely worth it, see my post 7 Secrets to Baking Incredibly Moist Cakes Every Time.) If you continue to cut with a sloppy knife, it will become stuck to the cake and the pieces will not cut as crisply and uniformly as they should.

It just takes a few seconds, and then you can go back to work on your project.

How to Cut a Tiered Cake

Tiered cakes vary from baker to baker, so check with the person who baked the cake first; they may have a better idea of what you should do. What has worked for me is as follows: When making smaller tiered cakes (2-3 tiers), you can cut the tiers from the top down while the cakes are still stacked together. Inquire if the top tier of the cake will be kept for their one-year anniversary; if so, remove it from the table and package it with your cake server. Under each cake, there should be a cake board or cake dish, which will serve as a visual cue to notify you when to stop cutting.

As you come across wooden dowels or cake supports, remove them.

Depending on the baker, the supports might be made of wooden dowels, straws, or plastic tubes.) It is better to remove the top levels of higher tiered cakes and cut them on the table before serving them.

Larger Cake Slice Options

After you’ve learned how to cut Event-Style and Wedding-Size servings, what happens if you wish to serve larger portions to your guests? Based on the kind and size of your event, select one of the choices listed below: Standard servings are approximately 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches deep. Standard-size portions are usually recommended when purchasing a celebration cake to satisfy a smaller gathering of less than 30 people, according to my experience. A substantial slice of cake will likely not be enjoyed by everyone in attendance, especially if there are many people there).

Generous Servings are about 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep.

A substantial slice, but yet a manageable serving for one person, is served here.

When we used to serve cake by the slice at Amycakes Bakery, we would cut slices that were this generous in proportion. This is the size of cake slice that I recommend for hungry visitors, private gatherings, or when only dessert is being served at a party (and larger servings are desired).

How to Cut Standard or Generous Cake Servings

Using the same way as in the cake cutting guidance shown above, cut Standard or Generous Servings of cake into squares or rectangles. For 10′′ or bigger cakes, repeat the steps above and cut a half-circle 2 inches in from the outside edge, then cut slices from the inside edge of the cake. To make Standard-Size Servings, cut 1 1/2-inch slices out of the outer edge of the pan; to make Generous Servings, cut 2-inch slices out of the outer edge. For a 6′′ or 8′′ cake, cut the entire cake into wedges–cut 1 1/2-inch wedges for normal servings and 2 inch wedges for Generous Servings–and divide the wedges evenly among the serving plates.

Do you still have cake cutting questions?Comment below and I’d be happy to help!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

How to Cut Your Wedding Cake

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Although a tower of cupcakes is lovely, it cannot completely replace the traditional wedding cake. From ancient Rome to the present day, wedding ceremonies have revolved around the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake. Along with being a delicious dessert, it is said to bring good fortune to everyone attending the wedding. You’ll want to know how to correctly slice, sample, and serve your wedding cake because it’s a very significant ritual in your family.

  1. Read More About ItRead More About It The traditional wedding cake cannot be replaced with a tower of cupcakes, no matter how beautiful they are. Wedding ceremonies have revolved around the cutting of the ceremonial cake since antiquity, and they continue to do so today. Along with being a delicious dessert, it is said to bring good luck to everyone attending the wedding. You’ll want to know how to correctly slice, sample, and serve your wedding cake since it’s a very essential ritual to follow.
  • The act of shoving the cake into your spouse’s face is unseemly and is becoming increasingly disliked since it may ruin clothing, cosmetics, and the mood. Remember to have napkins handy, even if you decide to gently share the first piece with a fork or gingerly feed it to each other with your fingers. Whatever way you choose, make sure the DJ or someone with authority and a microphone is in charge of announcing when the cake is going to be sliced so that attendees may witness the spectacle.
  • 4 Create an atmosphere. The cutting of the cake will be a part of the entertainment at your reception. Because of this, you may want to make the most of it by using music in your presentation. If you intend to have a DJ, you may want to arrange for a specific song to be played while you cut the cake if you have not already done so. Among the most popular options are:
  • The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar” and James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is” are both examples of sweet music. Average White Band’s “Cut The Cake” is a popular song.
  1. 1Take up your place. Before you can begin cutting the cake, you’ll need to make sure that your hands are in the proper position—literally. Even if one or both of you are left-handed, use your right hands to do the task. This demonstrates that you and your partner are functioning in sync
  2. 2 Make it appear to be of high quality. You and your spouse should stand behind the cake so that all eyes (and the photographer’s lens) will be on you and your spouse during the ceremony. This also allows for the cake to be captured on camera. It’s important to slice only a little portion since this moment is more about long-lasting images than it is about rapid fulfillment. Let’s get to the point. In order to make the cleanest cut possible, aim the knife at the cake’s foundation (the bottom layer). Slowly and firmly slice down the middle of the pie. One of you can pick up the server with your left hand, while the other takes a plate from the server’s hand. Make use of the server to assist you in guiding the piece of cake onto the dish. Advertisement
  1. 1First, let your spouse to sample the cake. The majority of individuals are not aware that the parents are the next in line. Each of you will cut your in-laws’ pieces and serve them to them. As a result, your new family members will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 2Leave it to the professionals. After you and your guests (as well as your parents) have enjoyed portions of your wedding cake, someone from your venue will transport it to the kitchen. Although visitors like watching you and your better half cut the first slice of cake, no one wants to witness the cake being divided into hundreds of pieces, which is exactly what happens. That is something the culinary staff can perform behind closed doors
  2. 3 Take good care of your visitors. In order to serve the remaining portions of your cake to guests, your venue’s waitstaff will emerge from the kitchen. Frequently, this service is accompanied by a scoop of ice cream. You may choose to send guests home with a slice of cake in a little bag if you already have a sweet table set up during the reception, though. However, unless it is a fruitcake, this might be a messy party treat to give out. Advertisement

Create a new question

  • Question Is it necessary for the couple to have assistance with the cake cutting during a wedding? The majority of couples do not require assistance in cutting the cake. Question “What do I say when I cut a wedding cake?” you might wonder. Nothing, just shave it off
  • Question On a wedding cake, which tier do the bride and groom cut into first? The bottom tier is the most suitable for cutting. It’s as simple as cutting a little rectangle, after which you may opt to have others remove the tiers so that you can cut them for your visitors. Question I’ve been invited to assist a couple in cutting their wedding cake. Do I have to say something before the cake is really cut? According to my observations, the cake-cutting ceremony is not really a time for speeches to be delivered. It’s OK to say something along the lines of “.and now the newlyweds will cut the cake!” but now is not the time for long, emotional speeches. Check with the bride and groom to see what they prefer if you’re still unsure
  • Otherwise, just go with your gut. Question Would it be considered impolite to refuse your spouse a taste? It would be odd for a couple to not have a piece of cake together. It all depends on your reasoning for not allowing your spouse to taste it, as well as whether or not you are tasting it yourself at the time. If you determine ahead of time that the cake would only be sliced and not eaten until later, it would not be considered disrespectful or weird in any way. In contrast, if you were stopping your husband from eating it without a valid cause, it may be considered unfriendly and weird by others who were present at the reception
  • Question Is it possible to cut through the second tier if the bottom layer is a false cake? If the second tier is made of cake, then sure, you may cut your way to the second tier. Just remember not to cut any farther and to avoid pressing too hard on the cardboard on the bottom level, or the cardboard on the bottom level may collapse.

Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. SubmitAdvertisement

  • Traditionally, the little top layer is removed, frozen, and then eaten on the one-year anniversary of the day of the removal. However, because it is less than fresh at that point, some couples choose to have it on their third-month anniversary instead. Make the cake earlier in the day rather than later in the evening. So the photographer can cross it off his shot list and the kitchen crew has time to plate pieces of cake for dessert or create cake packets for the guests to take home as parting gifts. Because watching the cake cutting is considered part of the reception’s entertainment, older and younger guests will appreciate it if it is completed early in order for them to leave before their bedtimes
  • However, younger guests will appreciate it if it is completed late in order for them to leave before their bedtimes.
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Things You’ll Need

  • A cake knife and server that has been beautifully decorated
  • A wedding cake
  • A dessert dish, napkins, and optional fork(s)

About This Article

Summary of the ArticleXTo cut the first slice from your wedding cake, place your right hand on the knife handle with your spouse’s right hand to demonstrate a sense of oneness. Attempt to cut a portion off of the bottom layer of the cake by slicing firmly and slowly through the cake. Make a decision ahead of time on who will hold the plate and who will use the server to guide the cake onto the serving plate. Additionally, talk about how you want to feed each other in advance so that there are no surprises at the big event itself.

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The wedding cake is frequently the focal point of the event, and many couples collaborate with their bakers to create a cake that embodies both their personal and wedding styles. Due to the overwhelming number of beautiful designs to choose from, we turned to some of Savannah’s top cake bakers and designers for guidance on selecting the perfect wedding cake. From flavors to design to working with your baker, here are our top tips gleaned from interviews with two of Savannah’s top bakers: Wicked Cakes of Savannah andDewey”s Delights

Start with you!

We know how essential it is for your wedding cake to be a focal point of your reception area as well as a delightful treat for your guests to round off the evening, so it’s critical that it reflects both your unique style and the tastes you enjoy. While it comes to taste selection, many modern couples typically think about their guests and prioritize their guests’ preferences above their own when making food and beverage selections for their wedding. The owner of Wicked Cakes of Savannah, Abby Longwater, does remind her clients that “this is your wedding day!

  1. It’s similar to setting up a candy bar, where you offer guests a variety of your favorite childhood chocolates so that they may enjoy them with the same sense of wonder that you felt when you were a child.
  2. Pro tip: Include a brief explanation on your menu as to why some flavors are particularly memorable to you.
  3. In terms of wedding cake design, several modern couples have expressed frustration at being overwhelmed by the seemingly unlimited alternatives and not knowing where to begin or how to narrow down their choices.
  4. While most couples will send a single image or a cake inspiration board, Mitch requests that his couples share their entire wedding inspiration with him, including everything from the decor to the dress to the florals to the venue to the colors and even the stationery.

Having a comprehensive understanding of his or her wedding style, he adds, “allows me to have a sense of their idea as a whole and not just one piece of jigsaw puzzle.” As a result, he can assist his couples not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of ensuring that the cake will match their venue and be durable enough for the time of year in which they are being married (see below for more seasonal tips).

Consider your reception space.

Abby and Mitch are both of the opinion that the welcome area is important. A great deal! The size of your cake should be proportional to the size of the venue area. For example, Abby recommends that couples physically match the height of their cake to the height of their reception room. “If the reception will be held in a vast ballroom, consider a larger cake with either faux layers or additional cake,” she advises. In a huge room, it will stand out as a focal point that will wow your visitors, rather than becoming lost in the vastness of the space.

  • He believes that the scale of your event location should equal the scale of your cake, and he also advocates the use of faux tiers to create a larger statement piece that may fill a room.
  • “If you are holding your reception in a vast ballroom with high ceilings, you do not want to have a modest two or three-tier cake that will be dwarfed by the magnificent grandeur of the room,” he says.
  • Alternatively, if you do not want the additional servings, a Styrofoam tier can be added and adorned, and no one will be able to tell the difference.” The fact that some of Mitch’s couples are uncomfortable with “fake” cake is not a surprise to him.
  • Photo courtesy of @wickedcakesofsavannah

Be mindful of seasonal differences.

While Savannah is famed for its beautiful springs, exquisite autumns, and moderate winters, the heat and humidity of mid-summer may be oppressive in this region of the South. During the height of summer in Savannah, if you’re planning an outdoor event and the venue doesn’t have climate control, Mitch advises a fondant-covered cake, which can endure higher temperatures for a longer period of time. The last thing any bride and groom want to see is their buttercream melting or their carefully piped features falling off their cake since it has been sitting out in the heat and light for an extended period of time.

During the hot summer months, our transparent, open-air tent on the deck is equipped with air conditioning and climate control, which helps to keep both your guests and your cake comfortable.

Show off your quirky side with a groom’s cake.

A wonderful tradition at Southern weddings, groom’s cakes are a must-have. In its original form, the groom’s cake served as a second (typically richer) taste profile for guests, and it was originally a British ritual. After sweeping the country, it has already established itself as a custom among Southern brides and couples who wish to give their new spouse with a bespoke cake that expresses something unique about them. Groom’s Cakes, recommends Abby of Wicked Cakes of Savannah, are a great way to show off your or your spouse’s individuality to visitors.

When it comes to selecting a groom’s cake theme, there are no restrictions; simply use your imagination, as well as your new spouse’s hobbies and individuality, to guide you.

Find your perfect wedding cake and cake baker.

Wicked Cakes of Savannah is a bakery located in Savannah, Georgia. Wicked Cakes, an ambitious effort by Abby Longwater, opened its doors in late 2014. Wicked Cakes has created quite a stir in Savannah’s varied gastronomic world since its inception, bringing Abby’s own artistic flair to all sorts of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and a variety of other goodies. Wicked Cakes may be found on Instagram, Facebook, email, and the Wicked Cakes website. Dewey’s Delights is a collection of recipes from Dewey’s Delights.

Due to the popularity of his cakes, people began requesting him to bake cakes for their birthday parties and weddings.

Dewey’s Delights may be found on Instagram|Facebook|Email|Website.

The Ultimate Wedding Cake Cutting Guide

Wedding cake cutting is a well-known ritual that most couples include in their wedding day celebration after saying “I do.” We understand that you may want your wedding cake to endure as long as possible, whether because you have a distinctive cake form or because you will have a large number of guests to serve at your reception. There are a few things to bear in mind while slicing through all of your cake’s layers and embellishments to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Surprisingly, most caterers demand a cake slicing cost of up to a dollar per slice, which is rather high.

How to Feed The Crowd

Even if you have a huge wedding cake, it might be difficult to feed all of your guests if the cake isn’t sliced properly. Typically, once you and your spouse have enjoyed your first piece of cake with your family, your cake is moved to the rear of the room and dismantled in the following order:

  1. To begin, remove all of your wedding cake dowels from their storage containers. Carefully separate each cake tier from the others. Make a mark on each side of your cake to ensure that each piece is sliced in the same manner, ensuring that everyone receives the same serving size. Each slice should be rectangular in shape, one inch broad and two inches deep. Begin by removing the biggest tier from the stack. In order to guarantee that each piece is sliced equally, wipe your knife between slices. If you are able, store your top tier to be used for future anniversaries by freezing it.

Round Tiers:

Traditionally, round wedding cakes have been popular for many years. Cut an inch across the whole length of the bottom tier’s outside border and continue this procedure until you reach the opposite side of your cake’s foundation to ensure a flawless wedding cake cutting. After that, rotate the cake 90 degrees counterclockwise to cut a piece two inches in from the edge of the cake. Continually repeat this process until you have reached the opposite half of the cake. In some cases, depending on the size of your cake, you might want to try cutting it like a pizza.

Square Tiers:

A square wedding cake is also very popular these days. Its precise frame makes cake cutting a breeze, and it can accommodate huge groups of people. Make one-inch broad cuts from the border of the foundation to the bottom of your first tier, and so on.

Continue slicing until you have reached the center of the fruit. Turn your cake once clockwise and begin cutting two-inch-wide slices from the center outward. Repeat the process for each layer of your cake.

Heart Tiers:

A heart-shaped cake is the ideal choice for couples that enjoy incorporating strong elements into their wedding. No matter if you want a single enormous base to serve as your entire cake or numerous layers, there is a particular technique to cut them all properly. If you want to make a heart shape out of your cake, start by slicing it straight down the middle from top to bottom so you have two even sides. Cut vertically along the length of each piece, producing cuts that are two inches wide. Afterwards, flip your cake sideways and cut a vertical line through the center of the cake.

Petal Tiers:

Petal-tiered cakes are a little more difficult to cut than other types of cakes. Cut a circle two inches from the edge of the cake for 15-inch petal cakes to serve as a starting point. After that, cut another circle one and a half inches larger than the first. Cut four slices through the centre of the cake, rotating each slice clockwise at each petal indent, and set them aside. Continue to cut one-and-a-half-inch wedges around the perimeter of the cake until the entire foundation has been carved out.

Cut a circle out of your cake that is two inches from the edge.

Oval Tiers:

By selecting an oval wedding cake, you may put a unique spin on the traditional round wedding cake and capture your guests’ attention. For the best results, tilt your cake so that it is horizontal lengthwise and cut vertical one-inch slices all the way down the cake. Once that is completed, rotate your cake 90 degrees clockwise and cut vertical pieces two inches apart until your cake is completely sliced.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

The cutting of the cake with your spouse and all of your loved ones in attendance is a special aspect of your reception that everyone will remember. With that in mind, there are a few things you should agree on before cutting into your first slice of pizza.

1. When to bring out your cake

It’s probable that everyone will be in the mood for cake before the reception even begins. Traditionally, if you have chosen on a multi-course feast, the wedding cake is brought out after the last dish has been served. If you and your spouse have opted on finger food and tiny appetizers for your wedding, the cake is usually brought out immediately after the event officially begins. In any case, make an announcement to your guests when the cake cutting is about to begin so that everyone has enough time to have a good view of the action.

2. Avoid cutting into the top tier

You may be tempted to cut directly through the top of your cake where the cake topperis, but it’s vital to remember that this is the section of your cake that is the least sturdy.

If you want to ensure the longevity of your cake, cutting the first slice from the bottom layer may be the best option. Then, if you and your partner so choose, you may freeze the top tier of the cake for your first-anniversary party.

3. Create your perfect photo opportunity

It might be tempting to dig right into the delectable dessert you’ve been planning for months, but take your time and enjoy the process. Not only will this help to avoid cake catastrophes, but your photographer will also be able to capture every special moment you and your partner experience.

4. Plan for the unexpected

Tiered cakes often necessitate the use of a specialized set of equipment. Make sure you have a cake knife, two conveniently accessible plates for you and your spouse, two forks, napkins, and your beverage of choice on hand before you start cooking. Inquire with your caterer or baker about bringing a couple of additional cake cutting sets just in case one of you forgets your favorite set at home during the celebration.

5. Feed your partner first

One couple should take a stride slightly behind the other at an angle toward the audience. In order to achieve the proper cut, place the rear partner’s hand towards the back of the knife and the front partner’s hand on the top of the knife. Following the cutting of your shared slice, feed one another and celebrate with champagne or a gorgeous Mason jar drink. To express your appreciation and to commemorate the union of your two families, cut a couple of additional pieces for your in-laws.

6. Remember cake smashing is optional

Historically, cake smashing has been recognized as a practice dating back to Ancient Rome, representing masculine authority and promoting fertility. Even while it may be difficult to refrain from slapping cake in each other’s faces, doing so can be disastrous. Cake smashing may not be an option for couples who like professional images and prefer to keep their hands out of the cake on their wedding day. In any case, come to an agreement on what you and your partner will do before your wedding day.

7. Place your cake in the spotlight

Before you begin cutting, make sure that your cake is prominently displayed so that all of your guests can view it. If you’re hiring a photographer to capture every moment you and your spouse have while feeding each other, make sure your lighting is focused towards your tiered masterpiece so that every image comes out exactly every time! Take it a step further by adding an eye-catching background and an ornate linen table cover to your set up for a simple finishing touch to your event. Cutting your wedding cake represents your first activity as a married couple, so make the most of the occasion!

If you haven’t decided on a taste for your wedding cake yet, have a look at our collection of wedding cake ideas.

Cake Art|Design Me Cake 1,2|How Stuff Works are few examples of sources.

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