How To Ask For Cash For Wedding? (Best solution)

How much is acceptable for a cash wedding gift?

  • How much is the right amount to give? $75-$100 if you are a distant family member or coworker. $100-$125 if you are a relative or friend of either the bride or groom. $150 or more if you are a close friend or close relative of the bride or groom.


How do you ask for money as a wedding gift?

In terms of wording for how to ask for money for a wedding gift, go with something like: ”Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for, however, if you want to give a gift, we will be grateful for a cash donation towards our new home renovations.”

Is it rude to ask for money for a wedding gift?

It’s totally fine to prefer cash over gifts. You should never ask for specific gifts, monetary or otherwise. Instead, let them know (if they ask) that you would prefer cash gifts. Let your parents, siblings, wedding party, and close friends know too — and if guests ask them, have them relay your preference.

How do you ask for money in an invitation?

For example, write, “In lieu of traditional gifts, monetary gifts are graciously accepted.” Or write, “As an alternative to traditional gifts, a money tree will be set up at the entrance to the reception.” Do not write statements such as, “Only cash gifts accepted.” or, “Please give cash gifts only.” on invitations or

What is proper etiquette for cash wedding gifts?

When you’re giving money for a wedding gift and attending solo, etiquette says you should spend about $50 to $75. But you may want to also consider the couple you’re celebrating. If it’s a coworker, or someone you just catch up with from time to time, the lower end of the spectrum is appropriate.

How much money should I give for a 2021 wedding gift?

She offers these guidelines to wedding-goers wherever they might be: A distant relative or co-worker should give $75-$100; a friend or relative, $100-$125; a closer relative, up to $150. If you are wealthy, are you expected to inflate the gift? No, Cooper says. “If they do, it’s because they’re just generous people.”

Is it OK to ask for money for honeymoon as a wedding gift?

Is asking for cash gifts or money gifts acceptable etiquette? By and large, the answer is “Yes! ” Even though asking for cash has, in the past, been against American etiquette, honeymoon registries and cash registries are much more common these days.

How do I ask my dad to pay for my wedding?

How to Ask Your Parents for Help Paying for Your Wedding—in 6 Steps!

  1. Research wedding costs in your area.
  2. Talk to your future spouse about your ideal wedding.
  3. Figure out how much you can chip in.
  4. Prepare your parents for the conversation and choose the right time and place.
  5. Start the discussion—and be gracious.

How do you ask for money?

Here are a few best practices on how to ask someone for money politely.

  1. Be Honest And Open. It is crucial you’re being honest about why you need the money.
  2. Have A Plan In Place. Coming up with a plan of attack to solve your financial situation is an essential item on your to-do list.
  3. Put It In Writing.

How much do you give for a wedding shower?

Typically, shower gifts should be between $25 to $75. If you are closer to the person of honor, consider the higher end of the registry. Wedding gift etiquette says a guest should spend about $50-$150 on a wedding if they’re going solo.

How do you ask for money for your honeymoon?

Short Honeymoon Fund Wording Our wedding wouldn’t be the same without your presence. However, when it comes to presents, please be aware that we would appreciate a donation towards our honeymoon fund in place of wedding gifts. A contribution towards our honeymoon fund instead of a gift is much appreciated.

How do you ask for money on your honeymoon?

Speak with your parents and explain what you’re saving for and why you’d prefer cash as a gift. Take your time to describe your perfect honeymoon or the house you are saving to buy. Be honest and sincere in that while you’re grateful for any gift, money would go a long way towards achieving your dreams.

Does the knot take a percentage?

The Knot charges one of the lowest fees in the wedding industry at 2.5 percent, and we don’t take any commission.

Is $300 enough for a wedding gift?

Upon consulting the experts, a wedding gift should range from $75 to $750—but most agree that $300+ is the sweet spot. “At minimum, a gift should be $75 to $100 if you are purchasing something off the couple’s registry,” explains Hugh Howser of H Three Events.

Do you give cash or check for a wedding gift?

But should you give cash or check for a wedding gift? While checks may seem a bit unconventional, they are still acceptable. Overall, cash is preferred over a physical check. This is especially true for those who set up cash registries online for their wedding.

How much money should the groom’s parents give as a wedding gift?

“We suggest no less than $100, but prefer $350 or more since that is an average fee for most wedding musicians when compared to others involved with the ceremony.” Another cost the groom’s family takes care of is the officiant’s lodging.

How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for a Wedding

Whether you’ve been living together for years and don’t really need to upgrade your kitchen appliances and linens, live in a small space that won’t accommodate any new purchases, or are working on a project that’s becoming increasingly expensive, sometimes all you really want as a wedding gift is a lump sum of money. To ask for money instead of presents for your wedding, you’ll need to use a little delicacy and diplomacy. To avoid upsetting certain family members and friends, we’ve highlighted the best practices for soliciting and managing monetary presents for wedding receptions and other special occasions.

Use a Cash Registry Website

For those visitors who are more technologically aware, a cash registry website can be used. There are several choices available, including:

  1. Zola: Zola allows you to create an all-inclusive register where you may request monetary gifts, honeymoon donations, and tangible items all in one place. Honeyfund: If you’re primarily concerned about receiving financial assistance for your honeymoon, this honeymoon registry offers entertaining breakdowns in which friends may donate to things like upgrading your flight or paying for an interesting adventure.

Never Ask for Cash on Your Wedding Invitation

Your monetary request should never be included in any of the following situations: You’ve received your wedding invitation. Any type of registry information does not belong in this section. Instead, you should include it on your wedding website. You can, however, put a link to your wedding website on the invitation or as an insert in your wedding invitation suite if you choose.

Be Specific About How You’ll Use the Cash

When guests get cash or a check, they may feel detached from the couple, so letting them know where the money will be spent makes them feel more connected to the two of you and your goals. If you’re in the midst of a major endeavor, such as remodeling your house or relocating across the nation, inform your wedding guests of the situation on your wedding webpage. With the story of how the project got started, your current progress, and even the stumbling blocks you’ve encountered (now that you’ve discovered how expensive it is to rewire your entire house), you’ll be more likely to get responses from people who are interested in helping you out with your home renovation project.

Ask Your Parents and Wedding Party to Spread the Word

Make sure to inform your parents and bridal party of your preference for cash (as well as the reason for it) and to encourage them to spread the news in a diplomatic manner. It’s likely that visitors will inquire as to what they should get for you, and this will prepare them to learn about the dream vacation, kitchen renovation, or down payment on a home you can call your own that you’re saving for. They can then advise that instead of buying you a new toaster, your visitors make a donation to your savings fund instead.

Set up a Traditional Registry

Don’t forget to include a conventional registry in your plans. Make it easy for your visitors to give you a tangible present by allowing them to register for a selection of products that you truly desire.

Set Out a Box for Cards at the Reception

Your cash register will not be used by everyone. As an alternative, they will bring a check or cash to the front desk. Purchase (or make) a card box that may be used only for cards at the reception. For the duration of the evening, request that your planner or maid of honor frequently check the box.

So that you don’t have to worry about money disappearing, they may gather all of the cards and presents you’ve gotten and store them in a secure location. This allows your visitors to deliver their gifts with a bit more confidence.

Ideally, Checks Should Be Made Out to Both Of You

It is possible that your guests will address your checks in a number of ways, including to just the groom, just the bride (under her maiden name), just the bride (under her new married name), or both of you. If someone inquires, the best method is to address the check to both of you, using the word “or” rather than “and.” Consider the following scenario: Mariah Nichols marries Joe Griffin. As a best practice, the payment should be made payable to “Mariah Nichols or Joe Griffin.” This will make it possible to do transactions at the bank without difficulty.

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Of course, you won’t be dictating how your visitors write their checks, but it’s still useful knowledge to have on hand just in case someone inquires.

Stick to Physical Gifts for Your Bridal Shower

When planning your wedding shower, you may be tempted to request cash and gift cards as well, but this is more difficult to do well. Of course, you’d be pleased to have some more cash in your pocket (and who wouldn’t be? ), but it’s best to avoid any demands for cash during this event unless absolutely necessary. Why? In contrast to a wedding, a large portion of a bridal shower is spent opening gifts. You might certainly benefit from replacing heavily worn things such as sheets and towels, as well as investing in some new, gleaming kitchenware, even if you already have a fully furnished house.

Perhaps a day at the spa would be beneficial?

Yes, You Can Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift—Here’s How

This is your cue to go ahead and register for what you truly want: cash. If you’ll allow us to share a little secret with you, when it comes to wedding presents, you may register for almost whatever you desire. Today’s wedding registries are more extensive and personalized than ever before, allowing you and your significant other to request everything from patio furniture to a margarita machine to Airbnb gift cards or even money for your next date night. Requesting money instead of presents for your wedding was always considered taboo, but these days it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your guests will want to purchase items that will be put to good use over time, and there’s no doubting that cash would be an excellent gift to give to a couple just starting out in married life.

But how can you go about asking for money in a pleasant manner?

Listed here is all you need to know about how to ask for money as a wedding present, including sample questions. You’ll discover practical advice from financial experts, as well as six simple methods to gently ask for money to help you plan your wedding. In this post, we will discuss:

  • Is it impolite to ask for money as a wedding gift? How to Make a Financial Request Instead of Wedding Gifts

Is Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift Rude?

When it comes to asking for wedding gifts, no one wants to come across as disrespectful. While creating a gift registry may seem unpleasant at first, it will really be a wonderful benefit to your close friends and family members when they begin to buy for your wedding or other special occasion. Fortunately, in recent years, asking for monetary presents has become the standard, making it quite acceptable to add cash or honeymoon money on your registry without being perceived as impolite. Carmen Perez, personal financial expert and columnist for VARO Bank, argues that money is becoming less of a taboo topic with each generation that passes.

  • In addition, using a cash registry website (such as The Knot Cash Funds) is a fantastic way to plan for life beyond the wedding ceremony.
  • To be sure, monetary presents have long been regarded appropriate and acceptable in certain parts of the nation, as well as among couples from a variety of different cultural backgrounds.
  • The money is then given to the newlyweds by their guests.
  • The Grand March is an Italian tradition in which the wedding celebration concludes with a receiving line in which the couple distributes a sweet to each guest in exchange for an envelope containing money.
  • As you begin to accumulate presents for your registry, you may come to the conclusion that you’d like to receive a lump sum of money to go toward the purchase of your first house.
  • Whatever the situation, cash is a wonderful wedding present that may be put to use in a variety of areas of your wedded life.

How to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts

So, what is the best way to ask for money instead of conventional wedding gifts during your wedding? We’ve taken care of everything. We’ve detailed six simple methods to use your wedding registry to earn money in the sections below. These suggestions are nice and polite, and they will guarantee that your wedding guests are aware that money is at the top of your priority list.

Register for Cash Funds

Putting together a designated cash fund on your wedding gift registry is the most effective—and polite—way to solicit funds for your big day. Torben Torabi, author of Cash Registries, explains that “cash registries provide couples with purchasing power and money they can pool and apply toward the larger goals and experiences they truly want, such as purchasing a home or funding their honeymoon.” Create your wedding register on The Knot to get things started. The experience of creating a registry is made easier by allowing you to register for any item you desire (including cash!) on a single list.

Not only is it the most convenient way for guests to shop, but it also makes it easier for you and your significant other to manage the weeks leading up to the big day.

This will provide guests with a plethora of gifting options, especially for those who may wish to purchase you a more traditional gift.

The provision of additional alternatives is an excellent method to demonstrate that you are as courteous and accommodating as possible.

However, even if you have physical items on your wedding wish list, guests will be more inclined to give cash wedding gifts if you have multiple funds set up with descriptions, as we will explain further down the page.

Use Your Wedding Website to Share How You’ll Use the Money

Your wedding website is a valuable resource for your guests. It is critical to have a bespoke website built as part of the wedding planning process since it will feature all of the vital day-of facts that your guests will need to know, and it will serve as a convenient reference point for them to get answers to their frequent questions. In addition to giving information on the wedding day logistics and dress code, you may utilize your website to elaborate on the financial gift requests that you have received.

“Attaching a monetary gift request to a specific aim gives gift-givers the impression that their money will have greater significance,” Torabi argues.

Avoid Putting Gift Requests on Formal Invites

The following is one piece of traditional wedding etiquette that is absolutely necessary to observe nowadays. While the information about your wedding register can be included on your wedding website and bridal shower invitations, it should never be included on official wedding invitations. Putting your present details on your wedding invitations might come out as impolite, especially when wedding gifts aren’t strictly expected from guests. Instead, include an insert in the card that contains the URL to your wedding website.

Register for Gift Cards

Looking for creative methods to request money as a wedding gift? Look no further. Add gift cards to your register if you want to be extra kind. This tactful method of soliciting dollars can assist you and your significant other in stocking up on finances for your favorite restaurants, stores, and internet businesses. Gift cards are an excellent way to obtain presents that you’ll really use, and we’ve collaborated with a number of excellent companies to make this possible. Don’t ignore the simplicity of including a few gift cards on your wish list.

Ask Your Parents and Wedding Party to Spread the Word

A strong probability exists that if your visitors are unsure about what to get as a wedding present, they’ll turn to your close family members or wedding party for guidance. Immediately following the creation of a wedding registry, communicate with your family and close friends whether you require financial funds or gifts for a honeymoon. Then, in the event that they are contacted by wedding guests looking for gift ideas, they will be able to spread the news and assist you in getting exactly what you want for your wedding.

Place a Box for Cards at the Reception

While some guests will utilize your wedding register to buy for presents, others may opt to bring a check to the reception on the day of the ceremony. In order to accept monetary donations in person, a box for cards should be put up at the reception area.

It’s a terrific way to keep track of all the monetary gifts you get on your wedding day with this cash gift idea, which is also known as a wishing well. Additionally, having a central location to collect cards and financial presents will make drafting thank-you messages much simpler.

FAQ: How do I (Politely!) Ask for Money for a Wedding Gift?

A common question when it comes to wedding invitation wording, as well as the material that appears on your wedding website, is how to ask for money as a wedding present. While some couples are delighted to receive homeware goods and restaurant coupons as wedding gifts, others would prefer to receive cash to spend as they like. Understandably, this is not something that many couples are comfortable discussing openly! You’d be surprised at how many discreet and courteous methods there are for bringing up this topic with your visitors – keep reading to find out what they are!

But First, a Note on Asking for Cash for your Wedding

There is no denying that the issue of wedding gifts is a contentious one, and we can see why. In order for guests to be allowed to freely pick the present that they offer, telling them that one type of gift is favored over another may be considered impolite by them. Having said that, there are a variety of compelling reasons for couples nowadays to prefer cash over tangible presents. Many engaged couples are now living together, which means that the homeware goods that were formerly popular wedding gifts are no longer appropriate.

In principle, we can all agree that if someone is generous enough to offer you a present, they should be free to pick what they want to give you.

How do I Ask for Money for a Wedding Gift? Four Options

  1. It should be addressed in your wedding invitations. A sentence about gifts should be included on your wedding invitations in order to do this. This is perhaps the most straightforward choice on our list, and as a result, it is the one that is most likely to produce the greatest results. However, if handled appropriately (see below for further information), it does not have to seem pompous
  2. It is not for the faint of heart. It should be addressed on your wedding website. When it comes down to it, your wedding website is simply a location where you can answer any questions that your guests may have regarding your wedding day that haven’t already been addressed on the invites. Consequently, this is a prime location for including gift information. However, it’s important to realize that not all guests will actually visit the website. If you want to take this path, we recommend that you create a FAQ page. You appear to be addressing the subject of presents in this manner since you’ve already received some inquiries about it
  3. Yet, this feels a little less forthright than a line on the wedding invitation. Follow the links below for options on how to phrase this
  4. Encourage your friends and relatives to help you spread the news. Another popular choice, but it’s a hazardous one because it gives the couple little control over the outcome. When you know your Mam is skilled at throwing items into conversation, for example, and you’re anticipating largely tangible gifts from that side of the family, this strategy may be effective. On the other hand, if the situation is not handled carefully by the friend or family member in issue, you may wind yourself insulting your visitors without even realizing it. Using a gift registry service, you may set up a honeymoon fund, a house deposit fund, or a home renovation fund. Some gift registry services have the opportunity to set up a giving fund, in which visitors may donate money to a specific purchase that the couple is planning to make, such as a honeymoon, a down payment on a property, or enhancements to their current home. Even if you may be required to register for a few presents as well, this is still a viable alternative to consider if you anticipate receiving a large number of undesirable physical gifts around the holidays.

How do I Ask for Money for a Wedding Gift? Sample Phrases:

Option 1, 2, and 4 are the possibilities we’ve come up with that you could find useful if you’re intending to go with one of those alternatives. These range from the overt to the subtle, from the formal to the informal, so we hope you’ll find something that suits your needs here.

  • Your attendance at our wedding is the most precious present we could have received. However, if you would want to honor us with a gift, a monetary contribution would be greatly appreciated. The most important thing to us is that you will be able to join us in celebrating our wedding. However, if you would want to make a present to us, we would really appreciate a little contribution towards our honeymoon expenses. Our love, laughing, and house full of furnishings make us feel tremendously fortunate, so if you’d like to help us celebrate with a contribution, we’ve set up a honeymoon fund at (details here). Cash donations are appreciated, but are not required. Cash donations are appreciated but not required, and will be used to offset the cost of our honeymoon. If you’d want to contribute to our honeymoon with a monetary contribution, that’s OK with us. However, it is your physical presence on the day that is most essential to us. Your attendance at our wedding is a gift in and of itself, but if you would want to make a monetary contribution to our honeymoon, that would be highly appreciated.

How do I Ask for Money for a Wedding Gift? Sample Wedding Gift Poems

Some couples choose to utilize poems to alleviate some of the embarrassment associated with asking for financial presents. These don’t always hit the right note – they might come off as a little forward or cheeky – but we uncovered a few instances that we think are particularly effective in certain situations. Alternatively, you might be more imaginative and write your own!

  • If you’re thinking about giving something, a contribution would be appreciated. It will be of more assistance to us than words can express, in celebrating our wonderful day. If you’re planning to give us a gift, we thought we’d let you know that we’d appreciate it if you could spare a few pennies to rub together while we save up for something special. Due to the fact that we’ve been together for a year or two, we don’t really require anything fresh. However, if you were planning to give us a modest wedding present, a small sum of money for our future would be very appreciated
  • We thought it would be wonderful, given that we are getting married, to move into a fresh new home – we can’t wait to get started! Due to the fact that wedding presents are large and we have limited room, money would be an excellent gift to assist us in purchasing our home.
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How do I Ask for Money for a Wedding Gift? Sample FAQs for your Wedding Website

Any of the sentences listed above can be used in a FAQ section on a wedding website, with the query being “What about gifts?” However, we wanted to provide a few of more suggestions for how to quietly hint that tangible presents aren’t the best option. But remember that because these alternatives are so oblique, your visitors may not be able to discern what you’re trying to communicate.

  • You may want to consider signing up with a wedding registry provider. No, we are quite fortunate in that we already have everything we require for our house. Who should I hand over my business card to? On the day of the wedding, the best man will be taking cards on our behalf. Should I bring my business card with me or should I mail it ahead of time? On the day of the event, we will have a designated spot where you may safely deposit your card. What address should I use to send a card or gift? On the day of the wedding, the best man will be taking cards on our behalf
  • Should we bring presents on the day of the wedding or send them ahead of time? Due to limited space at the venue, there will not be a table set aside for presents on the day of the event. On the day of the wedding, however, the best man will be taking cards on our behalf
  • Is there going to be a gift table? On the day of the event, there will be no table for presents. The best man, on the other hand, will be taking cards on our behalf.

Do you still have questions? Here is where you’ll find them: in our comprehensive guide to wedding invitation wording. RECOMMENDSRECOMMENDS

How to Politely Ask for a Cash Wedding Registry

Others, on the other hand, may be thinking more logically about their honeymoon money or a down payment on a house. We want to remove the stigma associated with requesting a cash wedding register rather than tangible gifts. A frequent practice in many traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Italian families that wish to put the newlyweds up for success—even if that means paying for their travel to Honolulu—is to pay for their airfare to the Hawaiian islands.

We understand that asking for money openly might be uncomfortable, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know in one comprehensive guide to successfully soliciting monetary presents from friends and family members.

Do’s and Don’ts for preparing friends, family, and your bank account for your cash fund wish list

The practice of asking for financial presents has the potential to offend some individuals; nevertheless, if done properly, it may result in a seamless gifting experience that wedding guests learn to like and appreciate. Here are the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to creating a cash wedding register.

Do use a cash registry website

Fortunately, the wedding business has taken notice of modern couples who are trying to move as practically as possible towards their big day. Zola and Honeyfund are two excellent choices to explore, both of which can be linked to your wedding website or Lovecast event page with relative ease. Honeyfund is a fantastic choice for couples who wish to concentrate their efforts on creating a honeymoon registry. It provides gift suggestions that are specifically tailored to your honeymoon plans. Zola includes a honeymoon fund in addition to typical registry goods and cash, allowing users a little more freedom in terms of gifting.

Don’t ask for cash on your wedding invitation

You may be anxious to make certain that everyone is aware of your preferences and to share registry sites here, but refrain from doing so. Keep your wedding invitation for the essentials, such as the place, time, and RSVP details. Putting the wagon before the horse when it comes to a wedding invitation is the definition of putting one’s foot in it.

Do tell wedding guests how you plan to use their wedding gift

You can choose not to use a wedding register website and instead add a Paypal or Venmo link on your wedding website instead. If you decide to take this way, make it clear to guests what their monetary contributions will be used for—even if it’s a less-than-glamorous home repair project like replacing your furnace.

Don’t leave off a traditional gift registry

Despite the fact that some guests will not be on board with the cash wedding register, they may still choose to gift you with items such as linens, kitchen appliances, or plates—make sure the items are from a business that you enjoy and that you offer the finest selections for them (and you). If you’re stuck on what to include in your wedding, The Knot offers some wonderful suggestions. ‍

Do let loved ones know you prefer a cash wedding registry over physical gifts

Having your bridal party on the same page with your objectives might be beneficial. Inquire whether they are willing to discuss your need for monetary presents openly. It doesn’t hurt to also ask the most dependable (and creative) member of your wedding party to construct or obtain a beautiful collecting box for the cards and envelopes that will be collected at the reception as well.

Don’t ask for a cash registry for showers and events leading up to the wedding day

While it’s convenient to have money flowing in as soon as possible, we recommend that you either gracefully accept any presents you receive at the showers or plan an event in lieu of receiving gifts completely. Whatever the occasion may be, from a spa day to a ski weekend, the memories of a wonderful day spent with your friends serve as the gift in and of itself.

Do add a direct payment link to your wedding registry

When creating a cash wedding register, you must, of course, consider the needs of your guests in mind. A key part of this etiquette is ensuring that your visitors are aware of any credit card processing fees or transaction fees before they make a contribution.

The option to absorb the cost of your wedding is available on several wedding register websites, and for some of your more budget wedding guests, this may be a satisfactory compromise.

Make receiving gifts easy!

Regardless of whether or not you want to keep your wedding reception cash-only, it is always preferable to express thanks and grace to your wedding guests by inviting them to be a part of your big day. Given the flexibility of return policies, there’s really no reason to be concerned or micromanage your wedding registry. Check out the Lovecast blog for helpful hints and suggestions on how to make the most of a beautiful and stress-free wedding ceremony and reception. While it is beneficial to communicate your preferences tastefully, you should be prepared to accept whatever is offered to you—especially because the true gift is a lifelong partnership with your favorite person.

Lovecast- A simple app for livestreaming your wedding

Invite all of your friends and family to celebrate with you on your big day! Get a hold of Lovecast.

How to Ask For Money as A Gift Without Offending Anyone

Considering asking for a monetary gift as a wedding present? Asking for money instead of wedding gifts is becoming increasingly fashionable – but it may be a contentious topic of discussion. As part of our investigation on how to properly request money as a wedding gift, we delve into the cultural implications of giving cash as a wedding present. More information may be found at: Our favorite out-of-the-ordinary wedding gift ideas

Should You Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift?

In the words of editor and wedding expertZoe Burke, “it is a well-known tradition that guests will purchase gifts for the happy couple,” and “many guests will expect to receive a gift list with their invitation so that they can be confident that they are purchasing a useful and desired gift.” As living together before marriage has become increasingly frequent in recent years, most couples do not require the usual gifts to set up their house, therefore asking for money instead of gifts provides them with more possibilities.

The practice of asking for money instead of gifts is entirely fine, but it must be done in the proper manner.”

How to Ask for Money as a Wedding Present

There are a variety of approaches that may be used to solicit money as a wedding present. The line in their wedding invites that goes something like this: ‘Your attendance at our wedding is sufficient present, but should you desire to get us something, we would really welcome a contribution towards our ideal honeymoon/new home/renovation would be highly appreciated.’ More information may be found at: The proper way to phrase your wedding gift list When it comes to wedding invites, Zoe says, “Some couples opt not to mention anything at all — it’s well known now that couples like cash as a wedding present so that’s what’s defaulted, especially if the guests are all about the same age as the couple.” Alternatively, if you know that some of your more traditional visitors would feel uncomfortable giving cash – and it is not for everyone – you could always have a conventional gift list ready to provide with them if they inquire as to what you would like.” Many couples choose not to include their gift preferences information on their invitations – when nothing is specified, it is often assumed that cash is preferred; however, it is useful to have a gift list as a backup for those who you believe would prefer to present you with a physical gift instead of giving you cash.

  • You may also add a humorous wedding money poem in your invites if you don’t want to leave it off your invitations but are concerned with being so direct.
  • There are certain services that allow you to create up money gift lists, where your friends may ‘purchase’ things for your honeymoon, such as a meal on the beach.
  • This might be the best of both worlds since it allows you to get money to spend anyway you like while still giving your visitors the impression that they have purchased you a suitable present.
  • In other words, rather than begging for money in a cold transactional manner, it is a more personal, enjoyable, and engaging experience.

You don’t have to ask for money to go towards a honeymoon, though — with Patchwork, you can ask for financial gifts to go towards whatever you want, like a year of dates, your first pet together, a new kitchen, or even a down payment on a house.” You should pursue whatever it is that you actually desire or require.”

Wedding Money Poems

Some wedding money poems that you can copy and paste into your wedding invites are as follows: Alternatively, if you were thinking of sending us a present to assist us on our journey, a donation of money in a card would be very appreciated! After a few years of being together, we have a lot of pots and pans, as well as linen and towels; we also have glasses and toasters, quite a few; thus, instead of giving you additional gifts, we advise that you do this: However, money would be really appreciated; we understand that picking gifts can be difficult; and this way, there is no danger of anybody bringing the same thing!

  1. More information may be found at: The most appropriate gifts for your bride We don’t want to upset anyone, but we have everything you might possibly need, including home products.
  2. Don’t go overboard or raid any banks, but even the smallest gesture will bring a smile to our faces.
  3. Whose residence is completely devoid of any furnishings in any room?
  4. We hope our plea does not come across as amusing to you.

Wedding Money Poems for Honeymoon Contributions

For those of you who are explicitly asking for contributions to your honeymoon, here are a few wedding money poems that make mention of it: We’d love for you to join us in celebrating our wedding, but there’s really no need to make a huge deal out of it. There will be no gift-laden table at this event. As a result, if you are able, please do so. We’d much rather get a monetary present so that we may take a vacation somewhere warm and sunny! We are all familiar with the practice of writing a list, but there is a minor twist in this instance.

  • Our desire is to go on a honeymoon in a different country and walk along the beach with our significant other.
  • It would be really appreciated, but the most important thing to say is that you are present to help us celebrate our anniversary!
  • In the event that a present is your aim, we would like to point you that we already have a kettle and toaster, dinner mats, and matching coasters in our possession.
  • We also ask that you attend our wedding as a guest, which is the most essential thing we can ask.
  • We’d want to take a honeymoon trip.
  • We are requesting a monetary gift.

For those who were contemplating a present, your attendance will enough; but, if you truly feel the need, donations to a honeymoon fund would be very appreciated!

The Cultural Aspects of Giving Money as a Gift

Although the practice of giving wedding presents is universal, the traditions and practices involved with gift giving can differ significantly among countries, and are frequently carried down through generations. Given that different cultures have varying customs, we invited Vaishali Shah, a wedding etiquette expert and proprietor of Ananya Cards, to explain a little bit about the etiquette of gift giving in various countries. “It might be difficult to decide what to present as a gift at a wedding of a culture that is different from your own.

“Some customs have altered throughout time, while others have remained the same,” adds Vaishali.

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More information may be found at: Giving experiences as a wedding present has a number of advantages.

Indian Weddings (Specifically Hindu/Sikh Weddings)

For example, in Indian culture, when a girl is married, her parents and grandparents would frequently give her a piece of jewelry, and the same would be done for her future daughter-in-law when their son is married. As well as being a nice gesture to give the daughter something unique to cherish and treasure, it also serves to officially welcome her new sister and her family into the fold. Saris are very frequently presented as gifts. A lot of times, Indian parents would have purchased jewelry or had something custom-made several years before the wedding in order to ‘be prepared’ for such a momentous occasion.

  1. Odd numbers are regarded lucky in Indian tradition, and numbers that finish in 1 are particularly auspicious in this regard.
  2. Additionally, giving a gift with a dollar figure that ends in 1 brings success since the extra number represents progress.
  3. When giving a gift in India, the right hand must always be used, as the left hand is considered unclean.
  4. In addition, deeply ingrained traditions link sweets with something pure and, as a result, deserving of being offered to the gods.

Muslim Weddings

Money is also presented as a gift during Muslim marriages – frequently in the form of flowers containing money or money tucked within a note of congratulations. Dates, almonds, and chocolates are also traditionally offered as wedding gifts in Muslim cultures.

Chinese Weddings

Gifts of red envelopes stuffed with money are traditionally presented to the newlyweds during Chinese weddings. In Chinese tradition, the color red represents riches and good fortune. It’s important to remember that only new, crisp, unfolded notes should be given out — no wrinkled bills or coins, for example. It is instantly deemed unfortunate and should be avoided if the monetary amount provided begins with the number 4. This is because the number 4 rhymes with the word ‘Death’ in the Chinese language, and so should be avoided.

It is customary to offer and receive red envelopes with both hands, as well as to open them with both hands.

In terms of monetary value, it should be comparable to a present that would be given in a Western wedding, or it should be sufficient to pay your wedding-related costs. More information may be found at:Your wedding gift list questions answered

Jewish Weddings

Money is a frequent form of gifting. Sometimes money in multiples of the number 18 is distributed; this number serves as the numerical counterpart of the Hebrew word chai, which means “life.”

Japanese Weddings

An exchange of money gifts is customary and expected in Japanese weddings (as well as in many other Asian nations). When it comes to delivering a gift in Japanese culture, the packaging is extremely essential and can often be worth more than the item itself. As a result, be certain that your gifts are attractively wrapped!

Greek Weddings

Money pinned to the newlyweds’ garments by their guests at a Greek wedding symbolizes good fortune and wealth, and it also serves as a manner of aiding the pair financially as they begin their new life together as husband and wife.

Polite Ways to Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift

When it comes to asking for money as a wedding present – and when it comes to donating money as a wedding gift – there are many factors to consider. You cannot just put a £50 bill into the couple’s hands as they welcome you! As Vaishali shows, there are several meaningful methods to deliver your financial wedding gift, as well as discrete ways to request it. For friends and family, it is usual to send congratulations cards or letters, with the words’mazel tov’ for a Jewish marriage, ‘Mubarak’ for a Muslim pair, and ‘gong xi’ for a Chinese couple being the most common.

Money is also frequently given as a gift during weddings in France and Spain.

“This might be done in a variety of ways, such as by stating ‘no boxed presents,’ which is common at Indian weddings, or by putting information about your honeymoon if you would want a cash donation to your honeymoon, or by including a poem with your invites,” suggests Vaishali.

Most newlyweds today want cash instead of physical gifts — here are the right and wrong ways to ask for money at your wedding

  • Today, many individuals would prefer to receive monetary presents at their weddings rather than tangible gifts
  • Yet, asking friends and family for money might come off as tacky and gauche if not done correctly. Then we turned to an expert in etiquette to advise us the proper and incorrect methods for couples to request financial wedding gifts. More stories may be found on the Insider’s main page.

In the old days, newlyweds looked forward to filling their newhome with gifts from theirweddingregistry.Today, however, it’s more popular than ever forunmarried couples to live together, meaning newlyweds arelikely to already own traditional wedding gifts like kitchenwareand home essentials. Instead, couples are increasingly asking wedding guests formoney. In fact,a recent survey by Zellefound that 84% of respondents wouldprefer to receive money over physical gifts for major lifemoments like a wedding. Related:I’ve worked at hundreds of weddings – here are 16 of the mostcreative ways I’ve seen couples save moneyBut how do you ask for money without being totally gauche? We turned to Elaine Swann, anetiquetteexpert and founder ofThe Swann School ofProtocol, to explain how to tactfully ask for money as awedding gift. Here are her do’s and don’ts when it comes to asking for a cashwedding gift.

Do pass the word along through your wedding party and family members.

Foto: sourceASphotowed/Getty Images To offer a safe manner to collect monetary presents at your wedding,buy or build awell-labeledbox designated to cards. Have your wedding planner orsomeone in the wedding party occasionally check the boxthroughout the evening of your wedding day. This provides your guests confidence in knowing their card has beenplaced somewhere secure and you, too, have piece of mind knowingthat your money won’t be walking off during your big day.

More Newlyweds Are Asking Guests for Money—Here’s How to Do It the Right Way

Please do not bring presents. But what about the money? Yes. In today’s society, asking for money to pay for your wedding is more common than ever. Here’s how to go about it without causing offense to anyone. By the time my partner and I made the decision to make our relationship official in the eyes of law and tie the figurative knot, we had already been together for seven years in our hearts and minds. For five of those years, we shared a house with each other, where we built a beautiful space that had all we needed.

  • Oh, how naive I was to think that this would be a reasonable request for our family and friends, whose love languages seemed to consist only of presents, gifts, and even more gifts, all at the same time.
  • As an alternative to gifts, I suggested that you consider making a contribution to our first home’s nest fund instead of giving us money.
  • I can think of no more considerate present than making a contribution to our savings account for the future.
  • Remember how I described myself as naive?
  • But I’ve always been a bit of a jerk with my emotions.
  • And I’m happy to inform that I was successful in getting that money (mostly).

If you’re feeling smothered merely by reading this, I understand your discomfort. So let us take action to address this issue. Come on, honey, let’s fetch our money.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Sometimes it isn’t our family and friends who are preventing us from asking for what we want and need; it is ourselves who are standing in our way. It has been a long-standing and deeply established cultural custom to never speak about money. Never bring up the subject of money in polite company. In unpolite company, don’t even bring up the subject of money! And, most importantly, never, ever, ever beg for money. Friends, times change, and with them, cultural practices should evolve as well. This ban on money conversation prevents us from getting paid what we’re worth, and it is the primary cause of break-ups and divorce.

Let’s get this party started.

Then go ahead and ask for it.

Paint a picture of their purchase.

Generally speaking, people are hesitant to give to any cause if they aren’t certain how their money will be put to good use. Asking for donations to help support a specific request is much more likely to be met with enthusiasm than making a blanket appeal for money. What plans do you have for the money you’ve been given? Is it possible that they’re funding a long-awaited honeymoon? Providing assistance with the purchase of your first home? Perhaps you’re considering a career change or relocating across the nation for an employment opportunity.

Use online registries to your advantage.

Many websites are available that may assist you in telling your wedding narrative, coordinating information for your guests, and, yes, even managing a cash register for your big day. In exchange for donations to Honeyfund, you may ask your guests to “sponsor” certain components of your honeymoon, such as cocktails and supper at your favorite restaurant, excursions, and room service. In addition to managing a physical gift register, Zola and MyRegistry are one-stop shops where you can collect cash gifts, honeymoon contributions, and even wedding donations.



Use the whisper network.

Many websites are available to assist you in telling your wedding narrative, coordinating information for guests, and managing your cash register, among other things. In exchange for donations to Honeyfund, you may ask your guests to “sponsor” various components of your honeymoon, such as cocktails and supper at your favorite restaurant, excursions, and room service. It is possible to gather cash donations, honeymoon contributions, and even maintain a physical gift registry all in one place with Zola and MyRegistry.



Pay it backwards and forwards.

Make a difference in the world by being the change you desire to see. If you are dissatisfied with the fact that it is still forbidden to talk about money, then take the initiative and talk about money whenever you get the opportunity. Not only is this great for parties and huge life transitions, but it also helps us be paid more fairly, negotiate better work settings, and demolish power systems that do not serve us when we boldly announce that we are paid.

Request permission from the honoree if you receive an invitation to an event such as a wedding, baby shower, housewarming, or other celebration for which there is no gift registry indicated. Or, even better, simply make a gift in lieu of anything else. This is a revolution, you understand.

How to Politely Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift

Want to spend your money on something other than exquisite china and a silver gravy boat? Here’s how to ask for cash wedding presents, according to our recommendations. Assume the following scenario: you’re putting up your wedding gift registry, but there’s nothing you actually desire or require for your house. It’s possible that it’s time to skip the usual wedding presents and instead ask your friends and family for financial assistance to help you build your savings account. Don’t worry, this isn’t being greedy; in fact, asking for cash wedding presents is becoming increasingly fashionable in today’s society.

Here’s how to properly ask for money as a wedding gift.

Don’t need nice china and a silver gravy bucket as much as you need money. How to Ask for Cash Wedding Gifts is outlined in this article. Consider the following scenario: you’re putting up your wedding gift registry, but there’s nothing you actually desire or need for your house at the moment. It may be time to skip the customary wedding presents and instead ask your friends and family for financial assistance to help you build your savings account. Don’t worry, this isn’t being greedy; in fact, in this day and age, asking for cash wedding presents is becoming increasingly acceptable.

Be subtle in your approach

It’s usually a little difficult to approach someone and ask for money. Unfortunately, making a strong message on your wedding invites is considered a no-no, so you’ll have to be a little more creative when it comes to communicating your gift list information. We recommend creating a section on your wedding website dedicated to your register, whether it’s for cash wedding presents or anything else, so that visitors can see what you’re looking for without being swamped with information straight away.

Let your guests know how the money will be used

People are interested in knowing where their money is going. If you provide a brief explanation of why you prefer cash wedding presents over tangible wedding gifts, your guests will be more likely to contribute to your cash fund. Perhaps you’d like to make a donation to your favorite charitable organization? Consider the possibility that you’re saving money to buy your first house together. We recommend putting up a short tale and presenting it on your wedding website so that everyone understands exactly why you’ve decided to take this path.

When it comes to how to ask for money as a wedding present, anything along the lines of “Your attendance at our wedding is all that we desire for, however, if you want to provide a gift, we will be glad for a monetary donation towards our new house upgrades” may suffice.

Ask for items and gift cards, too

There’s a good chance that some of your visitors may want to offer you a physical present. Instead of waiting to see what they come up with, make a second register with a few select goods you’d want to have for your home instead of waiting. Who knows, you could even wind up with that glitzy new mixer you’ve been eyeing up for a while. The addition of gift cards to your wedding gift registry is permitted by several businesses, including Hudson’s Bay, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Linen Chest. This is a convenient method to indicate where your guests’ cash wedding gifts will be spent.

Don’t be greedy

Of course, you’re already aware of this, but it’s still worth pointing out. Your visitors are handing over their hard-earned money to you, so now is not the time to be excessively generous. Recognize that every gift made to your bank account, no matter how large or small, is significant. While you may have a specific dollar amount in mind that you’d want to achieve, avoid becoming obsessed with it. Create a free wedding website on WeddingWire to promote your big day.

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