How Much To Spend On Wedding Ring? (Perfect answer)

General Rule: You should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. If, for example, you are making $60,000 per year, you should spend $10,000 on the engagement ring.

  • How much to spend on a wedding ring depends on your wedding budget. There isn’t a wedding ring cost rule. On average, couples spend three percent of their budget on wedding rings. For example, if your wedding costs $25,000, three percent would be $750.


How much should you spend on wedding rings?

There isn’t a wedding ring cost rule. On average, couples spend three percent of their budget on wedding rings. For example, if your wedding costs $25,000, three percent would be $750. You might decide you want to spend five percent of your budget on rings, and a little less on dessert or music.

How much should a man spend on a wedding ring?

The average wedding ring cost is significantly less than an engagement ring. For men, the average is around $500, and for women it’s closer to $1,000. Most people choose from platinum, gold, silver, rose gold, or white gold.

How much should I spend on a wedding ring 2020?

Brides’ American Wedding Study found that the average couples spent on an engagement ring in 2020 was $3,756, which is less than the $7,829 average couples spent in 2018. However, some to-be-weds spend a lot less and some spend a whole lot more.

What kind of ring can you get for 10000?

In general, a $10,000 budget should allow you to purchase a diamond between 0.75 and 1.75-carats.

How many carats is the average wedding ring?

According to the survey by the Knot, the average ring size is between 1 to 1.5 carats.

Is a $2000 dollar engagement ring cheap?

No, a $2,000 engagement ring is not cheap, and can be quite stunning. The quality of your ring depends on the diamond’s cut and your setting, along with which vendor you choose. You can find high-quality budget diamond engagement rings through online vendors like Blue Nile and James Allen.

Is an engagement ring 3 months salary?

It’s known as the “three months’ salary” rule, and it implies that a buyer should put three months of their salary toward a sparkler for their future spouse. For context, The Knot 2021 Jewelry and Engagement study found that the average cost of an engagement ring in the US is $6,000.

Is 10k too much for an engagement ring?

General Rule: You should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. If, for example, you are making $60,000 per year, you should spend $10,000 on the engagement ring.

What is the average engagement ring size?

According to our study, the average engagement ring size is 1.5 carats. Roughly half of all engagement rings fall between 1 and 2 carats, with just 25% of rings sizing above two carats.

What is an average engagement ring price?

According to a 2019 survey from The Knot, the average engagement ring cost is actually somewhere around $5,900, and a good number of survey respondents (10%) said they spent less than $1,000.

How much is a 1ct diamond worth?

According to, a 1 carat diamond costs anywhere between $1,800 and $12,000. However, a quality diamond doesn’t just come down to size. When assessing stone value four very important factors are always taken into consideration – the four c’s of diamond quality: color, cut, clarity and carat. 5

Is 10K enough for a wedding ring?

$10,000 is quite a generous budget for an engagement ring. It’s certainly much more than the median amount spent on an engagement ring, which, according to the NY Times, is generally less than $3,000. In short, you’ll have no problems affording a beautiful, elegant engagement ring with a $10,000 budget.

Is 8000 a lot for an engagement ring?

This arbitrary two-month rule would suggest that those who make $100,000 per year should spend a whopping $16,000 on an engagement ring. By this same rule, someone who makes $50,000 a year should spend about $8,000 for a ring.

How much was Britney engagement ring?

Although the exact cost has not been disclosed, a ring of this size in the quality fit for The Princess of Pop herself is worth at least $150,000 USD.

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend (which they unquestionably are), what exactly is an engagement ring? For now, we’ll present you with another difficult question: how much money should one spend on an engagement ring in the first place? With so many prevalent myths and misunderstandings surrounding the purchase of engagement rings, it may be difficult to determine a realistic budget for your significant other when you’re out shopping for jewelry. Our experts Taylor Lanore and Jennifer Gandia helped us figure out how much an engagement ring should cost and disproved some commonly held engagement ring misconceptions.

Meet the Subject Matter Expert

  • She was previously a diamond consultant and the public relations director forRing Concierge, a company that creates a personalized wedding jewelry experience. Jennifer Gandia is a jeweler and the proprietor of Greenwich St. Jewelers in New York City
  • She has been in the business for over 20 years.

What’s the Average Cost?

A study conducted by Brides indicated that the average amount spent on an engagement ring in 2020 was $3,756, which is less than the average amount spent on an engagement ring last year of $7,829 (according to Brides’ American Wedding Study). Some soon-to-be-weds, on the other hand, spend far less, while others spend significantly more. According to Lanore, everything is totally dependent on the financial status of your fiancé-to-be. According to her, “Spend whatever amount you feel comfortable with—no there’s reason to go into debt.” “It also relies on the tastes of your significant other.

However, if she (or he) want a large stone, it is still extremely possible.

Engagement Ring Cost Myths

As a proposed engagement ring guideline, it is recommended that one spend around three months of their wage, however according to Lanore, this is the most popular (and out-of-date) engagement ring myth. In reality, there is no fixed rule for how much money you should spend on an engagement ring, and she works with clients on a variety of budgets.

Finding a Cheaper Diamond Online

According to Lanore, buying diamonds online is much riskier than buying them in person since there are significantly more low-quality stones to choose from, which isn’t necessarily visible to the untrained eye. Instead, she advises getting directly to the cause of the problem. When it comes to your specific needs, Lanore recommends consulting with professionals. “There are a plethora of tactics to know for each diamond cut and form; after all, diamond cutting is a scientific endeavor. I strongly advise working with a diamond specialist to aid with the choosing of the center stone.” These professionals can assist you in utilizing the ” Four C’s ” in order to obtain the greatest possible diamond for your budget.

If you are unable to locate a local diamond expert, there are several firms that may be contacted remotely.

How Much Is Too Much to Spend?

Even if there is no fixed price restriction when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, you may be concerned that your spouse may be tempted to go overboard with the purchase. If you are aware that a proposal is on the horizon, be forthright and slide your thoughts into a casual chat. Make up a tale and say something along the lines of, “It’s funny because Jen was just telling me last week that she really wished her husband had spent less money on the engagement ring so that they might have had more money to play with for their wedding budget.

To be really honest, I don’t believe anyone should spend more than $, do you?” You may also express your worry to your partner’s family and friends, who will then pass the word on to the appropriate people.

How to Cut Engagement Ring Costs

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you may still surprise your significant other with the engagement ring of their dreams thanks to a few engagement ringshopping tricks. Brides by Emily Roberts/Brides

Ditch the Diamond

Because diamonds are the most expensive portion of an engagement ring, choosing an alternative to a diamond as the center stone might save you a significant amount of money. “Take, for example, a white sapphire, which is robust enough to sustain everyday use and has a hue that is comparable,” Gandia suggests. “Other jewels that have traditionally been favored include blue sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. These stones can be slightly less expensive than diamonds, depending on their quality, however extremely rare and high-quality stones can occasionally be more expensive.” Are there any other atypical stones that are becoming increasingly popular by the day?

“These are all excellent choices for consumers searching for a less expensive alternative to a diamond that will nonetheless have a lot of luster,” Gandia adds.

Know Your Settings

Keep in mind that certain configurations might be rather expensive to use. However, while your future husband may be very smitten with Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring (which is completely understandable), the setting itself may be rather expensive and have an impact on the size of the center stone. Instead, if you prefer to spend the majority of your money on the diamond in the ring, try a classic solitaire setting, which will make the stone look larger and more prominent.

Manipulate the “Four Cs”

If you work on the lower end of the color and clarity scales, you may save a significant amount of money on your engagement ring (particularly if you choose brilliant-cut diamonds) without losing quality. Lanore adds that when it comes to clarity, “as long as you can’t spot inclusions with the naked eye, you’re in good condition.” The clarity of the stone, contrary to common opinion, is independent of everything else and has no effect on the brightness of the stone.

Lanore goes on to say that the color of the diamond is “purely a matter of personal opinion,” but that “if size is your primary concern, try working down here if you’re on a budget.”

Go the Antique Route

In Lanore’s opinion, “antique diamonds are extremely amazing when it comes to disguising color, and they face up 2-3 hues whiter than their grade says.” “There’s a tremendous romanticism to these jewels,” says the author. Overall, Lanore suggests paying close attention to your partner’s particular style and any hints they may be dropping in order to get the most bang for your buck and give them the engagement ring they truly want (and deserve). The most common design that men (and women) choose is a round brilliant diamond, which is the most expensive diamond per carat because of the difficulty in cutting it, says Lanore.

Make sure you set aside your own tastes in order to properly cater to your significant other.

How Much to (Realistically) Spend on an Engagement Ring

Third-party items have been incorporated to assist you in navigating and enjoying life’s most important moments. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. Are you ready to begin your search for an engagement ring? When it comes time to take your relationship to the next level, you’ll want to be sure to do it right with a unique engagement ring and a passionate proposal. After all, this is a moment that you will remember (and that you and your partner have been looking forward to) for a long time.

I mean, it’s as simple as finding a jewelry store and remembering to carry your wallet.

You may read on to learn about the typical engagement ring cost in 2021, bust some myths about how much you should expect to spend on an engagement ring, and learn about the variables to consider when choosing the perfect jewelry for your spouse as well as your budget.

  • The average cost of an engagement ring
  • The most popular types of engagement rings
  • The average cost of wedding bands
  • And more. Rules for How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring
  • How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring
  • A realistic estimate of how much you should spend on an engagement ring
  • The Most Effective Strategies for Saving Money on an Engagement Ring

Average Engagement Ring Cost

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that diamonds will continue to be a significant investment. A recent study by The Knot 2021 Jewelry and Engagement Study revealed that the average cost of an engagement ring is presently $6,000. A number of considerations should be taken into account when determining how much money to spend on an engagement ring. While the national average cost of a wedding ring is $6,000, the amount spent by each couple differs. According to the results of our survey, almost one-third of all respondents will spend between $1,000 and $4,000 on their engagement ring.

It is crucial to note that the $6,000 figure is a national average based on responses from respondents all around the country and is impacted by a variety of factors, one of which is geographic location.

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Midwesterners were lagging behind, spending an average of $5,200 on their engagement rings.

The average amount spent in regions such as New England, the Southwest, and the Southeast was $7,400, $5,500, and $5,300, according to the data. The Midwest has the lowest average cost of an engagement ring, followed by the South and the West.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Types

Despite the fact that emeralds and sapphires have historical significance, our research indicated that diamonds continue to be the most valuable gemstone. Couples are still predominantly preferring diamonds as their center jewel, with 85 percent of ring consumers selecting this as their center gem. Although this is the case, several alternative stones are gradually (but steadily!) gaining in favour. Moissanite, for example, is gaining in favor all the time. In 2021, moissanite was chosen by 28 percent of those who purchased an alternative ring containing a precious stone, representing an increase of 9 percent from 2019.

  1. However, while the size of an engagement ring is an important consideration, the form has the most influence on its overall appearance.
  2. This form, on the other hand, is slowly deteriorating, as indicated by the fact that this figure is down 2 percent from 2020.
  3. More information about the most common engagement ring forms may be found here.
  4. Engagement rings, on the other hand, aren’t simply about the stones.
  5. White gold is still the most popular metal setting among ring consumers, with 45 percent of those who answered the survey picking this material as their preferred setting.
  6. Approximately 20 percent of respondents chose yellow gold as their second most favorite option, with platinum rounding out the top three with 14 percent of respondents selecting platinum.

Engagement Ring Budgets

It is undeniably true that engagement ring prices are not to be taken lightly—but where do you even begin when considering how much to spend on an engagement diamond for your partner? The solution is complex and very subjective, and it has several facets. According to Katherine Kane, a jeweler, “establishing a comfortable budget is a crucial first step.” “Determine your top priorities (such as size or quality) to assist you in your search for the right ring. Given that this is a purchase that you will be looking at every day for the rest of your life, it is worthwhile to set a budget for it beforehand.” Setting a budget for a ring is one of the most straightforward strategies to prevent overspending on a ring.

  • Despite the fact that a considerable number of soon-to-be married couples (18 percent, to be exact) talked with their significant other about their wedding budget, the proposer ultimately made the final decision alone.
  • Some buyers found it difficult to stick to their spending limits; just 63 percent of ring consumers managed to stay within their budget, while 29 percent went above their allotted amount.
  • Only 3 percent of those who answered the survey claimed their parents paid for or contributed to the ring, while 4 percent indicated their spouse paid for or contributed.
  • As well as taking into considerationthe price of the engagement ring, it’s also vital to consider the cost of insurance.

According to the findings of our investigation, 69 percent of consumers also got ring insurance. We will always propose that couples protect their engagement rings because it is such a significant financial and sentimental investment.

The Average Cost of Wedding Bands

While the engagement ring is often the most expensive piece of jewelry, wedding bands are also an important aspect to consider when planning a budget. According to our research, the average cost of a female wedding band in 2021 will be $1,100 dollars. While this is true, the average cost of a men’s wedding ring is around $550. White gold is the most preferred wedding band material, although rose gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver were all among the most popular choices among consumers.

Where People are Buying Rings

While consumers like shopping online for clothes, food, and home products, our research reveals that when it comes to wedding rings, to-be-weds prefer a traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. According to our research, 67 percent of proposers purchased their engagement jewelry from a retail establishment. 40 percent of individuals who answered the survey said they went to a local or independent jeweler, while 26 percent said they went to a national or regional jewelry chain. Kay Jewelers was chosen by 28 percent of individuals who chose to shop at a chain store.

Jared was a close second in terms of popularity, with 13 percent of the pool preferring to purchase from the brand.

“Rules” for How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring (That You’re Welcome to Ignore)

This guideline, which states that you should spend no more than three months’ gross income on an engagement ring, is most likely something you’ve heard about. Few people are aware that this rule was first developed as a marketing endeavor by diamond marketers to increase sales around the time of World War II’s outbreak. While it started out as a guideline of one month’s income, this idea has grown to include two and even three months’ compensation. It is completely impractical, especially because it examines gross income rather than net income or inflation, and because it does not take into account debt burden.

Translation: You are allowed to disregard this antiquated “law” on engagement ring budgets.

Engagement Ring Calculators

When you use an engagement ring calculator, the information you provide about your income, lifestyle and debt-to-asset ratio is used to help you determine how much to spend on an engagement ring. If you want to use an engagement ring calculator to figure out a ballpark price, go ahead and do so, but stay away from the too complicated versions. Better still, continue reading for some useful (and legitimate) suggestions on how to calculate how much money you should spend on the perfect engagement ring for you.

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring (Realistically)

Shannon Delany-Ron, chief marketing officer at online diamond retailer James Allen, advises anybody considering purchasing an engagement ring to first establish a financial plan. The amount of money you want to spend is vital to know because it will lead all of your decisions going future, says Delany-Ron. “This will influence all of your actions moving forward.” “After that, we urge that you consider your priorities. Are you seeking for a diamond of exceptional quality? Are you prepared to make a small sacrifice in terms of quality in order to obtain a bigger stone?

  • Financial Situation: Establish a price range that you are comfortable with, especially if you will be making ring payments in the near future. Make an assessment of your existing financial condition in order to determine what you can afford
  • Expectations from the partner: Your aim is to get a ring that your significant other will adore, regardless of the cost. Perhaps you could directly ask your spouse for ring suggestions, or perhaps you could go “window shopping” together to discover out what they truly want. If you want your proposal to be a complete surprise, you can consider consulting with friends or family members. Consider their personal style, interests, and overall lifestyle, as well as previous presents you’ve given them, before selecting an engagement ring. Engagement Ring Meaningfulness: A thoughtful ring that speaks to your partner’s distinctive personality will be far more significant than the largest ring you can locate. Perhaps your spouse would prefer an heirloom over a ring, or perhaps they would want to break with convention and forego a diamond entirely
  • Whatever the case, we can help.

The Best Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

As soon as you’re ready to pull out your wallet, be certain that you’re getting the most bang for your dollars by following these steps.

Consider Shopping Online

Delany-Ron recommends purchasing online in order to confirm that you are obtaining a decent price and goods, as well as to avoid paying markups in-store if possible. In comparison to buying in a physical store, “the overall savings you may get by shopping online can range from 30 percent to 50 percent,” she explains. “Additionally, because of the enormous choices, you can be certain that you will receive the precise diamond and ring that matches you and your budget, rather than being coerced into purchasing anything from the store’s jewelry display.” In addition to offering significant savings on the cost of the engagement ring, shopping online allows you to personalize the ring, guaranteeing that your spouse receives precisely what they want from the engagement diamond.

Additional information about purchasing an engagement ring online may be found in the section below.

Give Up a Fraction of Carat Size

“Use a diamond that is somewhat smaller in size,” Delany-Ron advises. “Diamonds with carat weights that are just a little below typical cut-off marks are known as fancy cut diamonds. For example, a 0.97-carat diamond seems to be equal to a 1.0-carat diamond when viewed with the human eye, but it is far less expensive.”

Skip the Solitaire Center Stone

Rather than purchasing a solitaire diamond band, go for a ring that is composed of multiple smaller diamonds to create the illusion of a bigger carat size. When compared to purchasing a single diamond of the same overall size, “multiple-stone rings provide a greater overall size impression on a lesser price,” Kane says. “Side stones can make a significant impact,” says the author. Finding a beautiful ring without going over budget is possible with a multi-stone engagement ring. Furthermore, if you choose this option, you’re in luck: the halo ring, a setting that encompasses a central gemstone, is now popular, and it makes even a modest center diamond appear spectacular (and huge).

How to Buy an Engagement Ring from an Online Diamond Retailer

An engagement ring composed of a number of smaller diamonds, rather than a single huge diamond, may give the appearance of a higher carat weight. When compared to purchasing a single diamond of the same overall size, “multiple-stone rings provide a greater overall size impression on a lesser price,” Kane suggests. “Side stones may make a significant impact,” says the designer. Multi-stone engagement rings are a fantastic method to obtain a lovely band without going over budget. Furthermore, if you choose this option, you’re in luck: the halo ring, a setting that encompasses a central gemstone, is now in style and can make even a modest center diamond appear magnificent (and huge).

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost? Hint: Ignore The Old Rule

What should the price of an engagement ring be? There’s a proverb about that, to be sure. You’ve most likely heard your father or grandpa recite or moaning about that piece of ancient family legend at some point in their lives.

Nevertheless, does the long-held norm really hold true today? Check read the rest of the article; you might be surprised to learn where it comes from and why it has survived for so long. Take a look at the Engagement Ring Catalog

How much should an engagement ring cost?

This is the old-school guideline that your father or grandpa most likely informed you about or warned you about when you were younger: Essentially, you should be prepared to spend two or three months’ wages on an engagement ring, depending on your financial situation. For example, if you earn $4,000 per month, you should feel compelled to spend $8,000 to $12,000 per month on an engagement ring; if you earn $10,000 per month, you should feel obligated to spend $20,000 to $30,000 per month on an engagement ring.

The problem with that

To begin, consider the following: You could work a part-time job and still afford to pay rent on a one-bedroom New York City apartment in your grandfather’s day; college tuition was 75 percent to 90 percent less than it is now at the best universities; health-care costs were a fraction of what they are now; and the biggest “experiences” you planned for as a couple were the reception and having children.

  1. Thus, the guys who popularized the two-month pay norm had less costs and different priorities than the ones who developed and promoted it.
  2. In the 1930s, the advertising agency for the firm that sold the most diamonds was established.
  3. It was extremely effective: Before the 1930s, just 10% of engagement rings featured diamonds; by the end of the century, 80% did, and the one-month limit had been extended to two or three months.
  4. Melewar, professor of marketing and strategy at Middlesex University, described it as “one of the most effective chunks of marketing ever attempted.”

Breaking up with tradition: engagement ring costbudgeting today

Couples are becoming more and more dissatisfied with convention. Your circumstance is unique, and your engagement ring should be a reflection of the life you’ve built together rather than a guideline that you follow blindly. (See this page for further information on how to buy an engagement ring on a tight budget.) Perhaps you and your partner have other objectives for your life together, such as purchasing a new home, paying off school loans, or investing for your children’s education. Perhaps, like an increasing number of young couples, you’ve read about the study on the impact of experiences rather than material things, and you’ve decided to spend a larger proportion of your money on chances like as travel or mutually pleasurable activities rather than material items.

Shopping together for an engagement ring

Shopping for an engagement ring has evolved into a more collaborative process than ever before: more and more couples are shopping for the ring together, and some are even dividing the cost of the purchase. In a recent Cosmopolitan article, Rachel Torgerson wrote about her experience co-buying her engagement ring with her fiancé. “Being there every step of the way helped me appreciate the immensity of what truly goes into a proposal,” she said. “Saving up enough money to purchase a ring, doing comparison shopping, selecting if size or quality is more important, and writing that check are all things that need to be considered.

Things was fantastic to see it through in such a methodical and very deliberate manner.” Online engagement ring shopping can be a romantic and bonding experience for couples.

And with With Clarity’s beautiful selection of hand-crafted, ethically sourced engagement rings and other services like free shipping and returns, replica home preview, and lifetime warranty, it can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of wise decisions you can make with your partner.

Beauty on a budget: engagement ring tips

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are methods to get the most out of your engagement diamond. To begin, shop online. The price of a diamond can be marked up by 50 percent or more at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store in order to meet their overhead costs. You benefit from these discounts because With Clarity is an online jeweler that was formed with strong links to diamond sources. Second, think about acquiring a diamond engagement ring with a prong setting. Preset diamond rings are a more economical alternative that also saves you time in the selection process.

  • Third, have a look at our professional advise on how to make your diamond dollar go further.
  • Fourth, consider whether you would want to purchase a lab-grown diamond rather than a genuine diamond.
  • As a result, buyers will have a more cheap diamond choice available to them.
  • Cinquièmement, the usage of moissanite in engagement rings has seen a recent upsurge in popularity in recent years.
  • Clarity’s skilled gemologists can assist you in finding the perfect ring to commemorate your new life together.

Trending Engagement Ring Styles

  • Starting at $250, a classic six prong pear diamond ring
  • A Cathedral Twist Emerald Diamond Ring
  • And more. Rings start at:$450
  • Diamond Basket Solitaire Rings start at:$780
  • Underhalo Classic Diamond Rings start at:$990
  • Oval Gallery Halo Oval Diamond Rings start at:$1,060
  • Cluster Side Stone Diamond Rings start at:$1,260
  • Milgrain Flower Halo Diamond Rings start at:$1,160
  • Vintage Leaf Halo Diamond Rings start at:$1,600
  • Vine Diamond Rings start at:$1,930
  • Gratia Diamond Ring

Engagement Rings are available for purchase.


To recap, an engagement ring should be purchased within a budget that is both reasonable and comfortable for you and your significant other. Throw off the norm about saving three months’ pay and find a figure that will help you remain on track with your life and wedding preparation objectives instead. Consider the components that are most essential to you, whether it’s a higher-quality diamond or a personalized ring design, and work backwards from there to establish a budget.

Who traditionally pays for the engagement ring?

The majority of the time, the spouse who is providing the engagement ring purchases the ring. If you’re talking economics and engagement ring shopping with your spouse, it’s important to remember that a rising number of situations involve the wearer not just offering their ideas but also contributing to the budget for the ring.

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How much of your salary should an engagement ring cost be?

This decision is entirely up to you. It is mostly decided by your savings and expenditures, not by your income. The average cost of an engagement ring in the United States is around $5,000.

But if you want something that is less expensive, you may buy a lab diamond or work with a more affordable metal like as 10kt gold, which is less expensive than platinum. When selecting an engagement ring, keep in mind to emphasize her likes and dislikes as well as her personality.

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Ring

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Deals are on the way! James Allen is offering a 25% discount on settings, while Blue Nile is offering a 15% discount! You’ll need to figure out how much you’re going to spend on a wedding ring at some point throughout the planning process. As with every detail—from your location to your flowers—you must decide how much of your money you are willing to spend on each one. A big number of customers opt for an earring like this one from Blue Nile, which costs less than $200 dollars (depending on the metal).

Review our article to discover more about the typical cost of wedding bands as well as what to look for when purchasing a wedding ring for your significant other.

Average Cost of Wedding Bands in 2019 – Male and Female

In 2019, the average cost of a male wedding ring was $510, while the average cost of a female wedding band was $1,100, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A recent study by theBrides’ American Wedding Study found that on average, wedding rings were three percent of a couple’s total wedding spending. The cost of engagement rings accounted for 14 percent of the total wedding expense.

How much should a wedding ring cost?

Rings cost from $180 to $2,000 or more, depending on the quality. The price of wedding rings is determined by the precious metal used, the design of the setting, the quantity of diamonds used, and the location where the ring is purchased. For example, this basic 14K white gold ring from James Allen is $240, yet this micro pave diamond ring from James Allen, which is also $240, is $1,080. Wedding Ring with Micro Pave

How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

The amount of money you should spend on a wedding ring is determined by a number of factors, including the kind of setting you like and your wedding budget. Choose a ring that you will like wearing for years to come and that is affordable for your budget. When purchasing a wedding band, there are several factors to consider.

1. Rings that complement each other

Many couples want their wedding bands to match so that they appear as if they are a matching set when placed side by side. For example, you and your partner might both chose rose gold for your rings. Alternatively, you might choose rings with similar designs, such as this Princess Cut channel set for women from Blue Nile or this one for men from the same brand. Wedding rings in yellow gold with micropavé stones and a classic design. Couple rings are even available from Blue Nile, which are meant to complement one another.

Their rings may be made of white gold and yellow gold, and their designs could be completely different.

You should discuss this with your future spouse to establish whether you want your rings to be complementary to one another. This will aid you in the selection of styles as well as the determination of the cost of your wedding rings.

2. Wedding bands that match the engagement ring

The fact that an engagement ring is typically chosen first means that it is critical to locate a wedding band that complements it. Wedding rings for ladies may cost as much as $2,000 or more, depending on the quality and design. Finding a wedding band that complements your other wedding accessories is effort and money well spent. For example, if your engagement ring is made of white gold, your wedding band should also be made of white gold. Take into consideration the thickness of your band and make certain that it does not dominate your engagement ring in any way.

  • You may use tools such as Blue Nile’s Wedding Ring Match to choose the perfect wedding ring.
  • While some individuals choose to keep their engagement and wedding bands separate, other others solder the two together in one piece.
  • Soldering them together may keep the rings from rotating and becoming out of rhythm with one another.
  • Check out this website for instructions on how to do it correctly.

Round Cut Engagement Rings for Inspiration (Click a Ring for More Information)

Your wedding band will be worn every day for the rest of your life, so make sure it is durable. Gold and platinum in the 14K and 18K ranges are preferred precious metals for wedding bands. 14K gold is the most durable and least costly of the gold alloys. 18K gold contains a larger amount of gold in its composition and is therefore more prone to scratching, but it is still robust enough to be worn on a daily basis. Platinum is the most expensive option, but it is also the most durable. It takes more upkeep than gold, though.

Tungsten carbide is a scratch-resistant and exceptionally durable material.

Prices for titanium and tungsten carbide wedding rings are comparable to those for gold wedding rings, and in certain cases, they are even less expensive than gold.

All wedding bands require frequent cleaning and polishing in order to maintain their luster.

4. Style

The most critical factor to consider is how your ring looks and feels to you. When it comes to traditional designs, apetite milgrain rings, such as this one from Blue Nile, can be a good choice. Alternatively, if you want something truly distinctive, you might choose an atwist micropavé wedding band such as this one from Blue Nile. It is your wedding ring that signifies the depth of your love and dedication to one another.

It also serves as a display for your individual style. White gold is the most common wedding ring material for ladies, and tungsten is the most popular wedding band material for men. Our guide to Men’s Wedding Bandswill assist you in making the best choice.

5. Your overall wedding budget

The amount of money you spend on a wedding ring is determined by your wedding budget. There is no set guideline for how much a wedding ring should cost. Wedding rings account for around three percent of a couple’s total spending on average. Consider the following example: if your wedding costs $25,000, three percent equals $750. If you spend five percent of your money on rings, and a bit less on dessert or music, you’ve achieved your goal. Choosing how to divide a wedding money is a personal decision for each couple.

Find a monetary sum that both of you are comfortable with.

Best Wedding Bands – Female

The greatest wedding bands for women are available in a variety of styles, from plain bands to elaborate diamond-studded rings. The most popular wedding band designs are shown here, organized by wedding ring price range. Ring with a Diamond Accent

$500 or less

  • James Allen’s traditional wedding band
  • Blue Nile’s petite milgrain curved ring
  • And James Allen’s traditional wedding band


Band made of yellow gold

  • Blue Nile’s BaguetteRound Pavé Diamond Channel Wedding Band
  • James Allen’s Milgrain Bezel Set Diamond Ring
  • And Blue Nile’s BaguetteRound Pavé Diamond Channel Wedding Band


Ring with Diamonds

  • Blue Nile’s Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Ring
  • Blue Nile’s Riviera Pavé Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring
  • And Blue Nile’s Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Ring


Pavé Crossover Wedding Band Pavé Crossover Wedding Band

  • Pear Cluster Diamond Wedding Ring from Blue Nile
  • Five Stone Prong Contour Diamond Ring from James Allen
  • Pear Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile

Best Wedding Bands – Male

Wedding rings made of tungsten carbide and white gold are among the most attractive options available. Vintage patterns and contemporary styles are available in a variety of price ranges. Take a look at these best selections for guys, which are broken down by wedding ring pricing. Wedding Band Made of Tungsten

$400 or less

  • Blue Nile’s brushed and polished tungsten carbide wedding ring
  • James Allen’s 5mm low dome gold wedding ring
  • Blue Nile’s brushed and polished tungsten carbide wedding ring

Wedding Band with a Wire Finish


  • James Allen’s flat comfort fit wedding ring in white gold
  • Blue Nile’s Celtic Trinity Knot wedding band in white gold
  • And more.


Wedding Bands are available for hire.

  • Blue Nile’s platinum wedding ring with brushed inlay
  • James Allen’s blackened forest ring
  • And more pieces


Band with a matte texture

  • Blue Nile’s Paisley Wedding Ring in Two Tone
  • James Allen’s Etched Channel Set Wedding Ring in Etched Channel Set

Contact our specialists if you need assistance with your wedding band selection. a little about the authorMike learnt the diamond industry from the ground up while working at Leo Schachter Diamonds, which is one of the world’s leading diamond producers. In addition to Time, People, Money, the Daily Mirror, NerdWallet, the Times Herald, Yahoo Finance Australia, the Art of Charm, the Washington Diplomat, and The Next Web, he has been acknowledged as a diamond industry expert by a variety of publications.

James Allen is the industry leader in the sale of diamonds on the internet.

They have the largest unique loose diamond collection on the internet, as well as the most competitive pricing.

During the James Allen limited-time sale, you can save an additional 25% on settings!

  • Returns are accepted within 30 days after shipment with no questions asked. A pre-paid mailing label will be sent to you by James Allen in order to return the ring. Warranty for the rest of your life
  • International shipping is provided at no cost. Every six months, you will receive free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating, and cleaning. Insurance assessments are provided. Within 60 days of purchase, you are entitled to one free sizing. Inscriptions on rings are provided for free. Imagery of all diamonds in stock that is of the highest possible grade
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Packaging that is among the best in the industry

Returns are accepted within 30 days after shipping without asking any questions. You will be sent a pre-paid mailing label to return the ring by James Allen. A warranty that lasts a lifetime Worldwide Shipping Is Included; Every six months, you’ll receive free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating, and cleaning. Insurance evaluations are available; nevertheless, A one free resizing within 60 days of the original purchase. Inscriptions on rings are provided free of charge. Imagery of all diamonds in stock that is of the highest quality available; Services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week Packaging that is among the best in the industry.

  • Returns are accepted within 30 days after shipment with no questions asked. In order to return the ring, Blue Nile will provide you with a pre-paid postage label. Warranty for the rest of your life
  • Shipping is complimentary. Every six months, you will receive free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating, and cleaning. Assist in obtaining an insurance appraisal Within the first year of purchase, you are entitled to one free resizing. High-resolution photos of around half of their gems
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One hundred percent credit against future improvements (which must be at least double the current value)
  • Exceptional customer satisfaction

Still afraid of getting ripped off?

Before making a diamond purchase, get personal purchasing guidance from diamond industry professionals. We’ll assist you in obtaining the most valuable diamond for your money.

Ask your diamond purchase question here

DISCLAIMER: We will not use your email address for marketing purposes. Period.

Engagement Ring Calculator – How Much Should You Spend?

Calculate the cost of an engagement ring and the cost of a wedding band. Is it difficult for you to determine how much money to spend on her engagement ring? We wholeheartedly agree! This is a difficult question! There are a plethora of other people that are dealing with the same issue. The good news is that we’ve sold thousands of engagement rings to customers who had the same dilemma, and as a result, we’ve developed a revolutionary calculator that will tell you how much money you should spend.

Engagement Ring Budget Calculator

EXCITING UPDATES: This Engagement Ring Budget Calculator has gained a great deal of attention around the internet in recent months. A number of publications, including the News Blaze, Evan Carmichael, Smarter Ware, and the University Chronicle, have written about this calculator. Please keep in mind that our calculator creates a predicted budget based on our more than three decades of market expertise. The overall budget does not represent a precise scientific calculation, but rather a ballpark estimate.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

The “traditional amount” that couples should spend on their engagement ring has previously been established by a few payment methods that people use to calculate the “traditional amount.” These strategies have been made public by the most well-known blogs and websites that discuss how to budget for an engagement ring purchase. Our budgeting calculator integrates the beneficial aspects of well-known budgeting techniques while rejecting the aspects that we believe are antiquated. In addition, we have included a large number of other criteria to make the computations more precise and personalized.

Spending $10,000 on an engagement ring is appropriate if your annual income is $60,000, for example.

Our goal is to replace the present out-of-date budgeting systems with a custom-tailored budget plan that is more suitable for each couple and their way of living.

Following the use of our calculator, we hope that no one will be left wondering, “How much am I meant to spend on my engagement ring?” For more information on our research on the engagement ring statistics for the United States in 2020, please visit our website HERE.

Current (and out-dated) Ring Budget Theories

The following are some of the most prominent budgeting theories currently in use:

  • A two-month salary (as well as one- and three-month salaries)
  • An average cost
  • An average diamond size

See below for a breakdown of each system, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

2 Months Salary

This system also contains the salary schemes for one and three months. This is perhaps the most often used method of determining how much money to spend on an engagement ring. We at Estate Diamond Jewelry highly oppose the use of the “2 month salary” scheme, but here’s how it works in practice. If you earn $60,000 per year, for example, your engagement ring budget is $5,000 if you follow the one-month strategy, $10,000 if you follow the two-month system, and $15,000 if you follow the three month system.

Cons: Extremely straightforward in terms of calculation.

Cons: This budgeting method is far too simplistic for the present period, and it should be replaced. The debt and costs incurred by the couple, as well as their lifestyle choices, are not taken into consideration in the budgeting process.

What is the average cost for an engagement ring?

The average cost of an engagement ring in 2015 was roughly $5,800, according to industry statistics. In 2017, the price is likely to have increased, and we estimate that the average is around $6,800. Instead of basing your budget on a global average, you should base it on your financial resources. No one should be forced into debt in order to pay off their engagement ring debts. Pros: System that is quite basic. You and your partner agree that you paid a “fair” or “average” price. Cons: The majority of persons fall far below or much above the norm.

Limiting the budget to a national average is a terrible concept in almost every way.

We highly advise that you select a budget that is matched to your specific circumstances.

Average size of diamond in an engagement ring

Engagement ring with a 1.10 carat diamond Some people choose to base their budget calculations on the size of the center diamond, while others prefer to use a different method. We’ve done a great deal of study on this issue, and all of the statistics appear to have faults, biases, or a great deal of guesswork in their calculations. Based on the research we’ve done, we estimate that the average diamond size in the United States is 1.10 carats on average. The average carat weight appears to be roughly 0.70 carats in the Commonwealth countries (the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).

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To give you an example, a 1.10 carat round D color, flawless diamond will cost roughly $19,000, whereas a similar size 1.10 carat round J color, SI2 clarity diamond would cost approximately $4200.

The disadvantage of this technique is that many individuals will be unsatisfied with their diamond.

This budgeting strategy will significantly impair the ability to maintain control over all other aspects of the diamond.

What if I can’t afford to buy a ring?

The solution is really straightforward. If you are unable to afford a ring, do not purchase one. That is all there is to it. Although the engagement ring is a significant piece of jewelry, it is not a suitable cause to get into debt. If you can’t afford it, you should postpone it. It’s best to stick to the following rule: If you can’t afford an expensive ring, get a more reasonable one.

Engagement ring price brackets

You will need to grasp the pricing brackets once you have decided how much money you want to spend on an engagement ring. Despite the fact that there are many different formats, we’ve grouped them into the following pricing ranges. Engagement rings ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 may be found here. For engagement rings ranging between $8,000 and $11,000, go to this link. Engagement rings ranging from $11,000 to $15,000 may be found here.

For engagement rings ranging between $15,000 and $20,000, please visit this page. For engagement rings costing more than $20,000, please visit this page. Are you interested in including the ring budget calculator on your website? Copy the following code:

Add the calculator to your website

a name=”form172769966″ id=”formAnchor172769966″/a a name=”form172769966″ id=”formAnchor172769966″/a type=”text/javascript” in the script src=”script type=”text/javascript” content=”script” EmbedManager.embed(key: ” 172769966″,width: “100 percent “,mobileResponsive: true) is a method that embeds a webpage. ;/script

What’s an appropriate amount to spend on an engagement ring?

The editorial staff at Select works independently to evaluate financial products and publish articles that we believe will be of interest to our readers. It is possible that we will gain a commission if you click on links to items from our associate partners. There are a plethora of wedding customs that couples are obligated to follow since they are considered excellent etiquette. However, there are plenty of rule-breakers out there who believe that ancient standards have no place in today’s discussions about money and marriage, and they are not alone.

  • In addition, there’s the antiquated “three-month rule,” which states that spending one-fourth of your annual pay on an engagement ring for your fiancée is the most romantic way to express your feelings for her.
  • To put that figure into context, according to the three-month guideline, a person earning $50,000 per year should spend $12,500 on an engagement ring to propose.
  • According to a 2019 poll conducted by The Knot, the average engagement ring costs around $5,900, with a significant proportion of survey respondents (10 percent) reporting that they paid less than $1,000 on their engagement ring.
  • There is no one perfect response, and there is no one proper amount to spend on an engagement ring, just as there is no one right way to accomplish everything in life.
  • Consider purchasing a modest engagement ring this year and using the leftover funds to start a joint savings account that will set you on the path to the shared future you desire.
  • However, if purchasing a costly engagement ring is of the highest significance to you, there are options for financing it if you don’t have the funds available right now.
  • Simply ensure that you have the financial means to make the monthly installments for the duration of the loan period.

You could finance your engagement ring over 15 months interest-free (after that, the rate ranges from 12.99 percent to 23.99 percent variable; see rates and fees), and you could also earn 10,000 Membership Rewards® points after you make $1,000 in purchases within the first three months of opening the card, if you use it.

  1. So you may pay over time without incurring interest charges while also optimizing your savings by collecting cash back or rewards points that can be used to fund a honeymoon or equip your first house as a married pair, among other things.
  2. Despite the fact that store cards have a number of unintended consequences, they sometimes provide consumers with an unique 0% interest term.
  3. Not sure if you’ll be eligible for a credit card with a 0 percent APR?: The finest 0 percent APR credit cards need having strong or exceptional credit.
  4. Whatever much you want to spend, make certain that you are okay with the expense.
  5. The information in this article regarding the Amex EveryDay® Credit Card was gathered independently by CNBC and has not been vetted or supplied by the card’s issuer prior to publication, unless otherwise stated.

Note from the editors: The opinions, analyses, evaluations, and recommendations contained in this article are solely those of the Select editorial staff, and have not been vetted, authorized, or otherwise supported by any other party other than the Select editorial staff.

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring in 2022 [with Average Cost]

So, how much money should you spend on a wedding ring is a personal decision. It’s a delicate subject, but one on which I’d like to attempt to provide some guidance. When I was driving with my closest friend and her new fiancé, it was one of the finest experiences of my life. He turned to me and inquired as to what I thought was the most essential thing to spend money on:

  1. It all starts with the engagement ring, then the wedding ceremony and reception, then the honeymoon.

In fact, I am more than certain that I shouted “THE RING!” and it would still be my response even now. The wedding day is stressful because it happens so quickly — you plan for months and then it is done in a blink of an eye. There are just nice memories left, as well as photographs for you to go at. When compared to this, a honeymoon is merely an extended vacation during which you and your spouse may both catch up on much-needed sleep. It’s no surprise that all of the commercials promoting honeymoon locations feature couples lounging on a tropical beach in their swimsuits.

  • It is customary to wear an engagement ring as a statement of love on a daily basis.
  • You have one concrete object on display where everyone can see that you are blissfully engaged or married, and that is the only tangible item that you have.
  • We’ve reached the crux of the matter: “How much should I spend on an engagement ring?” — Every spouse will be required to purchase one!
  • As a result of my investigation, I discovered that there were a handful of alternative rules that might be followed, including a two-month pay rule and a one-month salary rule.
  • Thank you very much!

Engagement Ring Cost Factors

In fact, I am confident that I shouted “THE RING!” and it would still be my response today. The wedding day is stressful because it happens so quickly — you plan for months and then it is over in a flash. There are just pleasant memories left, as well as photographs for you to peruse. When compared to this, a honeymoon is merely an extended vacation during which you and your partner may get some much-needed rest. It’s no surprise that all of the commercials promoting honeymoon locations feature couples lounging on a tropical beach in their underwear.

  1. It is customary to wear an engagement ring on a daily basis as a statement of affection.
  2. You have one concrete object on show, and it is the only way for everyone to know that you are blissfully engaged or married.
  3. “How much should I spend on an engagement ring?” is the next important topic to consider.
  4. It is common knowledge that one should spend three months’ pay on a ring in order to qualify for the gold rule.
  5. If all else fails, you might simply spend the average cost on an engagement ring in 2020, which is $5,001 according to wedding statistics study from the previous year, which is $5,001.

Thank you very much for your assistance. If you want to make a decision, I believe there are more significant considerations to consider than some arbitrary wage ratio that was devised as a marketing strategy to persuade you to spend even more of your hard earned money.

1) Know your Gal

By this point, the individual who is choosing an engagement ring should have a good understanding of his or her spouse and should be able to answer the following questions confidently:

  • In what way does she express herself? Is she more of a tomboy or a girly girl? Does she do a lot of manual labor and will she require a sturdy ring? Do you like her to be glitzy and to be encrusted in jewels? Alternatively, is she demure and pragmatic when it comes to jewelry pricing
  • Is she in possession of a jewelry box that serves just to accumulate dust? Are you looking for a name brand queen or are you looking for a bargain basement hunter? Is she a traditionalist or does she like to stand out from the crowd?

Answering these questions can give you a better sense of how much you should spend on an engagement ring in the future. Following the establishment of a general price range, you will be able to remove certain types and sizes of diamonds (or whatever stone you choose). Consider the following scenario: you have a girlfriend who is a bargain basement hunter, who enjoys the occasional name brand, who takes pleasure in her looks, who is humble, and who can appreciate the better things in life, among other characteristics.

In most cases, she would welcome a bigger diamond with open arms, and she would be pleased if she received praises on her engagement ring.

This female would most likely be content with a ring that is more clean and basic in design.

Talk to her and try to get a sense of the types of rings she like to wear.

2) Minimum and Maximum Ring Budget

I came saw an interesting article that challenges the “three months salary” guideline. The author believes that a minimum budget for a high-quality ring should be $550, regardless of your income level. The author’s maximum budget range is based on the logical assumption that you would be able to deal with your daily expenses if you lost your extremely valuable diamond ring. Pay attention to the graph at the end of the essay; I believe it makes a lot of sense. You certainly don’t want to come across as cheap, but you also don’t want to start your married life with a mountain of financial burden.

  • What is the combined earning potential of a married couple? Do you have the funds in your bank account or will you need to borrow money to make your purchase? If financing is the sole option available, what types of credit are accessible and at what interest rates are they offered? In what time frame are you able to pay off your debt? What additional expenditures are likely to occur immediately after the proposal is accepted and accepted? (wedding, honeymoon, home, and baby)
  • What impact would the purchase of an engagement ring have on your current financial obligations
  • Could you postpone the major ring purchase till you have more money saved up?

You discovered TiffanyCo on the night of my engagement in Florence, which was wonderful! Spending money on an engagement ring marks a watershed moment in your life and is almost certainly one of the most significant luxury expenditures you will make. All of this is overwhelming, and it’s easy to become caught up in the emotions of it all. Make sure you complete your research and provide answers to the questions listed above before you go ring shopping. You will, without a certain, come into contact with the schmoozing diamond salesman who is just interested in selling you a larger diamond.

3) Diamond Quality

The 4 Cs have a significant impact on the price of a diamond and are listed below. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the 4 Cs (color, cut, clarity, and carat weight), Blue Nile’s teaching site is a great place to start your research. They do an excellent job of describing the 4 C’s, as well as providing a wealth of additional information about diamonds, gemstones, and engagement rings. Following your decision on the type of ring your girlfriend likes and the amount of money you want to spend on it, you may experiment with other price ranges and diamond sizes.

Your potential fiancée may like a straightforward solitaire diamond ring of one carat in weight. You should be aware that larger, brighter, and more dazzling diamonds will have a higher price tag.

Price Examples of Two Diamonds

Both images were shot from the Blue Nile as of June of 2020.

  • 1 Carat Diamond of Poor Quality: A round 1.00 carat diamond with a decent cut, J color, and clarity of S12 will cost you around $3000
  • A 1.00 carat diamond with a poor cut, J color, and clarity of S12 will cost you approximately $3000
  • The highest quality 1 carat diamond is: Approximately $12,294 will be required to purchase a round 1.02 carat diamond with a trademark excellent cut, D color, and internally perfect clarity.

Because of the cut, color, and clarity of the diamond, the price of a diamond of the same size (1 carat) can vary by an astounding $9294 dollars. Being familiar with the 4 Cs will allow you to comparison shop with greater confidence. The two pricing samples shown above imply that you can afford to purchase your girlfriend the huge 1 carat gem for a reasonable price. In truth, if she is only interested in the large stone for the sake of being able to claim she has a large ring, then go ahead and get it.

  • Consider another sample ring – a 0.76 carat diamond from Blue Nile with a very nice cut, H color, and clarity of VS2 that is set in a very good setting.
  • (accurate as of June 2020).
  • Ultimately, regardless of the size of the diamond, you should seek to pay for top-notch quality.
  • Choose a smaller diamond with a superior cut so that it will have the same impact as a larger diamond of the same size and weight.

4) Get More Bang for Your Buck

My ring was purchased by my husband and myself from a family-owned jewelry store that has been in business for more than 30 years. Both the daughter and the mother are certified gemologists with the CGA. My own mother and father have been regular customers of this specific jeweler for many years. Purchasing my engagement ring from a family-owned jeweler meant that the jeweler was able to provide us a ring without charging us a large retailer’s markup. The fact that we avoided the middleman resulted in my ring being evaluated at twice the amount that my husband paid for it.

It also gives the impression that the ring is bigger.

Alternative to Family Jeweler

If you don’t have a long-standing family jeweler to rely on, I would recommend taking a look at the Blue Nile website. A friend of mine purchased an engagement ring for his wife on Blue Nile, and he had nothing but positive things to say about the experience. In addition, my husband utilized their website to study and educate himself on all things diamonds because they offer a fantastic diamond education and resource page that he found useful. My husband has stated that if it weren’t for my family jeweler, he would have purchased my engagement ring from Blue Nile instead of the store.

If the foundation of a relationship is built on the size of the ring, it is likely that the connection was never stable to begin with and will have a difficult time withstanding the ups and downs that come with marriage.

A wedding ring, regardless of whether you spend $500 or $16,000 on it, serves just as a symbol for the larger image of two individuals joining together and becoming one person. More similar articles may be found at:

Engagement Ring Series

*Did you find this information useful? Did it provide you with any new insights? If you did, SAVE THIS PINto your Engagement Ringsboard and come back to this site at a later date to see what you missed. * a little about the author


Although Meredith lives the dream of becoming a wedding blogger, her day job is operating, in addition to being a full-time parent to an energetic toddler. Meredith would spend her days on cruises, rescuing animals in need, and watching Big Brother if she had the opportunity.

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