How Many Groomsmen In A Wedding?

How many groomsmen are you allowed to have? Most weddings have at least two. This, ideally, should be the absolute minimum. An average of 3-5 groomsmen can be seen in a typical wedding with numbers going to as high as 8-10 groomsmen for very large weddings.

How many groomsmen is normal?

  • Traditionally, a wedding used to have an average of three to five bridesmaids and the same number of groomsmen, with one maid of honor and one best man. Nowadays the rules are more relaxed, which really allows the couple to customize their wedding party in the way that suits them best.


How many groomsmen is typical?

There are usually 5.3 groomsmen in the average wedding, according to the study.

How many groomsmen is too many?

For a formal wedding with over two hundred guests, the suggested number of groomsmen is between six to ten; aim for one usher for every fifty people or so. Informal weddings can get away with half of that. Of course, you need to strike a balance between the number of groomsmen and of bridesmaids.

Is 5 groomsmen too much?

Ideally, it seems the perfect number of groomsmen to have in a wedding is anywhere from 2 to 4; larger weddings typically select 5 to 6 groomsmen to be in the wedding. We love a big wedding party. But keep in mind that the more groomsmen you choose for your wedding equals more expenses.

Is 1 groomsmen a groomsman?

Before we get into all that, what are groomsmen? Officially, a groomsman is one of the groom’s male attendants in a wedding ceremony. (FYI: If a gal getting married chooses to have a male attendant, he’d be known as a bridesman.)

Can you have 10 groomsmen?

Most weddings have at least two. This, ideally, should be the absolute minimum. An average of 3-5 groomsmen can be seen in a typical wedding with numbers going to as high as 8-10 groomsmen for very large weddings.

What is an usher in a wedding?

An usher is primarily responsible for directing and seating guests at a wedding ceremony. With less responsibility than a groomsman or bridesmaid, the usher is often (but not always) younger than the rest of the wedding party. A wedding usher is often the first person to greet guests.

Are ushers and groomsmen the same thing?

What’s an Usher? What’s the Difference Between Groomsmen and Ushers? At some weddings, there might not be any difference between the two. But when differentiated, the groomsmen are typically people who have a closer relationship to the couple than the ushers have.

What does the groomsman do?

A groomsman (North America, Australasia) or usher (Britain, Ireland) is one of the male attendants to the groom in a wedding ceremony and performs the first speech at the wedding. Usually, the groom selects close friends and relatives to serve as groomsmen, and it is considered an honor to be selected.

Can you have two groomsmen?

Here’s some good news: There’s no rule that says you have to tap just one guy to be your head attendant. In fact, having two best men is not only perfectly acceptable from an etiquette standpoint, but it’s also the easiest way to honor two important people in your life.

Do you say groomsmen or groomsman?

As nouns the difference between groomsman and groomsmen is that groomsman is a man who serves as one of a number of attendants to a bridegroom at a wedding, one of whom is the best man while groomsmen is.

Who should your groomsmen be?

Your groomsmen should be your nearest and dearest – family members and friends who will stand by your side on one of the biggest days of your life. Being named a groomsman is a big honor, and one that comes with a decent amount of responsibility, so it’s important to choose your crew wisely.

What is a Groomsmaid?

A woman who attends a groom during his wedding ceremony, as part of the wedding party.

Can a married man be a groomsman?

Certainly! A groom’s best man is usually his closest relative or friend, and can be married or unmarried. Some grooms have even chosen their father as their best man!

Does the best man count as a groomsman?

The best man is more than just a glorified groomsman. He (or she, if the groom appoints a best woman) actually has several specific responsibilities, chiefly to be the groom’s go-to confidante, personal valet and logistics guru for pre-wedding events and day-of details.

What groomsmen do before the wedding?

Pre-Wedding Groomsman Duties

  • Get Your Own Formalwear. You’re in charge of either assembling, buying or renting your own wedding day attire.
  • Show Up to Prewedding Events.
  • Co-Plan the Bachelor Party.
  • Give a Thoughtful Gift.
  • Get Some Rest.
  • Be on Wedding Ceremony Duty.
  • Be There for Support.
  • Get Ready to Smile and Pose.

How Many Groomsmen Should You Have?

The process of wedding preparation is filled with a slew of tasks that are definitely difficult, such as selecting an appropriate budget, compiling a guest list, and handling family politics. On the other hand, there are certain areas of the planning process that couples place an excessive amount of unwarranted stress on, such as choosing their wedding party. Asking your closest friends to stand by your side on your wedding day is intended to be one of those magical times where you can express your feelings for the people in your life in a way that they will remember forever.

Fortunately, this does not have to be a difficult choice, and there is no predetermined amount of groomsmen that you should include in your wedding party.

Therefore, I do not feel that there is a ‘proper’ amount of groomsmen for a certain wedding ceremony.

There are lots of occasions to invite everyone in your life to your wedding, so don’t be shy about reaching out to them.

We’ve gathered some advice from wedding planning experts on how to choose your groomsmen.

What is the Average Size Groomsmen Party?

For starters, you might be interested about how many groomsmen the majority of individuals invite to their wedding. As part of the 2018 Brides American Wedding Study, we questioned hundreds of engaged and newlywed couples and asked them questions about everything from wedding budgets to wedding parties (you guessed it). 5.3 groomsmen are normally present at an average wedding, according to the study’s findings.

How to Decide Who Your Groomsmen Will Be

When you sit down to think about who will serve as your groomsmen, it might seem like a daunting undertaking to begin with. “For members of the groom’s party, these should be individuals who are not only significant to the groom, but who are also capable of fulfilling the tasks and obligations that the groom has assigned to them,” says Andrew Roby, creator of Andrew Roby Events. In order to take the first step, you must determine who the most important individuals in your life are. The second stage is to determine what kind of assistance you will require in the months leading up to and on the day of your wedding.

If so, tell me about him or her.

Know somebody who is well-known in your circle of acquaintances for being a “planner”?

While you want to make certain that your groomsmen take their responsibilities seriously, don’t choose your groomsmen exclusively on the basis of their expertise or planning ability.

“It’s important for each person to have a meaningful role in their life,” Roby emphasizes. In the event that you are having difficulty identifying these objects, simply allow them to remain as guests.”

Assign Other Jobs to Non-Groomsmen

Making the decision on who will serve as your groomsmen might seem like a daunting undertaking when you first sit down to consider your options. Founder of Andrew Roby Events, Andrew Roby, says, “For members of the groom’s party, they should be persons who are not only significant to the groom, but who are also capable of fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities the groom has for them.” A person’s most significant persons in his or her life is determined as the initial stage. Finding out what kind of assistance you’ll require in the months leading up to and on the day of your wedding is the second stage.

Do you have a buddy that is the life and soul of every party?

Know somebody who is well-known in your circle of acquaintances for being a “planner?” When it comes to planning an incredible bachelor party, having him in your wedding party may be beneficial.

As Roby explains, “it’s critical that each individual be meaningful in their life.” It is quite OK to allow them to be guests if you are having difficulty identifying them.

Have Bridesmen and Groomswomen

As is customary in the wedding industry, women are invited to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. But what about all the males who have close female friends, and vice versa? If you have close female friends, why not enlist their assistance in the role of groomswoman? “It’s uncommon that we see anything like this, but when we do, it’s universally accepted and praised,” Roby adds of the new development. “Grooms have female friends, and in many cases, greatest friends, in their lives.” If you’re worried about your appearance, don’t be.

A guy who is standing next to the bride can simply match the color of his tie to the color of the bridesmaids’ outfits.

The Wedding Party Doesn’t Have to Be Even on Both Sides

For some reason, couples have gotten it into their heads that both sides of their wedding party need to be the same size, which is completely incorrect and should be avoided. Stafford encourages his audience to “throw the following in the garbage, folks: an even number of people on either side.” It will make no difference whether you have ten groomsmen and your spouse only has eight. It is not a good reason to have or not have someone who is important to you stand by your side on your wedding day if you are removing two wedding party members or adding two to keep things “even.” Aside from that, wouldn’t you feel outraged if you were the one who was chosen to be in a wedding party in order to “make things right”?

It is unlikely that your guests will be sitting in their seats counting to check if the wedding party is even, and you are unlikely to be thinking about the wedding party numbers at the end of the day; instead, you will just be grateful that you have your support system standing by your side.

You Don’t Have to Return the Invitation

The idea that both sides of their wedding party must be the same size has persisted in some people’s minds for some reason, which is completely false. Stafford invites his audience to “throw the following in the garbage, people: an even number of members on each side.” What it doesn’t matter if you have ten groomsmen and your spouse only has eight. A good reason to have or not have someone who important to you by your side on your special day is not being able to remove or add two wedding party members in order to keep things “even.” Aside from that, wouldn’t you feel insulted if you were the one who was chosen to be in a wedding party in order to “make things right”?

Here’s EXACTLY How Many Groomsmen You Can Have In a Wedding

What is the maximum number of groomsmen that can be in a wedding? How many groomsmen is too many for a wedding? Approximately how many groomsmen are there on a regular basis? Questions, questions, and more questions. because of its unique engraving We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how many bridesmaids to have standing up in your wedding recently, but we’ve also been getting a lot of questions about how many groomsmen to have. That, along with the question of “how many finest guys can I have?” Here’s everything you need to know.

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I know you were hoping for a particular response, so I’ll just leave it at that.

At the altar, if you just have one best man and one maid of honor, it looks elegant and well-balanced.

You get the gist of it.

How Many Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Should the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids be the same for both wedding parties? 🙂 However, it appears to function best in photographs when you do. This does not suggest that you should pick any random person to be a groomsman merely to make the numbers match; that would be insane. If you pick three bridesmaids and two guys, there will be no negative consequences; you will simply need to be a bit more creative with your wedding photographs in order to make them appear more proportionate.

  • If you want your wedding party to dance with you as a couple during the first dance, you’ll need to make sure that everyone is matched up beforehand.
  • When it comes to wedding groomsmen, it appears that the ideal number to have is anywhere from 2 and 4; bigger weddings often pick 5 to 6 gentlemen to be in the ceremony.
  • We adore a large wedding reception.
  • It is expected that there would be more tuxedo rentals or suit purchases, as well as more guests invited to the wedding, as each groomsmen is allowed to invite a “plus-one” to the wedding, as per conventional protocol.

The cost of transportation and the cost of an additional place setting / setup at the head table are two additional fees that some couples fail to consider: If you’re organizing a huge wedding party and want to rent a limousine or a party bus, here’s what you should know: As long as you have the financial means, the more the merrier!

In the event that you do not choose to have a huge wedding party, there is nothing wrong with having one best man and one maid of honor. And, if you’re planning anything like a wedding party, I propose that you keep it to four guys and four bridesmaids. It seems to function flawlessly for us.

How Many Best Men Can I Have?

In the event that you are unable to decide on a best man, you may invite two best men to partake in your wedding. Brides do it all the time with their Maid of Honor, and there are instances when you just need to offer the honor to two different people. However, we propose that you limit the number of Best Men to two; if there are more than two, it is advised that you eliminate the Best Man title completely and instead offer them the titles of groomsmen. Do You Have to Ask Groomsmen for Gifts When Getting Married?

  1. Choosing groomsmen proposal presents is an enjoyable tradition, although it is not required.
  2. It always brings a smile to my face!
  3. This groomsmen gift box will never go out of style!
  4. Write about it in the comments section below.
  5. I hope it is of assistance!

How Many Groomsmen Do I Need?

When deciding how many groomsmen to invite to your wedding, it’s more important to consider the quality of your connections than it is to choose the “right” amount. Photographs courtesy of @fromeastcoast. The truth is that you don’t really require any groomsmen. Weddings, on the other hand, are (at least in part) about celebrating one of life’s most significant events with the people you care about, and that clearly includes the groom’s closest friends and family members, known as the groomsmen.

On the other hand, if you have a big circle of friends, being aware of the normal number of groomsmen will help you control your desire to include everyone you know in your wedding party and avoid overextending yourself.

Continue reading if you require assistance in limiting the field.

We’re talking about all of the grooms here, folks.

The Average Number of Groomsmen (According to Data)

Finding out how many groomsmen you have isn’t an exact science, but for the sake of perspective, we looked at our own formal wear statistics to get a better understanding of the typical number of groomsmen in the United States. In the weddings we have planned, the average number of groomsmen has been around six dashing gentlemen with a good sense of humor.

If knowing the average number of groomsmen helps you explain your selection, that’s fantastic; but, every wedding is unique in this regard. Instead than focusing on how many groomsmen is “standard” or “average,” we recommend that you select groomsmen based on your existing connections with them.

Table of Contents

How do you know whether you’ve made the cut? Factors to Consider When Choosing Groomsmen The Groomsmen’s Outfits for the Wedding Whitney Darling provided the photography.

Who Makes the Cut?

How can you condense a large number of friends into a small group without having any of them feel left out? To be really honest, it’s not doable. Even if you do this flawlessly, and regardless of how many guys you finally wind up with, someone will question why they were not included on the final list of groomsmen. They’re going to be OK. One of the most important things you can control is how thoroughly you assess your alternatives, so that you have nothing but positive feelings (and no regrets) about the individuals who will be standing up with you at your wedding.


You’ve probably heard the expression about the thickness of blood, which is a somewhat obscene way of stating “your family should come first” (probably written by a vampire). It’s true what Dracula says: if you have siblings, and your relationship with them isn’t strained, you should consider include them in your wedding party before turning to your pals. In fact, depending on the number of groomsmen you choose, you could find it simplest to keep your wedding party small and intimate, with only siblings and close relatives in attendance.


Who do you truly spend your time with these days? Who are the folks with whom you exchange memes through Instagram direct messages? In other words, if you’re the sort of person who still makes phone calls, who do you often subject to torture? (“What did they do to merit a phone call?” is the follow-up inquiry.) Regardless of what your mother thinks, your most active friendships should take precedence in terms of selecting your wedding party. We don’t even communicate with them any longer, Mom!

Photographs courtesy of @emmastud.


We’re presuming you’ve put a few years between your time in the dormitories and your wedding day in order to avoid confusion. If this is not the case, please refer to the section above titled “Current Friends.” Otherwise, if you have a college buddy who you still keep in touch with (and who you visit at least once a year), they will most likely be flattered if you ask them to be a member of your wedding party. It’s better if you keep this group to those who have already met your partner.


Making the groomsmen selection based on the length of your friendship isn’t the greatest way to go about it. If the only way you can get in touch with these former friends is through a seemingly random social media message, you’re diving too far back into the past. It could be preferable to keep your wedding party modest rather than attempting to travel back in time.


Making the groomsmen selection based on the length of your friendship is not the greatest approach.

The fact that the only option to get in touch with these former friends is through a seemingly random social media message indicates that you’re diving too far into the past. If you don’t want to go back in time, it might be best to keep your wedding party small.


This outlandish strategy works best when the groom’s parent is the lone groomsperson. Many of us consider our parents to be our greatest friends, and we are fortunate to have such a close relationship with them. Nonetheless, they’ll probably be just as delighted to sit in the front row and watch you say “I do,” so don’t feel forced to bring them along. @brogenjessup provided the photography.


If you don’t consider your dog to be a member of your family (a category we’ve previously discussed), you are a monster in my book. Returning to the Table of Contents

Considerations for Choosing Groomsmen

Being a groomsmen isn’t that tough, but you’ll need to be realistic about the possibility that everyone you ask will be able to complete their responsibilities on the wedding day. It is possible that considering the following criteria can lead you to change your decision on the number of groomsmen you will invite to your wedding party rather than setting anybody up for failure.


If they reside halfway across the nation (or worse, halfway across the planet), you’ll have to accept the fact that they will miss some of your most significant events. It is possible that they will be unable to attend your bachelor party or rehearsal dinner due to their family and professional obligations, so be realistic in your expectations. If you are unable to cope with this reality, they may not be the greatest choice for your wedding party. You should send an invitation to your wedding and a personal invitation to join you at the rehearsal dinner as a special guest in this scenario.


Are you looking for unneeded stress? Request the services of a jerk to serve as one of your groomsmen. When you aren’t under the pressure (and financial burden) of planning your wedding, it is much easier to put up with that eccentric friend who just doesn’t seem to have it together. This is a tough pass unless you’re willing to have a serious conversation. Invite them to your wedding, but don’t be surprised if they show up right in the middle of your vows. Debbie Segreve Photography provided the photography.


Despite the fact that symmetry is not the most significant aspect in determining how many groomsmen to invite to your wedding, it should not be overlooked. It is just half of the equation if your groomsmen are not present. How many guests does your partner have in mind for the event? Ask any wedding photographer, and they’ll tell you that balancing groomsmen and bridesmaids is a good idea. Retournez à la table des matièresPhotography courtesy of @anastaziiaphotography

Wedding RolesGroomsmen Alternatives

Other honorary positions to fill at your wedding include ushers, flower girls, and ushers’ attendants. Keep these options in mind as you consider how many groomsmen you’ll have and who you’d like to include in your wedding festivities.


The king of the groomsmen, albeit preferably not as concerned with taxation and the “ball of the burning men,” and more broadly, a dependable and powerful leader in all aspects of life.

Because the best man is in charge of the most tasks—ring exchanges, marriage license applications, and toasts, to mention a few—you should be able to rely on him to be your ace in the hole if (when) things go wrong.


Their most significant responsibilities include being on time for every mini-event on the wedding day, getting their wedding attire ready in advance, and making the groom feel calm and secure for the entire processional. In addition, having guests dance during your reception is a nice touch (come on, people).


Optional, however if you’re planning a large wedding (inviting 200 or more guests), this is a terrific opportunity to include buddies who didn’t make the groomsmen list in your festivities. If you hire a wedding planner, they will take care of the hows and whens for you. If they aren’t, have the groomsmen’s king fill in the blanks.


In theory, cousins, aunts and uncles, and in-laws are all members of the same family, although some are more closely related than others. If you are unable to accommodate them in your wedding party, try having them (together with their partner) serve as your wedding’s host couple. They’ll be on hand to answer any inquiries that guests may have and to convey presents and cards. You are absolutely correct in stating that individuals still bring presents to weddings; however, Zola is there to facilitate this practice.

Outfitting Your Groomsmen

Clearly, there is a great deal to consider while selecting your groomsmen, which is a very straightforward portion of wedding preparation. As soon as you’ve decided on your wedding party, you’ll have to make another 500 selections, including what they’ll be wearing to the reception. Once you reach that stage, it is not so much about how many groomsmen you have as it is about how many guys look their best. We can assist you with your groomsmen’s attire, whether you have two or twelve. In order to ensure that you and your groomsmen have the perfect fit when it counts the most, we create superior suits and tuxedos and send them directly to you.

Take a look at our recommendations here.

Begin by filling out the form below.

How Many Groomsmen is Too Many?

Choosing your groomsmen may be just as tough as choose who you want to be your bridesmaid. If it were simple, you’d be electing all of your best friends to serve as groomsmen at the same time. However, this is not the case. You must take into consideration your friendships, your family ties, and other intimate relationships. You also have other factors, such as your wedding budget—particularly your wedding budget—to take into account. The fact that weddings aren’t inexpensive is certainly no surprise to you, and while groomsmen often pay for their own outfits, travel expenses, and hotels, you are still required to purchase a present for each of them, as is customary.

Otherwise, the occasion may not even make it to the finish line.

The Golden Ratio for the Silver Band

Given that historically, groomsmen are expected to assist visitors at the reception and usually give assistance throughout the party, it seems reasonable that their numbers should be proportional to the number of guests you expect. For a traditional wedding with more than two hundred guests, the recommended number of groomsmen is between six and 10; strive for one usher for every fifty to sixty attendees, or about. Even if you have an informal wedding, you can get away with only half of that.

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A disproportionate number of guests on one side will be unjust to you or your spouse, and a significant imbalance will be immediately apparent during the wedding entry and the wedding ceremony itself.

That will make it easier for your groomsmen to handle the celebration, especially if you choose them according to the appropriate ratio.

A Token for Each Groomsman

Given that traditionally, groomsmen are expected to assist visitors throughout the reception and generally give assistance throughout the party, it seems reasonable that their numbers should be proportional to the number of guests you intend to be in attendance. For a traditional wedding with more than two hundred guests, the recommended number of groomsmen is between six and 10; strive for one usher for every fifty to sixty guests, or about so; Even if you have an informal wedding, you can get away with only half of this.

It will be unfair to you or your spouse if there are too many people on one side, and a significant imbalance will be immediately seen during the wedding entry and during the wedding ceremony itself.

You’ll be able to more effectively organize the celebration if you assign your groomsmen in the exact proportions advised by the party planners.

The Dilemma of Devotion

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will make in wedding life will be choose who will serve as your groomsman. It could be beneficial to make a list of the names of your male relatives and acquaintances. If a female is important to you, she can also serve as a groomsman or best woman; however, you must first discuss this with your future wife. Estimate how long they’ve known you and compare how much they mean to you and how much you mean to them on your list of people. You should give precedence to your relatives, but you should also make time for your friends.

Choose Wisely

Your groomsmen are your confidantes, your chosen companions in whom you place your faith on the most important day of your life. They must have won your confidence throughout the course of your relationship with them, since an untrustworthy groomsman might prove to be a major hindrance to your wedding preparations. With this in mind, and your list in hand, make an informed decision on your groomsmen. You only have a few vacancies available at this time. As a result, be certain that you pick those who are most important to you.

How Many Groomsmen Are In A Wedding? Zola Expert Wedding Advice

Making the decision about who you want to include in your wedding party is one of the most crucial aspects of the wedding planning process—and, as a groom, part of that decision is deciding how many groomsmen you want to stand by your side on the big day.

However, when it comes to your wedding party, how many groomsmen is considered standard? Is there such such a thing as a “normal” amount of groomsmen? In addition, what considerations should you take into account while deciding on who and how many groomsmen to include in your wedding party?

The Average Number of Groomsmen in a Wedding Party

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock So, let’s get straight to it: Is there such a thing as a “typical” amount of groomsmen to have in a wedding party, and if there is, what is it? As for what constitutes “normal,” the response is that it depends on your definition of the term. There are definitely an average amount of groomsmen in attendance. A 2018 story in The Atlantic said that the average wedding in the United States includes five bridesmaids — and that the number of groomsmen is almost always equal to the number of bridesmaids.

However, the average does not match the amount of groomsmen who would be considered “normal.” A “normal” number of groomsmen is whatever the groom considers to be a “normal” number.

Others may believe that it means limiting their groomsmen to their best man and one other close friend or member of their family.

What’s the bottom line?

What to Consider When Choosing Groomsmen

As a result, there is no such thing as a “typical” number of groomsmen to have at your wedding; instead, there is only what seems normal to you. While this is the case, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding how many guys to include in your wedding party—as well as who you’ll ask to fulfill groomsmen responsibilities—such as the following:

How Many People Are in Your Partner’s Wedding Party?

You should undoubtedly take into consideration how many bridesmaids or groomsmen your spouse is asking to be in his or her wedding party when determining the number of groomsmen you’ll ask to be in your wedding party. Do you have to have the exact same number of individuals on both sides of the aisle? Without a doubt, this is not the case! Having a somewhat balanced wedding party is preferred by many couples; having 15 bridesmaids and two groomsmen, for example, may appear a little out of proportion when everyone is standing at the altar as you say your “I do’s.” Your partner’s wedding party count is something to keep in mind as you’re putting together your wedding party.

How Much Space Is Available?

During the wedding ceremony, the groomsmen are customarily seated adjacent to the bride and groom. Consequently, while deciding on the number of groomsmen to include in your wedding party, you should also consider how many guys can really fit inside the venue where the ceremony will take place. Depending on the wedding venue, some are smaller than others. If you’re being married in a tiny area, trying to cram ten guys into that space may not make for the most pleasant wedding experience (for you or them).

When there is little space but you still want to have a large wedding party with guests, you might choose to have your best man stand next to you throughout the ceremony—and the rest of the groomsmen sit in rows one and two of the first few rows. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock

Is There Anyone That You’re Leaving Out?

At the end of the day, the decision of who will serve as your groomsman is entirely up to you—and you should only select those who you genuinely want to stand with you on your wedding day. You should, however, consider other people’s sentiments when putting together your wedding party—and whether or not you are leaving anyone out who could be offended if they aren’t invited. Take, for example, the situation where you have four brothers, but you only ask three of them to be groomsmen. It’s possible that this will cause resentment.

That one friend is most likely going to feel really left out of the conversation.

Establish sure, however, that you take everyone’s sentiments into consideration before finalizing your groomsmen head count—and, if you foresee someone feeling offended, make a plan for how you will communicate with them and alleviate any hurt feelings or misunderstandings.

Prepare for your marriage by selecting the number of groomsmen who feel appropriate for you, whether it is only two or as many as six or as many as fifteen or any number in between.

9 Must-Know Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

They serve as your support group, your A-team, and the first responders on your wedding day. Our crash course on selecting the appropriate individuals is provided here. While picking your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and wedding party members on one of the most important days of your life may seem difficult, we’re here to guide you through the process. So take a deep breath and relax; we guarantee it isn’t as difficult as it appears.

1. Consider the size of your wedding.

Don’t get us wrong: you can have as many bridesmaids and groomsmen as you want (or as few as you want). Having said that, the typical wedding party size is around five people on per side, so you may use it as a guideline when deciding how many bridesmaids and groomsmen to have. Choose a size that is larger or smaller depending on the formality. When planning a smaller wedding with 50-60 people, limit the number of attendants to four; however, if you are planning a larger wedding with 150 guests, you might have up to twelve attendants if you truly desired.

The more the number of attendants, the greater the number of elements to coordinate, including attractive tuxes or gowns, a bachelor or bachelorette party for 12 attendants who all have demanding schedules, wedding party presents, and so on.

If you have a large number of individuals you want to include in your wedding party but are unable to, assign themother positions like as usher, ceremony reader, or candlelighter to make up for it.

2. Think twice before you ask.

Once you’ve asked someone to be a part of your wedding party, there’s no turning back. So, while it may be tempting to invite all of your closest friends to your wedding from the moment you find out you’re engaged, resist the temptation. Please take your time. Please give yourself at least a month, if not more, to think over your alternatives. When you’ve finished, ask yourself this question: Will I still be as close to this individual in five years as I am now? When considering whether or not to ask someone to be a member of your wedding party, think about how that person would fit in with the rest of your attendants.

(Once you’ve made your decision, take a look at our top bridesmaid proposal ideas for inspiration.)

3. Set honest expectations.

What kind of role do you want your wedding party to have in your wedding? Is it crucial to you that they assist you with addressing wedding invitations, shop with you for your wedding day clothes, and attend all of the pre-wedding parties? Or would it be sufficient for them to simply dress in the manner you specify and show up on your wedding day? In order to have a large and active wedding party, it may not be the greatest idea to invite friends or relatives who live far away or who have excessively busy schedules to attend.

In order to accommodate friends who can’t make it to the wedding for any reason (they live out of town or are overloaded at work), invite them to a few wedding preparation events, such as an invitation stuffing party replete with wine and pizza.

4. Include the brothers and sisters.

Not to sound like your mother, but consider the following: Even if you’re not very close to his sister or her brother, siblings are likely to remain around long beyond your 10-year anniversary, and it’s likely that you’ll get closer as time goes on. If you come from a large family and you know you won’t be able to include everyone, make an exception for teens. Instead, include children in the ceremony by assigning them tasks such as passing out programs or seating visitors. Traditionally, the women stand on one side of the aisle and the gentlemen on the other, but you are free to defy convention and have them stand on either side of the aisle.

5. Remember there aren’t rules.

Call him the man of honor, and call her the most beautiful lady on the planet. Both men and women have the option of standing alongside their respective bride and groom. You have complete control; the most essential thing is that you include your favorite persons, regardless of their gender. How they should be dressed is not dictated by any set of rigid guidelines. Your groomswomen can be dressed in tuxedos or dresses (or even rompers), and your groomsmen can be dressed in suits that match the groomsmen’s outfits, or they can match their suits to the bridesmaid gowns.

6. Choose responsible honor attendants.

When it comes to honor attendants, you want friends who are responsible (because you’ll be relying on them for some major wedding planning tasks and to keep your expensive wedding rings safe), as well as good at providing emotional support (because there may be a few prewedding meltdowns, after all). Because they will be in charge of the bachelor and bachelorette parties, it is also advantageous if they are really amicable.

Consider the following: For those of you whose closest buddy isn’t always the most trustworthy individual, having two best men or maids of honor is absolutely acceptable. Choose your unpredictable BFF as well as another buddy on whom you can trust for the large, crucial responsibilities.

7. Don’t ask someone just because they asked you.

Weddings are not the time for a return on investment. There’s no reason why you should ask someone to be in your wedding just because they invited you to be in theirs. If you haven’t spoken to your college roommate in five years, don’t expect him or her to return the favor. If they want to chat to you about the reasons they aren’t attending your wedding, be absolutely honest with them about their decision. Explain that it was a difficult decision, but you truly believed that you deserved to have the people who are closest to you at this point in your life standing up for you, and that there are so many of those people (including him or her) that you had to leave out some very special ones in the process.

8. Research other roles.

It is possible that you may require ushers to direct guests to their seats throughout the ceremony, as well as a few people to light candles and distribute programs. However, there are a plethora of different alternatives. Possibly you have a musically minded acquaintance who would be delighted to perform something at the reception. What about that friend who happens to be a fantastic writer? Encourage them to write a poem or meaningful essay that they may read during the ceremony. Think twice before offering your pals roles that are obscure and not very required, such as guest book attendant.

(See this page for a detailed list of other wedding party responsibilities that your loved ones can assist with.)

9. Kids aren’t required.

If neither of you has any children that you are extremely close to, you will not require a flower girl and/or ring bearer for your wedding. Furthermore, if you have a large number of children that you would want to include, please do so. Rather than just one small flower girl, have three little flower ladies and give them each their own basket of flower petals (boys may also like throwing flower petals!) Alternatively, you may have your two young children serve as pages. They might be in charge of bearing the ring, holding a souvenir, or carrying a sign that says “Here Comes the Bride.” Are you planning an adult-only wedding?

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When doing so, try setting apart a space for children with a babysitter during the reception and planning some entertaining dishes and games for them.

How Many Groomsmen Is Too Many?

It is reasonable to expect that planning the wedding ceremony itself will be the most straightforward aspect of the entire process: The groom’s guests stand on one side of the aisle, while the bride’s guests stand on the other. They then repeat what the officiant says, toss some rice in the air, and go to the celebration. However, everyone who has attempted it understands that it is a minefield in reality. Who can you safely exclude from the bridal party without igniting a family conflict or causing a crisis among your friends?

And how can you prevent her from marrying anybody else other than you in the future?

Am I obligated to make siblings part of the bridal party?

LaBrot: Without a doubt not! Having said that, I would anticipate some negative reactions if you choose not to include them – whether from the parents or the siblings themselves. As a result of this circumstance, it’s vital to address any potential hurt emotions as soon as possible and explain why you may be leaving someone out of the picture. Jay: You’re under no obligation to include anyone at your wedding reception. However, you should keep in mind that you may come to regret not include them in your wedding many years down the road.

Choosing to do so is an honor and a great way to involve direct family members, but it is a personal decision.

Do bridal parties have to be gendered anymore? Like, can a female friend be a groomsman?

LaBrot:Last year, I was a groomslady in a wedding, and I was joined by two groomsmen as part of my wedding party. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits about it. The only difficulty was that, for some reason, folks assumed I was going to be dressed in a suit for the occasion. Without a doubt, I didn’t! I ended up wearing a dress that was identical to the bridesmaids’, but with the colors of the groomsmen’s suit instead of white. For bridesmaids, the colors of the vests, ties, and other accessories are generally the same as the colors of the bridesmaids.

This is true for siblings as well as for other relatives.

These individuals were so near to us that it would have been strange if they weren’t present.

How many groomsmen istoomany groomsmen?

Following Senning’s death: I’d say seven or eight people. The fact that it is supposed to be an honor shouldn’t be diminished in any way. The guideline, however, is not set in stone; rather, it is based on considerations of practicality, particularly if there are expenses associated with requesting individuals to participate. Jay: It all depends on the scale of your wedding: if it appears that there will be more people standing behind you than there will be people seated in the chairs, you are probably going overboard.

Should I have my wedding in a church just to appease family? What about if they paid for it?

LaBrot: No, the wedding is for you and your spouse, and you should remain loyal to yourselves throughout the process. When it comes to an approaching wedding, we reached a compromise: the ceremony will be performed by a priest, but the reception will be held at a private estate. Jay: Just because someone has offered to pay does not give them the right to demand terms. However, you should think about your priorities and talk about these issues so that you can comprehend everyone’s views and expectations, especially if money is involved in the situation.

When it comes to a more traditional method, the individuals who are paying for it do have some control – they’re frequently given extra deference in terms of the guest list, for example, if they’re paying for it.

Does a black-tie dress code for the ceremony mean a tuxedo, or is a black suit and tie acceptable?

Post Senning: “Black tie” does not necessarily refer to a tuxedo, despite the fact that this is the most popular interpretation. If you choose the suit option, you should absolutely dress more conservatively, but a black suit with a black tie will definitely pass muster. Since the majority of men do not own tuxedos and are unlikely to hire one as a guest, I recommend that you use the phrase “black tie optional” on the invitation instead.

Should you drink at all before the ceremony?

LaBrot: It’s not something I’d advocate. Getting drunk will make you feel weary, and this will be reflected in your photographs. Jay: A drink before the wedding is not considered impolite, however requesting the wedding staff to open a bottle of champagne before cocktail hour is considered impolite if you’re an invited guest. Post-Senning: I recommend that you arrive for the ceremony with a clear head since it is one of the most important commitments you will make in your life, and you want to be at your best on the big day.

Is there ever really a good reason to object?

Jay: If you’ve recently found that the bride is a hidden princess, and that her intended is the villainous count who is attempting to steal the kingdom, you should immediately protest to the marriage. If you don’t, you should probably deal with any problems in private instead. If you’re over over heels in love with someone who’s getting married, take this as a sign that it’s time to let go. After Senning: The best time and location to do so is before Senning. I believe that would be a very unusual occurrence; it would be more common in Hollywood films such as The Graduate.

Can I skip the ceremony and just go to the reception?

After Senning: The ceremony is the most enjoyable part! The most often asked question is, “Do I have to attend the reception?” The answer is yes. If I go, I’ll be there to bear testimony, but do I really have to put up with all the horrible food and much worse dancing for the rest of the night? I would encourage you to make every effort to attend the wedding, and if you are unable to do so, I would recommend that you contact the bride and groom to let them know what is happening. Jay: Yes, if the couple gives you their clear approval first, that is OK.

Brian VanHooker

Brian VanHooker is a writer at MEL. He is the co-creator of the John O’Hurley pilot ‘The Tramp’ and co-created ‘BarnumElwood.’ He also broadcasts a TMNT interview podcast.

Recommended Reading

When you first started thinking about who you wanted to be bridesmaids, you included people like your closest friend from elementary school, your college roommate, and even your sister. Additionally, you may have an office bestie, a prospective sister-in-law, or a beloved cousin. Also on the guest list: Your childhood best buddy from summer camp, your high school mate with whom you got matching tattoos after graduation, and your college friend who went a little crazy after college, who told you freshman year she would be a bridesmaid at your wedding.

  • Don’t be concerned about it!
  • On average, brides in North America have between three and five bridesmaids during their wedding.
  • If you’re thinking about having more bridesmaids than the usual (six or more), make sure you examine the impact that this will have on the remainder of your wedding planning.
  • What people genuinely care about is being present to observe the wedding ceremony, rather than taking part in it themselves.

So, trust your instincts and make sure that you put yourself first in all you do. Make sure not to stress out too much on your wedding because it is a wonderful time to enjoy with your closest friends.

How Many Bridesmaids Do You Need?

How many bridesmaids you truly need, as well as how many you really desire, should be the first question you ask yourself. The bridesmaids that you choose to be a part of your wedding party are there to help you have a memorable wedding day. It is therefore unnecessary to be concerned about having difficulty choosing among close friends or family members. There are several advantages to being surrounded by a large number of people who care about you on your wedding day.

A bigger bridal party means:

– No one is left out, and no one’s feelings are damaged as a result of your actions. You will be able to add everyone on your list of pals and will have a large group of supporters waiting for you at the altar on your wedding day. Who could possibly say anything more in response to even greater love and excitement? – You’ll be able to get some very breathtaking wedding photographs. The bridesmaids should be dressed in a rainbow or an ombre fade, and then some creative images should be taken. – There will be an increase in the number of hands available to assist withDIY projects and other aspects of the wedding planning.

Even if some of your friends are unable to attend the dress fitting or cake tasting, you will have plenty of other input to compensate for their absence.- Your pre-wedding festivities will be well-attended, and you will have a terrific time.

How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many?

It’s true that a large wedding reception isn’t always the greatest option. Having an excessive number of bridesmaids might cause extra stress. Keep in mind that your bridesmaids are the family and friends who are expected to be there to support you and ensure that your wedding day runs properly. If you believe that the number on your list is growing too large, make an effort to keep it as little as possible. Perhaps you should pick only your closest friends rather than all of your best friends, or perhaps you should include only sisters rather than cousins.

When it comes to selecting the people who will be a part of your wedding party, there is no blame or guilt in picking those who are practical.

Having too many bridesmaids mean that:

– Even if you’re asking everyone to purchase their own bridesmaid outfit, it may get pricey. If you want your bridesmaids to look a specific way, you may have to foot the price for their hair, makeup, and accessories, so keep that in mind before selecting a group of 10 pals. Please be advised that hair and makeup services are approximately $50-$100 per person, not to mention the expense of your personal wedding day appearance.- When there are too many cooks in the kitchen, things may become quite stressful very quickly.

  1. Because of the way a bridesmaid is behaving, you may find yourself questioning your connection with her—and the last thing you want is for your wedding to bring one of your friendships to a grinding halt.
  2. With more ladies in the bridal party, there are more body types, personal styles, and voices to consider and balance out of the mix.
  3. You can understand how difficult it may be in those situation!
  4. It’s possible that your bridesmaids are acquainted, but it’s more probable that they are not.
  5. Do not allow your bridal luncheon to descend into chaos if at all possible.
  6. Ready to snap all those wonderful images you laid out with your photographer?

Keep that flash on hold! Two of your bridesmaids had to go to the bathroom at some point. If you want to have a large number of bridesmaids, you may want to devise a short roll-call method to keep track of everyone in attendance.

What Is The Average Number Of Bridesmaids?

Although, as previously stated, the typical number of bridesmaids for a North American bride is between three and five, this is only a figure to be considered. There is no reason to limit yourself to the typical number of bridesmaids if you believe that your wedding day would be incomplete without more bridesmaids. Bridal party members should be folks that you couldn’t picture your wedding day being complete without. There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of the final amount of individuals you wind up with, whether it is four or 10 people.

This is a decision that is fully within your discretion (and maybe the groom if you really need some extra help).

A fantastic bridesmaid pick is someone who you want to be there for you every step of the way during the whole wedding planning process.

We are unable to provide you with specific recommendations on the amount of bridesmaids to invite to your wedding, but we can tell you that the friends and family members you invite should be committed to helping you feel like a bride (instead of a camp counselor).

How Do You Choose Your Bridesmaids?

The size of the bridal party as a whole, rather than just the number of bridesmaids, is something else to take into consideration. You might also be asking how many groomsmen you should expect to have in attendance at your wedding. The usual number of groomsmen is around six; however, the most common recommendation is to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen present. So, if you’re really stressed about who you can cross off your list, chat to your spouse and see if they have a firm number in mind for you to work with.

Another aspect of the jigsaw to consider would be the roles and obligations of a bridesmaid or bridesmaids.

Who has the most innovative ideas?

When you’re dealing with the numerous problems that come with setting up a seating arrangement, who do you want to call?

Your relationship may be for life, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that your buddy, who may be a little flighty, will not suddenly transform simply because she’s a bridesmaid for the day.

All of these considerations are important when choose who you want by your side as you walk down the aisle.

Keep in mind that communication is essential.

The fact that you have an official function at someone’s wedding does not diminish the amount of love and respect that you have for each other.

Making or not making someone a bridesmaid should not be a deciding factor in your friendship.

In terms of selecting bridesmaids, there are no hard-and-fast rules.

Think about who will be the most supportive and helpful to you during the planning process, and that should help you narrow down your list.

These are the women who should be considered for the role of bridesmaids. Keep in mind that the most important person on your wedding day is yourself. The amount of individuals standing near you, on the other hand, very certainly does not.

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