Just a quick post to say hello to the awesome ladies (& gents?) popping over from A Practical Wedding today. Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Thought you might enjoy a brief summary of us and our blog.

Julia and I are theatre people. We both have lengthy backgrounds in stage management, and in more recent years we’ve also branched out into costuming. We met in 2006 at an opening night party for a show I was working on, became inseparable despite the fact that Julia started dating someone else, and eventually after relentless pursuit on my part, she realized what I already knew: that we were perfect for each other.

Julia and I got married just about a year ago and because we are crazy we didn’t like the options we could afford, we decided to make our dresses, the cake, and do all the invitation and website design ourselves. And I wrote our ceremony from scratch with a little help from a great writer and equally excellent friend. (If you all want I can post the ceremony text. A chunk of it is on APW this morning. Which is maybe why you’re here. But I digress…) It was awesome.

Around the time we were planning our wedding, we’d made an effort to start eating better and cooking more exciting food, so once the wedding madness was over, we started this blog to document our first year of marriage via the yummy things we were cooking and eating. You can read the very first post here.

Shortly thereafter, we decided to put our sewing and other creative skills to use and we started figuring out how to start a business doing the things we love. And thus, crafty broads was born. We are still figuring out exactly what we want to do, but for now we are focusing on custom clothing and corsets, and putting our stage management skills to good use offering sane wedding management. If you decide to check that link out, be warned: I haven’t finishes the website yet.

That’s enough rambling for today. Please poke around, stay for a while, comment if you feel so inclined, and have a great PRIDE week!

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