Wedding Stage Managers

You may be wondering: why do we call ourselves "wedding stage managers"? The answer is simple, and it's the reason (we think) we stand out from other event planners. Both of us work as theatre stage managers, and combined we have more than thirty years of experience managing live events.

So, what does that have to do with your wedding? Well, weddings are very similar to theatrical productions in many ways. Like a production, a wedding is a major event, and everyone involved in its creation (the two of you, your parents, families, etc.) has an big emotional investment in the day along with their own, sometimes strong, opinions as to how it should be done. There are a lot of elements (in theatre - lights, sets, costumes; in weddings - photos, flowers, dinner, dancing) that have to come together just so in order for it to run smoothly.

As stage managers, it's our job to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, the way they are supposed to be doing it, at the designated time; and then to fix problems swiftly (and often, creatively) if they do arise. We are responsible for bringing the collaborative vision of designers and directors to life exactly as they see it, and we possess the aesthetic sensibilities as well as the technical knowledge to make that happen. Perhaps most critically, we have lots of experience navigating a bunch of opinionated people with clashing ideas through the process of creating something that everyone is happy with in the end.

As your wedding stage managers, we'll be using those skills to organize all the details of your wedding. We will be making sure your florist delivers the right number of boutonnières; that your photographer isn't missing anything from your shot list; that the caterer serves dinner on time; and that the DJ plays the right first dance song. We'll be there to field questions from guests and vendors; ensure that you follow all the rules to get your deposits back; and make sure your gifts get into your parents' car at the end of the night. In short, we'll handle anything that needs attention so that you can simply enjoy your wedding day.

"Wedding" and "stage management" go together like peanut butter and jelly or champagne and brie. These ladies have a real knack for reading their bride and knowing how much help she not only needs but wants. Take my casual mention of my desire to have a DIY photo booth at the wedding. Cindy researched a few different professional companies, talked to her connections, and emailed me two amazing deals. Yeah, on further thought, who wants to be worrying about setting up a photo booth on her wedding day? She knew it, she never said it, she left the decision up to me, but by going the extra mile to find a few other options, she made my wedding day 150% less stressful. Cannot recommend the Crafty Broads highly enough.

Tempe & Derek, Chicago

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