Our Philosophy

When it comes to weddings, we don't think there is any way to do it wrong. We love hearing all the different ideas our clients have and working together to bring them to life. While we're happy to offer advice and opinions if you want them, we're here to listen to YOU and plan the wedding YOU envision. We only have two rules:

  1. Pick the right person - if you've found the yin to your yang, you're pretty much winning at wedding planning. This is key. Don't screw it up.
  2. Abide by the rules of whichever jurisdiction and/or religious institution (if any) you want to recognize your marriage.

That's it! So easy! Everything else is just a party, and we are great party planners. Our background as theatrical stage managers gives us a unique perspective on weddings as well as many years of experience running live events. As your wedding stage managers, we can offer as much or as little of our professional expertise as you'd like. Our top priority is to minimize the stress and maximize the fun of planning your wedding!

Do We Need a Wedding Planner?

No! You absolutely can plan a wedding on your own, but there are many reasons why you might decide it's best to work with a pro. Here are some of the big ones:

  • We Know Things. This is probably the first wedding you’ve planned. There’s a pretty good chance it is also the first party of this scope you’ve engineered. Some of your first thoughts upon getting engaged may have been along the lines of “Um… how do we do this…?” We’ve planned lots of weddings, which means we’ve got a major chunk of brain space dedicated to all things party-related. We also have relationships with local vendors and venues, are familiar with industry standards and etiquette, and we know where to get you the most bang for all those bucks. Vendors want to impress us, because (unlike you), we are likely to bring them repeat business - working with a planner can mean better service, and sometimes substantial savings, for you.
  • We’ve Got Skills. Wedding planners perform a service - just like plumbers, mechanics, and hairdressers. Yes, you can fix a leaky faucet, change the oil in your car, or give your bangs a trim; but you may prefer the quality of work or simply the convenience of letting someone else worry about those things. Many couples want to get married, but have no desire to plan the celebration.
  • We Keep It Real. The overwhelming amount of choices and ideas available to you as you plan your wedding can sometimes result in not seeing the forest for the trees. We don’t have the same high emotional stakes as you do, which means we’ll notice if you got so focused on lavender versus plum tablecloths that you neglected to add tables to your rental order. We care a great deal about you and your wedding, because it’s our job and we care about you, but we can remain rational about the decision-making involved.
  • We are Switzerland to your wedding. No one at your wedding is likely to have emotional ties to or personal history with us, so we are treated as professionals - which means we can keep your plans from getting derailed by your cousin Hank’s request for the Hokey Pokey without starting a family feud. And if you want to blame us for choices you’d rather not explain (“Sorry, Aunt Suzie, our wedding planner says there’s no glitter allowed in the venue”), we don’t mind if they glare at us all night long. As long as you two are happy, we’re happy.
  • We Run Interference. You spend a lot of time and money planning your wedding, and you should be able to enjoy it! That can be hard to do if you spend the day dealing with logistics and handling the mini-emergencies that inevitably pop up. We take care of all of those things. Our goal is for you to show up and be fully present, knowing that we’ll steer you gently through the day while we manage every detail - whether it’s going according to plan or not.
  • We’re Here to Work. Because we are not a guest at your wedding, we will not get swept up in the emotion of the day and neglect to do our jobs, though we may shed a tear or two in the process. You don’t need to worry about whether we’re having a good time; trust us when we say that running a smooth event that you and your guests enjoy IS us having a good time, even if what you see us doing might not look like fun to you!
  • We’re on Your Team. Your complete happiness with your wedding day and our role in it is our priority; which means we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.
The Crafty Broads were, without question, the best money we spent at our wedding. Cindy knows everything, and she also knows what's important - we had some vendors who seemed uncomfortable with the choices we made, but these ladies know that, at the end of the day, the goal is to get married. If we were omitting something that might be important she would let us know, but we never felt like she was judging us or the choices we were making, and that's really awesome, and not super common in the wedding industrial complex. There is nothing else that could have been more worth our money.

- Amanda & Nick, Chicago IL

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