Checking on the guest list with our wedding stage manager, Tim. Photo © Timmy Samuel / Starbelly Studios.

Today we are talking about the different services a wedding planner/coordinator can provide. There are numerous packages out there with countless different names, so how can you be expected to know what they are, never mind what you need?

At Crafty Broads, we think you should get exactly what you need, and not pay for anything you don’t. So, we start with a free consultation to talk about your wedding and figure out what we can do for you, and we follow it up with a personal quote for the cost of only the services you want.

Despite the plethora of different names wedding packages are often given, they all boil down to two categories – Planning and Day-of-Coordination (or DOC).

Let’s start with Day-of-Coordination. This basically means that you have planned your entire wedding, but on the actual day, you would prefer to enjoy it and not fret over any of the details. This is where the wedding coordinator steps in. It can vary somewhat – some coordinators literally show up on the wedding day, others work with you for a month or more before the wedding. Some let you contact them anytime once you’ve hired them, others won’t reply to you until a specific date arrives. Since this is about us, we’ll tell you what our Day-of-Coordination service includes:

  • Our initial consult, where we discuss your needs, priorities, and concerns for the wedding.
  • Ongoing (unlimited) communication with us via phone and email for any wedding-related things you want to discuss.
  • About a month before the wedding, we’ll have an in-person (or phone/Skype if you are not in Chicago) meeting to go over all the details and scheduling for the wedding.
  • If possible, we’ll also see your venue(s) at our meeting. If we can’t see it then, either because the venue is unavailable or because the wedding is not in the Chicago are, don’t worry! We’ll check it out at the rehearsal, look at photos, or whatever we need to do so we can figure out how the space will be set up and decorated.
  • Two weeks before the wedding, we’ll contact all of your vendors, give them a timeline of the day, confirm the details and prices of their services, and generally make sure they are good to go.
  • We’ll be there to coordinate your rehearsal, in tandem with your officiant.
  • We’re available the entire day of your wedding (with no limit on hours/no overtime charges) to manage setup, vendors, wedding party, guests, and all the details so that you can focus on what’s most important – getting married and celebrating your love!

Ok, onto planning. There is a lot more variance in this category simply because every wedding is different, and no two couples need exactly the same things from a planner. Within this category, there’s a little bit of a split between Full Planning and Partial Planning – let’s explain.

Full Planning is exactly what it sounds like – from finding a venue to picking a cake to booking a DJ to packing up the last gift, we will help you with whatever you need to make your wedding happen. We can have as much or as little involvement as you wish. Partial Planning services are for couples who have many of the details in place already, but need help with filling in some of the gaps in their plans, solving a particular problem, or those who want something a little beyond Day-of-Coordination.

The exact services provided tend to vary between clients, but can include:

  • budget development
  • creation of wedding planning timeline
  • vendor and venue research, including attendance at vendor meetings/site visits and contract negotiation
  • design and execution of décor elements
  • guest list and wedding website management
  • travel arrangements
  • assistance with DIY/DIT projects
  • coordination of additional wedding-related events

This is the second post in our series, All About Crafty Broads. We would love to answer your questions in the final post – please submit them here. Stay tuned – next time, we’re talking about the most dreaded word in all of weddingland, BUDGET. If you missed a previous post, you can find it here:

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