(This post should have been written on Monday. When it was fresh. But I didn’t do that because I didn’t feel like it, so I hope you don’t mind its tardiness. If you do, you don’t have to read it. But you should because there is lots of yummy food and I even remembered to take pictures.)

This past weekend, Julia FINALLY had some days off. And I don’t mean like… days off since last week, when she had days off like you do. I mean days off like damn, she opened two completely different show full of costumes she designed and made which opened within a month of each other, and for which she had to leave the show she had been running 8 shows a week on, including Saturdays & Sundays when we ordinarily see each other, which started in March(?). I mean days off as in I haven’t had a whole day off with my wife in at least three months. That kind of days off.

So we lazed around the house in our pajamas all weekend long doing nothing.

What I learned this weekend is that unlike three or four years ago when “doing nothing” meant ordering pizza, making pancakes from a just-add-water mix, and otherwise not really leaving the couch, “doing nothing” now apparently means mostly that, but instead of take out, we cook a lot of nice things…

Crispy Fish with Tomato, Corn, and Leek Sauté
Tuscan Lamb with Garlicky Tomato Sauce and Polenta

… and sometimes after consuming a bottle of wine, we decide we really want dessert so we might as well whip up a chocolate soufflé…

how to melt chocolate while drunk.
how to beat egg whites while drunk.

how to do a really half-assed job of folding beaten egg whites into melted chocolate… while drunk.

… and while it’s baking we have just enough time to do the dishes and change the sheets, and fight about how to make the bed properly and realize what a stupid fight we are having and make up just before the timer beeps, and then there is this:

how to eat a chocolate souffé while drunk? two spoons.

And lest you think that’s the laziest we get, a Sunday morning of “doing nothing” meant figuring out a new household budget, and then taking our pre-approved weekly amount to the farmers’ market so we could buy up a bunch of veggies and fresh cream and grass-fed bacon.

Eggs over Arugula-Mustard Salad with Fresh Bacon

Which became a delicious breakfast and then later, we made our favorite flavor of ice cream – strawberry basil – with all organic fresh from the market ingredients. Which is not pictured because I was eating it. Sorry.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

2 comments on “The Best Weekend

  1. ddayporter

    LOL "we're drunk! time to make the souffle!" hahah very nice. no doubt in that situation I would have burnt the apartment down.

    so funny, this very moment I'm working on a "perfect day" post. glad I'm not the only one who had a nice weekend. 🙂

  2. Cindy

    It's frankly shocking how well it turned out, considering how intoxicated we were. Then again, baking is practically a muscle memory for me at this point…

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