Two Paths Diverged in a Wood…

Columbia Gorge Waterfall

Columbia River Gorge, near Portland, OR

…and we each took the one dictated to us by our work schedules.

A break from the Crafty Broads catch up game today to talk about how to cope with being apart from your significant other a lot.

Now, we’re not technically far apart – we’re both working locally and we’re sleeping in the same bed at night – but our schedules are completely opposite one another right now, and it looks like they’re going to stay that way at least until January. (To those of you actually living apart from your spouse… sorry. That must be awful.)

Today is our only full day off together this month. Oh sure, we each have some other days off, but because of our opposing schedules, they are not the same days as one another. Looking ahead, there a single day in November (Thanksgiving) and two whole days in December (one of which is Christmas, the other of which is NOT Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas) where are both off at the same time again. This is not enough. Clearly.

So, wise readers, do you ever find yourselves with almost no time available at the same time as your significant other for a long stretch? How do you deal with it? What do you do to make those precious chunks of time you do have special?