Problem Solved: Sidewalk Chalk

If your wedding takes place in a beautiful setting, with a very old and lovely stone walkway; and I get there on the afternoon of your wedding and notice that the prior users of the space have defiled it with various messages and pictures scrawled in sidewalk chalk, the following will occur:

I will ask the venue coordinator if if can be removed.
Upon getting a vague response (i.e. “NO”), I will run around in search of something with which to clean it.
Finding nothing, I will briefly stick two bouquets in the same vase, so that we can take second one, and with repeated trips to the drinking fountain, douse the stone walkway in water.
I will then ponder how to scrub the chalk off, since one really needs a stiff brush or the forceful spray of a hose to do a good job.
Again, finding no useful tool, I will, in fact, take off my shoes, hike up my very dressy pants, and proceed to scrub said walkway with my bare feet.
Your groomsmen will laugh and thank me.
Your young cousins on program distribution duty will be jealous and wish we could trade jobs. (I will understand; I like getting dirty!)
You, having been wise enough to hire us, will never know about any sidewalk chalk art at your chapel.

Because we don’t want it in your wedding photos or assailing your guests eyes as they arrive.


(And no, unfortunately, I do not have a photo showing how ridiculous I must have looked.)