Liz and James’ University of Chicago Wedding – Bond Chapel and Ida Noyes Hall – Chicago, IL

Liz and James, Chicago. Photo by Emilia Jane Photography.

Liz and James found me through A Practical Wedding, and like most couples who find me that way, they were:
1) Super in love with each other
2) Really nice and awesome people
3) Focused on the most important thing (the MARRIAGE), while still caring about the details of the wedding…
4) …But totally ready to hand all those details off to me so they could focus on the occasion and enjoy the day.

In short, my favorite kind of clients.

You guys, you would be hard-pressed to find a couple more adorable with each other than Liz and James. They are both just the nicest people, and so clearly head-over-heels in love with each other. They met at the University of Chicago, and decided to have their wedding on the gorgeous campus. (Honestly, I don’t know why you wouldn’t take advantage of the beautiful, historic architecture if you had the chance. Which I guess is why I keep getting clients who are having their weddings on this campus. But I digress.)

One of the things that struck me most about this wedding was how open everyone was – Liz, James, their parents, families, and friends – with their feelings. I could see on each person’s face just how much they all care for one another and were so happy to celebrate this marriage and their families joining together. From Liz’s walk down the aisle to a teary father-of-the-bride giving a toast at the reception, there were many tears of joy (some mine) shed over the course of the day. I think this is the epitome of what a wedding should be – an unadulterated outpouring of love from everyone present celebrating the creation of this new family.

It was a beautiful day, and beyond all the emotions, Liz and James put a lot of work into a carefully curated aesthetic for their wedding, so I have to point out some of my favorite details!

First, they really like good food. And you know how I feel about that. City Provisions served a buffet of delectable Mediterranean and comfort foods, which I think I was not alone in loving.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about one of my favorite florists, Lynn at Pollen Floral Design. Liz collected a LOT of milk glass vases for the centerpieces, and until I arrived on the big day, I assumed it would be a kind of standard one-large-vase-per-table centerpiece kind of thing. NO. I should have known to expect more from this bunch. I mean, just look:

I just love the way Lynn uses less-traditional flowers to make bold arrangements, and I love the unexpected twist of such an eclectic assortment of different size and shape vases. Just gorgeous.

I’d like to end by saying how awesome it was to work with a couple that truly shared the work of planning a wedding – James was one of the most organized people I’ve met, and I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to work with a couple who both played equal parts in the planning process. It makes me so happy when I see egalitarian relationships in action – yay!

Congratulations Liz and James!

Ceremony Venue: Bond Chapel, University of Chicago
Officiant: Ellen McManus, Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago
Reception Venue: Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago
Photographer: Emilia Jane Photography
Catering: City Provisions
Cupcakes: Hearts and Flour Bakery at Misericordia
Florist: Pollen Floral Design
DJ: Style Matters
Transportation: Metropolitan Limousine
Equipment Rentals: Windy City Sound and Lighting 

All photos were taken by Emilia Jane Photography and are reposted here with the photographer’s permission. Photos in this and all posts are protected by copyright, and are are not available for reproduction, redistribution or any other purpose without written authorization from the photographer.