Thank YOU!

I know it’s a holiday weekend, and you all have better things to do than read this blog, so I’ll keep it short:


Thank you to all the amazing wedding vendors who have shared their wisdom with us and collaborated with us to make some truly special days this year.

Thank you to the designers who inspire us, the creators of lovely fabrics, and those few wonderful people in the fabric store who actually know what they’re talking about.

Thank you to all our friends who have spread the word about Crafty Broads and helped it grow so much, so quickly. And who have listened to us whine when we got overwhelmingly busy. And have taken us out for drinks and brought us cake when we were too stressed to have a birthday party. And who are just awesome people that put up with us even though we are totally slacking on spending time with all of you.

Thank you to all of our clients, many of whom we are happy to now call friends, for being cool people, having great taste, bringing us fabulous inspiration, and including us in your love-fests. And for one by one, bringing us closer to making Crafty Broads a full-time gig.

This has been an amazing year so far, and it wouldn’t have been without all of you!

We hope you have a relaxing, happy weekend full of delicious food and time with your loved ones ahead of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Prepped Turkey

Let's cook this turkey.

Yeah, I just started a post with a big picture of raw meat. (Have I lost any readers? I hope not.) Look, today is the day before Thanksgiving. I have two related points on the agenda, so I won’t waste anymore of your holiday weekend time rambling.

1. This is cliché, but… today we are thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives, including you, who have supported the launch of our little business over the past year. It’s a really exciting (busy, stressful, crazy) time for us, and we’d be lying if we said we could do it without a little help from our friends. Your continued encouragement means a lot to us, and every time you tell someone about us or pass along our business cards, you are building our business with us. And that really rocks. So, thank you friends, family, colleagues, and strangers.

To those of you who are or have been our clients – you are seriously awesome and we want to be your friends forever. So please feel free to email us and let us know what you’re up to, how your honeymoon was, where you’re wearing the clothes we made for you, and obviously tell us what you’ve been eating since we saw you. We miss you, for real.

2. Here are some hints for making your Thanksgiving food extra awesome:

Turkey: See above, and cut slits in the bird’s skin. Stick your finger in, loosen it up, and shove some flavor in there. We do rosemary and garlic and it makes for some truly excellent turkey.

Mashed potatoes: Use real cream instead of milk, and put some rosemary in those too. And also – red potatoes are the way to go, keep the skins on, they are delish.

Pumpkin Pie: Use a real pumpkin, not a can. A pie pumpkin. Cut it, puree it, OMG yum. Also – for an easy yet superior pie crust, make a graham cracker crust, but instead of graham crackers use gingersnaps. And then you need real whipped cream on top. As in, buy cream and then whip it, and since you’re doing that, add a splash of brandy to the cream. You’re welcome.