Tempe and Derek’s Pub Wedding – The Old Oak Tap – Chicago, IL

Tempe and Derek Chicago Wedding at Old Oak Tap. Photo: Starbelly Studios

With this is the post, you’ll be completely caught up with our business dealings! And then we’ll be back to our usual food talk with craftiness on the side.

Tempe was a radiant bride. Photo by Timmy Samuels of Starbelly Studios.

Tempe was in one of the first shows I ever stage managed professionally. I was fresh out of school, I’m sure I didn’t know what I was doing yet, and Tempe was cast as a mime in this little operetta that was an… interesting… experience for everyone involved.*

We got to know each other and then didn’t work together ever again. But we kept running into each other – the theatre world is a very small one – and became friends. So when she announced her engagement to Derek, my congratulations was followed immediately with two things.

1. Go read A Practical Wedding, which is my first piece of advice to everyone who gets engaged; and

2. Please, please, please let us stage manage your wedding!

I’m thrilled to report that they followed both pieces of advice. So now, let me tell you about them and their wedding.

Walking up the aisle together. Photo by Timmy Samuels of Starbelly Studios.

Tempe and Derek got hitched on the outdoor patio of a gastropub on a warm and sunny August evening. They got a real city wedding – since the venue was on a major thoroughfare, we got to pause a few times for cars thumping loud summer jams and a few wailing sirens to pass by!

They had a good friend officiate, and she put a surprise into their ceremony – just before Tempe and Derek exchanged their vows, each of their mothers stood up and said a few words to them. It was really sweet, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house afterwards. They also did something in their ceremony which we loved – after the vows they took a moment to whisper whatever private words they wanted to add into each other’s ears. Isn’t that a great idea?

Ridiculously happy after exchanging vows. Photo by Timmy Samuels of Starbelly Studios.

And then, they were so happy. I think this is the best part – right after a couple is pronounced married, there’s a freedom to celebrate like nobody’s watching, to just be giddily, outrageously in love – that’s the best moment of a wedding if you ask me. And I LOVE that I get to help make it happen.

The reception was tons of fun. They had a photo booth with a bunch of silly props, made a grand entrance down the staircase, and danced their booties off. The food was the main reason they picked their venue, and it was stellar. At the end of the night, they planned to take a taxi home, but friends surprised them with a limo ride instead!

Tempe and Derek folded hundreds of paper cranes together for their centerpieces. Some very lucky kiddos got to take them home. Photo by Timmy Samuels of Starbelly Studios.

It was an excellent celebration of two wonderful people.
Congratulations Tempe and Derek!

Venue & Catering: The Old Oak Tap
Officiant: Friend of the couple
Photographer: Starbelly Studios
Friend of the couple
Cakes: Friend of the couple
Entertainment: Diana Lawrence
Photo Booth: BG Photobooths

All photos were taken by Starbelly Studios and are reposted here with the photographer’s permission. Photos in this and all posts are protected by copyright, and are are not available for reproduction, redistribution or any other purpose without written authorization from the photographer.

*I’m not gonna name names or anything, but the married couple who directed it did more bickering than directing, and were ultimately fired 10 days before the opening night. At which point we scrapped everything and started completely over and somehow managed to open on time. It was… challenging. And makes for a great story.