Real Wedding Budgets

Ok, so it turns out I’m better at blogging if I give myself some kind of theme and goals. So, I’m thinking about a new, ongoing series about wedding budgets. Specifically, I would like to gather and publish actual data from real people – how much they spent on the weddings, what they got for their money, some photos that help us envision that, and what they thought about the money they spent.

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I believe the way this will work best is to keep it completely anonymous. We’ll share the location and number of guests, breakdown of the budget, and if possible, some photos of the wedding (that don’t include any faces or other identifying information.)

SO. If you are brave, and you would like to help other couples get a clue of about what things cost, please click the link below to tell us about your wedding, and we will get it up here soon. We already have our first submission, and I can tell that this series is going to be really awesome and helpful, so if you are on the fence, hop down on my side and submit your budget.

Real Wedding Budget Submissions

Q: I don’t have any good detail shots from my wedding. Should I still submit my budget?
A: YES! There is space to describe each element, so readers will be able to get a pretty good idea of what your wedding was like, as long as they harness their own powers of imagination.

Q: I don’t remember exactly what I spent on my wedding. Do you still want my budget?
A: If you can recall approximately what you spent, we’d still love to have your numbers. Even a rough idea can be helpful to other people. You can always look at the submission form and see if it jogs your memory.