Date Night: Plums

So here’s how we got to tonight’s meal:

  • Right after we got married, we decided that we’ll have a date night on a weekly basis, during which we will try new recipes (except for once in a while, when we’ll go out to eat instead.) 
  • One of the things we’ve discovered in the course of our food adventures in the past few years is that we love the combination of meat and fruit together.
  • Cindy has been scouring the internet for recipes as of late (especially ice cream! but we’ll get to that next week when the ice cream maker arrives…) and has found many things that sound amazing.
  • We bought grass-fed pork loin chops at the farmers’ market yesterday.

When we put those things together, we get Pork Chops with Warm Plum Sauce. We could describe it, but we’re currently in a food coma from it, so we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:



Plums + Pork. (Click for recipe)

Plums + Pork + Improvised salad from yesterday’s leftovers = Dinner.

Thank you, goodnight.