How to Vacation When You’re Running A Side Business

[Well, I was going to write about the yummy things we ate this week, but turns out I want to write about what a vacation is like when you also are trying to start a business on the side.]

Oh, you guys, I am really trying to keep this blogging thing going, because I do enjoy it. But – when I get busy (which you know is often) it is hard for me to find the space in my brain to decide what to write about, and then get the chunk of time needed to actually write it. Some of you know I’m on vacation from yesterday through Sunday, and you might be thinking – of course she has time! And, yeah, I sort of do. The thing is, though, I think our little business is really starting to take off, and that has to be a priority.

So far on my “vacation”, I have:

  • Slept in until 7:30 or 8am!
  • Written & revised our custom garment contract
  • Worked on dress design sketches
  • Hashed out some details for another wedding, including scoring a great deal with a vendor
  • Set up a meeting with another potential client
  • Actually started the Great T-Shirt Project of 2010
  • Installed new operating system on my computer, and then new money software, and am currently in the midst of transferring all our data over from the old program and setting up our budget.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Had happy hour with WhiskeyTime and some improvised Amaretto/Pear martinis. (ok, this part is like actual vacation.)
  • SPENT TIME WITH MY WIFE. (Who is being the sweetest lady ever by pretending I am really on vacation and planning a weekend of fancy dinners that she is cooking for me. Boy do I love her. Last night, we had Roasted Chicken with Spiced Figs. OMG. Yum. On Saturday, she is planning some awesome thing where she cooks whole fish. She is the best. Sorry to all the rest of you who don’t get to be married to her.)

Additional things I have scheduled to do on my vacation are:

  • Hit the fabric store for swatching and inspiration for our client’s wedding dress
  • Meet with the aforementioned potential client
  • Finish putting together sketches and estimate for the wedding dress
  • Flesh out all the details of the wedding coming up and distribute them to vendors
  • Maybe continue working on the Great T-Shirt Project of 2010 (which I guess I should write a post about, huh?)
  • Write a guest post for a wedding blog
  • Write a why having babies scared me before being a nanny vs. why they scare me now post for another blog
  • Attempt to write something of substance for this here blog, that is not about how busy I am, and thus will not bore you to tears like this post
  • CELEBRATE OUR ANNIVERSARY. Yeah, I know it was a month ago, and we did celebrate. But I think I mentioned we had been planning to go to a big fancy dinner only to find out that the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed. So. We rescheduled our anniversary for ‘one of those upcoming weekends when we might have some time’ (HA!) and here it is. We’ve got a reservation at Chalkboard for Friday night, and I’m hopeful we will be able to schedule some massages tomorrow or Saturday as well. Yay!

And, let me say, I am NOT complaining. I love doing all these things. Not that I wouldn’t love just sitting at the beach all day, in some semblance of what I imagine normal people do on vacation – I would love that. But – the reason why we’re making this business happen is exactly because we LOVE doing these things and want to eventually do them full-time. Or at least enough of the time that we can pick and choose what shows or other work we want to do the rest of the time.

A Big Announcement

We’re having a baby!

Just kidding. That’s what’s expected after a title of this nature though, isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint. (If you’re wondering, we’re planning to foster/adopt a kiddo or two… someday. We’ll keep you posted.)

We really do have exciting news though! So far, our clients have been friends who happened to want something awesome to wear. Which is stellar, because who doesn’t like making beautiful things for people they love? We sure do. But – the big deal this week? We got our first real client – the kind that we never met before until they found us on the internet and decide to contact us so we could make them something – how great is that? (Pretty amazing. We squealed.) This is a really, really big deal for our little business.

Oh, and can I tell you what we’re making for her? A 1930s-style bias cut wedding dress! Which is an amazing project to be working on. And – her dress ideas are gorgeous! We cannot wait to get started making it, and eventually share it with you. (With her permission, and I’m guessing after the Big Day, of course. So you’ll have to exercise some patience on that one; her wedding’s in December.)

In other news, we may finally have a chunk of time to celebrate our anniversary with the fancy dinner at Chalkboard we were hoping to have at the beginning of the month. And maybe some massages. And definitely something bubbly in the toasting glasses we never used at our wedding.

Working for the Weekend… Again

Well, once again, it’s been a busy week and weekend (so far) over here. Right this second, I am waiting for a few files to upload and then… the Crafty Broads website will be live and ready for action! I would LOVE your feedback – please email me or comment here if you have a chance to check it out.

I am SO. EXCITED. to be done making the website. Although it didn’t take me long in total number of hours, it has really eaten up the last couple of weeks, and I have other projects I want to work on.

Here’s the rundown of things that are in the works:

  • Next week, we’re meeting with a potential client who is looking for a custom wedding dress (very exciting, especially since she wants something 30s and bias-cut, which we adore)
  • Also next week or the week after, I’ll be doing a guest post on another blog (I’ll link when it’s up)
  • I’ve got two big events to stage manage in August – a friend’s wedding and a handful of small parties being held around the country which will kick off a major event celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York. (You can read about it here and here.) Also? Same-sex couples are getting married there RIGHT THIS MINUTE, thanks to some nice judges and government officials who kept buildings open late and came in on their days off to dispense forms and officiate nuptials. Hooray for that! (Still waiting on you, Illinois. Ahem, downstate…get with the program.)
  • I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll get time to work on the pattern for a custom three-piece suit we’re making, which I’ve been wanting to work on for way too long now.
  • If I ever finish all these other obligations, I have a ton of sewing projects for myself to get started (or finished, as the case may be) on too!

In food news, tonight I made a horribly unhealthy, carb-filled meal of latkes and butternut squash mac & cheese. Both were delicious. I am in carb heaven. I promise to eat veggies tomorrow.*

And with that, I am calling it a day.

*Julia disagrees, but squash is totally a vegetable.