Handmade Help

Have your wedding-related DIY/DIT projects gotten out of control? Do you have 437 origami cranes in your living room and too many paper cuts to fold even one more? Do have a brilliant idea and all the supplies for your rustic escort cards, but no idea where to start? Or perhaps you love the look of a handmade wedding, but you have nary a crafty bone in your body?

FEAR NOT. We can help. Yeah, we are good at organizing events, and we love to make clothes, but we are also crafty in general (which you’ve possibly gathered from our name?) so we are happy to offer the support you need to keep your wedding aesthetic intact without losing your sanity. We can come in at any step of the way – to help brainstorm and design projects, choose and purchase supplies, or put all the pieces together.

This is the fourth post in our series, All About Crafty Broads. We would love to answer your questions in the final post – please submit them here. Next up, we’re talking about Alterations. Miss a previous post? Find it here:

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