Oxford Grammar App has 250 grammatical questions with many examples and additional lessons for better learning. It contains all the important parts of the language and gives you lessons on names, pronouns, verbs and everything. The app also contains an offline medium where you can search for words without an Internet connection. Killer SAT Grammar is a very impressive grammar app. Although it was created for American students with their SATTs, British students will also benefit from teaching grammar in high school years before GCSE. The application works well as a standalone product for the rules of; Modifiers, verb-subject chord, direct expressions, the economy of expression, conflict of comparison, indeterminate pronouns and the combination of two sentences with a comma. Low in English grammar? Here are the best grammatical apps for iOS and Android to improve your language skills. From true subtantives to adverbs, pronouns, statements on secondary sentences and articles, you`ll help revise grammar in a fun way with our best grammar apps. In the age of the Internet, we are all writers. Correct grammar and punctuation are the key to making a good impression. Grammatical applications help you write and speak properly.

Use the following grammatical apps to create phrases with themes, nouns and verbs. Please note that these are mainly focused on teaching English grammar. Grammar Fun 2nd Grade HD is a user-friendly interactive app that can help children learn and practice the basics of grammar. The application has more than 200 drag-and-drop exercises, including coverage of verbs, nouns, adjectives, articles, pronouns and squeezings. English Grammar in Use is the world`s best-selling grammar and exercise app for intermediate English learners. This grammar app is perfect for self-learning, but it`s also ideal for extra grammatical activities in the classroom. The app comes with interactive exercises and built-in audio to help with listening and pronunciation capabilities. This is a vast grammatical reference and application quiz with individual lessons for different grammar rules. The teaching of grammar is organized from simple to difficult and all lessons are grouped together. You can learn the structure of English with quizs and points with 138 grammar points. The app is free with advertisements. Grammaropolis is a complete and captivating application for young grammarists.

Grammaropolis simulates a fun city populated by crazy characters who embody each of the eight parts of the language. The application version of Grammaropolis (there is also a web version) contains original songs, videos, books, quiz and games based on the eight parts of the language, all of which aim to make grammar fun for children. English Grammar Test is one of the most popular grammatical applications. It has a ton of content, including 1,200 exercises in total and 20 units of English grammar in each test. The application extends this to different levels of qualification, tests, etc. It also keeps an overview of your results and progress. It`s definitely not an app you can use in a day or even a week, probably. Johnny Grammars Word Challenge is one of the most popular grammatical applications. It`s an exciting time quiz game where learners have to face the clock and answer as many grammar, vocabulary and spelling questions as possible in 60 seconds. This exciting quiz app with advanced beginners after B.C. on a number of topics such as food, restaurants and hobbies is hosted by Quizmaster Johnny Grammar. Players can earn badges as they progress through the app and take on others in a world ranking.

The application is totally free and it is very useful for learning the basics of grammar. Grow Grammar is a simple English grammar application that helps children learn the structure of sentences and how to build and deconstruct them.

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Last Modified: April 12, 2021