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We’re pleased as punch to announce that out of over 200 applicants, we’ve been selected as one of the businesses to take part in the next Indie Wed show, which takes place on Saturday, January 28th here in Chicago. (In our old neighborhood. Which we miss.) Indie Wed is an alternative wedding expo type thing, focused on small, local businesses and less-traditional weddings – it was formed to be in the spirit of indie craft fairs and the like. Here’s how they define it:

Indie Wed is a unique event that combines the idea of a traditional wedding show with a street bazaar, highlighting local and nearby independent designers and artisans. Most bridal shows tend to cater to a very specific vision of what a wedding should be. Indie Wed is geared towards couples who want to take an “independent” approach to their event. It is wedding planning… redefined.

There we are, sharing space on the Indie Wed website with all the other awesome vendors!

So – we are excited to be there. We hope to meet lots of potential clients, as well as to get to know some more local vendors. If you’re interested, here are all the details about the winter show.

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