Yeah, I stole that line from Tim Gunn. But it totally applies! Today, we are discussing alterations, and alterations are all about making it work.

There are really two kinds of alterations. The first are probably what you’re thinking of right now – a dress that’s a little too big in the bust or a little too small in the waist; a hem that needs shortening; the addition of a bustle to a wedding dress. And of course we do those.

Working out the proper drape of a bustle.

What you may not think about are the less typical things that can fall under the category of alterations. This could be changing the neckline on an otherwise-perfect dress, a somewhat moderate alteration, or something more dramatic, like taking a formal floor-length dress with a train, and turning it into a sassy little knee-length number. We’ve done a few of these recently, and frankly, we love them! (And we promise to post with pictures about them soon.)

So, whatever you have in mind for your garment, from a tiny tuck here or there, to a complete reworking of the whole thing, we can do it for you.

This is the fifth post in our series, All About Crafty Broads. We would love to answer your questions in the final post – please submit them here. Next up, we’re talking about Alterations. Miss a previous post? Find it here:

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