Fellow small business owners and other busy people – how do you make time for your own projects in the deluge of Things That Must Get Done? I desperately want (need?) to sew some things for myself, but I can’t seem to find the hours in the day to get it done. The Great T-Shirt Project of 2010 has still barely been started. And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s 2012 now. Oops.

Because I think it might help to put these projects out into the ether, here is my current list of personal projects:

  • Corset for me (to hopefully finish in the next two weeks so I can wear it to Kinzie‘s wedding!) – I have an Asian-style embroidered brocade kind of fabric for this, and it’s beautiful. Also I’m hoping to recreate/modify a Victorian-style corset with this project.
  • Jacket to wear over said corset in case it is cold – I have blueish purple silk dupioni for this, and superb inspiration for the style.
  • Alterations to a dress I made a few years ago but now hate, to turn it into a simple skirt (with pockets!) to complete the above ensemble.
  • Corset for Julia that she has been begging me to make for the last two years.
  • New pajama pants. Mine all have holes. (Lots of them, in unfortunate places.) I have awesome Flinstones-esque dark teal with black tiger stripe fabric. They will be so much fun to wear.
  • The aforementioned Great T-Shirt Project of 2010. You guys, in 2010 we bought 30 pounds of jersey so that we could both expand our sad, sad collection of ill-fitting t-shirts. (I have a long torso, so basically every t-shirt ever manufactured shows an inch or two of stomach, which I’d prefer stayed out of sight and warm.)
  • I have silky, stretchy, clingy, shiny teal fabric for a drape-y dress shirt.
  • I am determined to never purchase jeans again and start making my own, because there are no pants in the universe that fit me properly. (And the ones I have are dangerously close to being to worn to wear in public.)
  • On that note, I need some dressier-than-jeans but not as fancy as wedding attire to wear to my clients’ rehearsals. As well as some more wedding attire to wear to their weddings. I know I’m getting sick of my same two outfits, and if you started looking at photos of me on fancy occasions, you’d be sick of them too.
  • I also have two pairs of corduroy pants in progress that need finishing.
  • And cranberry corduroy for a winter skirt.
  • Make my own swimsuit for the summer! (Long torso is a big problem in this department as well.)

I think that’s it. So please, give me your advice on balancing day jobs, working for yourself, doing your own projects, and relaxing (ha!) without accumulating sleep debt. And maybe, once in a while, ask if I’m getting any of this stuff done.

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  1. Jane

    Relaxing? That I haven’t really figured out how to fit in yet regularly. And the personal projects tend to go into “found time” other than the hour I have scheduled for “Art Time.” But I did notice when I skipped sleep that everything else took longer, so bedtime is now sacred. And when I started exercising regularly, I needed less sleep, which freed up a net 30-60 minutes a day.

  2. Kinzie Kangaroo

    You have way longer to finish that corset. I don’t know what you’re talking about — “two weeks.” What’s in two weeks? *Certainly* not my wedding. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    AH! Two weeks! (Woohoo!)

  3. bec

    No advice for you, but maybe a plea to make me some jeans as well? I have yet to find a pair that fits me correctly. Maybe if you take on some projects of a similar nature, you can carve out time to incorporate your projects into the time you spend on theirs? I don’t know.

    But I do reiterate the whole sleep and exercise thing. Training for this damn half marathon has given me a calmer demeanor and more sleep.

  4. Artemisia Moltabocca

    Oh that is a beautiful corset! Did you find the pattern online? Can you share the link please? I am desperately looking for a 1870’s corset pattern. Thank you!

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