A special occasion ruby red corset from with coordinating silk chiffon skirt. This was worn to a theatre opening night party.

Today I get to talk about one of my favorite things in all the world – corsets. As you may be aware, I am on a personal mission to get every lady I know to wear one. Why, you ask? Well, if you insist, I’ll list all the reasons I love corsets right here:

  • Corsets are hot. This is not the number one reason I love them, but it’s undeniable. Corset = Sexy. They are lovely to look at when there’s nothing covering them up, and they accentuate all the right curves so when you do cover them up, you have a great silhouette.
  • They are REALLY COMFORTABLE. I know you don’t believe me. Hell, before I wore one, I wouldn’t have believed me either. But then I went on a quest to find an appropriate undergarment for my wedding dress, and let me tell you about a trip you never want to go on: trying to find a long-line brassiere of any kind when you are both plus-sized and in possession of a long torso. Suffice it to say both the internet and the best bra shops around Chicago were searched high and low; things were returned; and I ended up making myself a corset to wear under my dress. Yep. So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, they are cozy! Seriously, a corset that fits you well is awesome because it feels like you are getting a nice hug all day long. And they hold your boobs up without any poking underwires. And they make you stand up straight, which is not only good for you but gives you the appearance of being skinnier than you actually are.
  • They are fun to make! You might not think so, but I do, and you can hire me to make one for you.
Like all custom clothing, our charges for corsets are based on the estimated number of hours it will take to complete plus the cost of materials. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll point out that corsets are very labor-intensive projects, and most will take a minimum of 20 hours to complete. Designs with lots of bones, intricate finishing details, or straps/sleeves can take 30-40 hours from start to finish. It will not be cheap. But the payoff? You will love it, and with proper care, it will pretty much last forever. This is a good place to think about Price vs. Value.

A practical corset for everyday use, this one can be laced put on and laced by the wearer.

That’s it, really. What is boils down to is that corsets are the epitome of what I want from my wardrobe – first and foremost (always), it’s comfortable enough to wear all day without complaint; and second, it makes me look and feel great. And I want that for everyone, so get yourself a corset, won’t you?

This is the seventh and final post in our series, All About Crafty Broads. We didn’t get any questions, so there is no Q&A post forthcoming, but please feel free to comment if there is something you’re dying to know – we’ll be thrilled to respond! Miss a previous post? Find it here:

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2 comments on “Let Me Tie You Up

  1. cartascartas

    i have a question! 🙂 can you wear it under everyday clothes or would it show through? I can see it being very wearable under structured dresses, but what about unlined pieces and the like?

    1. Crafty Broads Post author

      A good question! The answer is: it depends both on the corset itself and on the clothes you want to wear it under. Corsets can be designed/constructed to have a smooth exterior, which would give you the same kind of smooth lines as wearing spanx or something like that (except way more comfortable!) – remember, corsets are the original undergarment, so they were designed to be worn under all kinds of things. However. That was in time periods where ladies generally wore many layers and never, ever wore pants, so that’s something to keep in mind. I haven’t personally tried wearing a corset with pants, but I like to think one could be tweaked for that purpose. (After all, there were specialty corsets for horseback riding and pregnancy, so why not pants?) Thank you, you’ve revealed my new quest in life: a corset that works well with jeans!

      Let’s see, what else? – under unlined things – YES, you can definitely do that! The reason I made a corset was to add structure to an otherwise completely unstructured wedding dress. This is, in fact, a fabulous way to put a corset to good use.

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