A month or so ago, I planted a bunch of seeds into some egg cartons, watered them faithfully, and hoped for the best. I do not have a great track record when it comes to plants. Has anyone ever given you a plant and said, “Don’t worry, no one can kill this kind of plant”? Was the plant in question jade, aloe, a spider plant, or mint (which is known for needing to be aggressively cut back lest it take over your entire yard)? Because, friends, I have killed every one of those. (Sorry, Mom. You can send me more cuttings if you want. Apparently, the green thumb you got from Grandpa skipped me right over, but I’m trying.) And a bunch of other things too.

[Except the flowers I planted when we moved into our condo three years ago, which have inexplicably survived. I was sure were dead since I began neglecting them almost as soon as they were in the window box. Those flowers came back entirely on their own last summer, just in time for our wedding – I even wore a couple blooms in my hair! Those flowers? They are back again this year. So – they must really be invincible.]

So, I am happy to report that there are lots of little things sprouting up on our back porch right now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will mature into large and lovely actual plants, and someday? Full-grown veggies, fruits, and herbs we can actually ingest. Cause that would be awesome.


cherry tomatoes (left) & regular tomatoes (right)

one teeny tiny, hard-to-see kale sproutling

cilantro (second from right) and scallions (right)

strawberry plant that Julia gave me on the night of our we-met-five-years-ago anniversary

swiss chard (seeds from One Seed Chicago)

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