If you paid for a vehicle in cash or with a private loan from your financial institution, but you refuse to take possession of the vehicle, it is often too late to change your mind after signing the contract of sale without consequences. As a general rule, there is no right of termination or “cooling-off period” as soon as a customer has signed a contract to purchase a vehicle, unless a dealer has violated the Car Dealers Act (MVDA) or the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) or a condition of a contract is not met. For this reason, each sales contract must contain the following statement in addition to the buyer`s signature: Yes, you are covered by what was previously called distance selling, which means that you can refuse the car and get a full refund (although they can claim delivery costs). In reality, a dealer will fight you to the death before paying you back and taking you back, which is then definitely a used car, so you`d have a hell of a fight if you tried to turn down the vehicle. If it`s too late to cancel your purchase, you can always sell it yourself or exchange it for another purchase. If you bought a brand new car, you may have to wait to sell it. Once you buy a new car and drive it from the property, it is necessary and the value of the car decreases significantly. You may have to pay another deposit if you want to exchange the car for another vehicle. If you decide to sell the vehicle, you may have to pay the balance of your credit, as the sale price may not be enough to cover the current balance. Hi Stuart, I recently bought a Nissan sheet after a salesman recommended it when I told him what I needed in a car. It`s an electric car that has associated a big lifestyle change! The salesman indicated that the car was suitable for my role as a social worker, but I have the impression that the car is not suitable for the purpose that I had communicated to him. . .


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Last Modified: September 13, 2021