New Year, new series, right? Since the holiday season is when so many people get engaged, I though I’d start the year with some posts on the wedding planning process. I’m going to call it ‘Ask Crafty Broads’. If you have a question I can answer or a topic you’d like to hear about, submit it here! I made a nifty form and everything.

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we? First, I’m going to assume that you recently became engaged and you have never planned a wedding before. CONGRATULATIONS! If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you and your fiancé(e) to take a few weeks to enjoy this new facet of you’re relationship before dive head first into planning. Celebrate, tell everyone you love, and practice saying “Thanks for your advice”, full stop.

Second, before you get caught up in budgets and pretty details and trying to live up to the expectations of everyone you’ve ever met and the entire internet, maybe you want to know the only two ways you can possibly plan your wedding wrong.

Ready to go? The first thing I advise you to do is set aside an evening with your future spouse and really think about what you want your wedding to be. Without talking about specifics, begin the conversation about what your wedding should look and feel like. Very general ideas here, folks – like do you want it to feel formal or casual? Traditional or quirky? Big party or intimate brunch? What are your priorities as far as the overall vibe goes – to make a formal declaration within your community, bring your two families together, or simply have a kickass party? What wedding dreams have each of you formed through the course of your life and what do they have in common? What traditions come to mind when you think of a wedding, and do you love or hate them?

At the end of this conversation, I suggest you write down your top three priorities, whatever they may be. (And feel free to share them in the comments!) Use them as a mission statement of sorts, so that whenever you are unsure if something you’re considering is right for your wedding, you can refer back to it and see if it fits. This will help you with every aspect of your wedding, including our next topic: budget. Stay tuned…

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