In the 2020 presidential elections, the agreement supported the candidacy of incumbent President Andrzej Duda and party activists, including Adam Bielan, joined its electoral committee. In April 2020, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the leadership of the agreement insisted on the implementation of an appropriate amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, so that Andrzej Duda`s term of office would be extended by two years, without this giving in return the possibility of re-election. The agreement`s deputies called for the approval of all parliamentary parties and invoked the legal requirement of a 2/3 super-majority to implement their postulate. Despite the positive recognition of law and justice, Jarosław Gowin announced that he was resigning from his ministerial post, as he had not received the political support of any of the clubs opposed to the postponement, while affirming that the coalition would be maintained. [24] On the recommendation of his party, the post of deputy prime minister was transferred to Jadwiga Emilewicz, one of the vice-presidents of the agreement. [25] In the following days, Wojciech Murdzek took up the temporarily vacant post of Minister of Science and Higher Education. [26] The last thing leaders need to do is they need to connect. They need to build relationships with their counterparts across the company, as the leadership model is now more distributed. It`s more connected. We work in functional teams, within teams, and we need to know how to build strong relationships with the people we work with every day.

But there is also a leadership contract with four main conditions. On 6 February, following the Tribunal`s opposition to the registration of the name “Agreement”, the party`s leadership proposed that the “Jarosław Gowin Agreement” be the full name of the movement, which was only legally authorized on 22 June. [18] In this agreement, don`t take anything personal, it`s about how you approach the opinions of others. Easier said than done, isn`t it? But it`s important to remember two things: what leaders need to do is accept hard work, because leadership is hard work. It`s not an easy role to be constantly good at it. To be a responsible leader is to think that there will be difficult things to do as a leader, but what we find is that many leaders avoid the difficult things – avoid giving open feedback; Avoid managing poor performance; Avoid making difficult decisions that could be in the best interest of the company. But you refuse to make the decision because it could make you unpopular with your team. Leaders need to accept hard work, because if they don`t, they don`t realize how it weakens and weakens their business. But if you have the courage to undertake the hard work, you will have to do harder, your company becomes stronger and therefore you push the responsibility. At the Poland Together congress on November 4, the name of the new party was revealed as porozumienie. [15] Gowin announced that Błeńska, Zając and former modern MP Zbigniew Gryglas would join the Alliance, with Błeńska and Gryglas becoming deputy leaders,[16] as well as the creation of local programmatic government and economic councils to advise the leadership of the new party. [8] Master complexity and uncertainty.

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