Gardening Products: Our client is the UK`s leading supplier of products for growing, garden life, wild bird care and pet care. We have designed commercial agent contracts for the distribution of all their products throughout the UK to independent garden centres through agents. We have also participated in various “litigations” aimed at resolving the issue of compensation/compensation paid to different agents in the event of (i) death, ii) sale of agencies and (iii) resignation, including the sale of agencies and Complaints from the Supreme Court regarding the quantification of compensation, in order to include European law. The contract between the agent and the manufacturer shall contain a description of the products or services which are under the control of the agent to be placed on the market. The agent will only market products of the manufacturer expressly defined in the agency distribution contract. The contract may also determine whether the agent and customer must meet minimum requirements to complete sales transactions. Depending on the terms of the contract, the manufacturer may reserve the right to refuse certain sales contracts. Each distribution agreement has a number of clauses in place, but some are more important than others. Some of them are. The distributor will be granted exclusive rights to distribute these products in the territory.

This territorial exclusivity implies that neither the brand nor any other distributor authorized by the brand are authorized to actively sell the products in the territory. However, the brand or any other authorized distributor has the right to passively sell products in the territory. Discussions have taken place and the Parties have decided to conclude this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as `the Agreement` or `Treaty`, including its recitals and annexes contained therein and which are indivisible. In both agency and distribution contracts, there will be terms that will determine the duration of the agreement, the obligations of the parties, payment agreements, intellectual property rights and what will happen when the agreement ends. There may also be provisions for reporting, accounting and registration, training, marketing, etc. The distributor acknowledges that any promotion, promotion, advertising or communication concerning the brand or products respects its image and positioning and meets the quality standards of the brand and its marketing policy. The distributor will comply with all obligations that apply to its activities and, in particular, will ensure that the distribution of products and its promotions, taking into account the objective pursued, are always perfectly legal and proportionate to preserve the reputation and image of the brand and products. .

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Last Modified: September 8, 2021