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It’s getting real over here. We spent some actual dollars to become official sponsors on A Practical Wedding. Let me tell you why this blog was our first (and is likely to be our only) choice for advertising our wedding-related services. It is as simple as the tagline in the blog header:

A Practical Wedding blog header

weddings. plus the marriage. minus the insanity.

This philosophy – that the marriage is what matters and the wedding, while important and wonderful, is just one day (or a few) of celebrating the promise of years to come – is something that speaks to us. As fairly reasonable people ourselves, and with a starving artist limited budget, we had to decide what was essential for our wedding, and ditch or make do for the rest. In addition to lots of practical advice for wedding planning, this site is a community of people actively discussing marriage, what it means to be a wife, marriage equality, an ongoing feminist-leaning book club, and all sorts of other things that go beyond the big day. It’s fantastic and full of awesome people, some of whom I am delighted to call my friends.

Beyond that, everyone who advertises on the website is required to take a Sanity Pledge! And you know what the wedding world needs? That’s right, a lot more sanity. So, with our sponsorship, we get to be surrounded by other like-minded vendors. Here’s the pledge we all agreed to:

… A wedding is an awesome party, but it’s the marriage that really matters.
… It takes two people to get married. It’s not all about the bride (and sometimes there isn’t a bride to begin with).
… We support LGBTQ couples right to marry, and we are delighted to work with them.
… We don’t charge a premium just because we heard the word “wedding.”
… We will be upfront and fair about our pricing. We won’t surprise you with a secret fee because you want frosting on the cake, not just the cake.
… You don’t have to have cake at your wedding.
… However you decide to tie the knot, we’re on your team.
… Weddings come in all different shapes/sizes/colors/budgets/etc., but as long as you two end up married to each other, it will have been a successful wedding.

Excellent, right? We’re hoping this will help the most awesome engaged couples find us for wedding planning and coordination. Or for wedding attire creation or alteration. Or both. (And we’re hoping, since they tend *not* to be reading this particular blog, that it will keep the bridezillas away. Because no.)

We’ve got a little ad with our logo that’s in the right sidebar throughout the site along with a listing in their brand-spankin’-new Vendor Directory, which looks like this:

Crafty Broads in the APW Vendor Directory

Sneak peek of our directory listing (click to view it on APW)

So that’s the update on that. We have already worked with a few APW readers, and we look forward to working with many, many more. All the details about what we do are over on our main website, www.craftybroads.com, if you want to check them out.

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