1.1 The general duration and duration of the program. The VIP program is a flexible licensing program that allows qualified and legitimate customers to manage and provide licenses for products purchased through the program. The VIP program is an affiliate program with licensing periods, as defined in Section 3.4 of this Agreement. As soon as the organization registers for membership via the VIP administration user interface and is included in the program by Adobe, the organization is a member of the program (“member”) until the earliest date adobe terminates the program, b) that contract is terminated. Member participation is also subject to the conditions set out in the program guide, which can be updated from time to time and are available under www.adobe.com/go/vip_program_guide_en (“Program Guide”). The program guide is inserted into the agreement by reference. Adobe can change the terms of the program at its sole discretion. If the terms of the program change the member, the member may be forced to re-accept the program terms in the console. Subscription-based licenses can also be acquired under the ETLA program, which is similar to the VIP program. The products available are almost the same, but etla`s contractual terms are somewhat less standardized. You may be wondering why? Well, the customers for the ETLA program are large companies that generally commit to very lucrative agreements for Adobe. That`s why Adobe wants to make room for negotiation so they have a better chance of getting involved in the deal. Under this program, you also benefit from budgetary predictability, with a fixed price for each annual payment for the duration of the licence, which runs for 3 years.

For more information about ETLA, see Adobe`s summary or contact a licensed Adobe distributor. 5.5 Generalities. The parties are independent contractors and the agreement is not construed as one of the other`s agent or partner. The member cannot surrender this contract (by law or otherwise) without Adobe`s prior written consent, and any prohibited assignment is cancelled. Adobe may, at its sole discretion, resettle or renew the agreement without the member`s prior written consent. This agreement is mandatory for all licensees or authorized agents and will be taken into account in this agreement. The amendments are valid or mandatory, unless they are authorized in writing. This agreement (including the programme guide, the applicable terms of use and, if applicable, all documents or information relating to online registration) constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. If a provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement will remain fully in force. Government unity. Participation is conditional on the fact that the member (and any affiliate) is a “government entity”, i.e.: (a) a federal, central or national agency, department, commission, council, office, council or authority (executive, legislative or judicial); (b) a municipality, a special constituency, a city, a county or public authority, a department, a commission, a board of directors, an office, a board of directors, an institution or authority or any other executive, legislative or judicial authority created by the Constitution or the status of the state in power, including regional and administrative authorities; or (c) a public body or agency, created and/or funded by federal, regional or local governments, empowered to govern or support citizens, businesses or other public authorities.

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Last Modified: November 30, 2020