We’re having a baby!

Just kidding. That’s what’s expected after a title of this nature though, isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint. (If you’re wondering, we’re planning to foster/adopt a kiddo or two… someday. We’ll keep you posted.)

We really do have exciting news though! So far, our clients have been friends who happened to want something awesome to wear. Which is stellar, because who doesn’t like making beautiful things for people they love? We sure do. But – the big deal this week? We got our first real client – the kind that we never met before until they found us on the internet and decide to contact us so we could make them something – how great is that? (Pretty amazing. We squealed.) This is a really, really big deal for our little business.

Oh, and can I tell you what we’re making for her? A 1930s-style bias cut wedding dress! Which is an amazing project to be working on. And – her dress ideas are gorgeous! We cannot wait to get started making it, and eventually share it with you. (With her permission, and I’m guessing after the Big Day, of course. So you’ll have to exercise some patience on that one; her wedding’s in December.)

In other news, we may finally have a chunk of time to celebrate our anniversary with the fancy dinner at Chalkboard we were hoping to have at the beginning of the month. And maybe some massages. And definitely something bubbly in the toasting glasses we never used at our wedding.

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  1. Christy

    I remember that same point in my business… it is such a fabulous feeling! Congrats!!

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