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Today we’d like to thank everyone who helped support our recent Indiegogo campaign to fund our new shop. Whether you gave us $5, $150, or simply shared the link with your friends, it all added up to $2,500 — which is AMAZING.

Crafty Broads Indiegogo Campaign

We’d especially like to thank the people who were generous enough to give their hard-earned cash to us. Fifty people contributed; and some of them chose the perk where we thank them publicly on this here blog. So, in no particular order, a special thanks goes out to:

Alyssa was the very first person to donate to our campaign, and I promised her I would think of a special perk. So here it is:
Alyssa is SHAVING HER HEAD to raise funds for children’s cancer research. That is a totally way better cause than our shop, and you can help her reach her fundraising goal of $1,500 by donating right here.

Sharon Savage
Sarah Ewing
Beatriz Ruiz

…and the other 45 people who did not choose a public thank you as their perk. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you!

Stay tuned next week for some other perk-winnings — three of our backers opted to have their biggest pet peeve about mass-produced apparel discussed right here, so we’ll have posts explaining why these horrible things exist and what you can do about them. (Besides having us make all your clothes, obviously.)

We’ll also be updating you here with photos and progress on turning that empty storefront into a cozy home for Crafty Broads. Our priority projects are a privacy wall for the fitting area; better lighting so we can see what we’re doing; and a permanent closet solution to replace the rolling garment rack we have right now. If there’s cash left after that stuff, we’d love to get a nice big cutting table, additional storage for the office and workroom, and some sturdier tables for our sewing machines.

Oh, and if you’ve got any old wooden windows laying around? We’ve got the perfect spot for them.